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    As well as Friday the 13th (duh) I'm big on horror in general, particularly 80s horror movies. The Evil Dead Trilogy and Ash vs Evil Dead are my great loves and I have a soft spot for A Nightmare on Elm Street too. Outside of horror I'm a huge comic nerd with an almost encyclopedic knowledge of Deadpool.
  1. too easy to call the cops

    I've had several games as both Jason and the counselors where the phone is repaired within the first few minutes, as the counselors it quickly becomes a game of camp out and wait until they can make a mad dash to the main road and get away. For Jason suddenly your priority is on the main road to prevent an escape, especially if the players are spread out. I can't complain too much about either method because, although I never even saw a phone in any games I played, I definitely took the opportunity to escape as soon as it was repaired and the cops were on the scene. The only suggestion I have regarding this would be to perhaps have the cops stay a maximum of five minutes before they leave, citing the thing as a prank call. Then give a two minute window or something before the phone can be used again, otherwise the cops will blow you off and think you're being an asshole. Or have the cops refuse to come back out at all! It happens in horror movies all the time! If each game is twenty minutes long and the cops are called within the first few minutes then it becomes a game split into two halves once the cops have been called. If the cops leave then Jason still has another eight to ten minutes of gameplay without having to worry about returning to the main road for the entire fifteen minutes of the match while the laziest cops ever sit around outside the camp grounds. Another thing that could be implemented is that if the cops arrive and no counselor is there within the first ninety seconds they could turn around and leave, citing it as a prank call courtesy of the Jason legend. Maybe the timer until the cops leave could be extended by twenty seconds or so for each survivor that manages to get out, giving people an incentive to work together. A couple of things which might not be too balanced could be that, to prevent Jason camping at the main road, if Jason is there to greet the cops they stay at the lake for ten minutes instead of five, because that way they know for sure that there is shit going down. I figure this could give counselors camping out an advantage and too quickly make the game a hassle for Jason though. Another out-there thing could be that the higher the counselor's composure the longer the police could be convinced to stay for? Those who are scared out of their minds would be less able to form a coherent argument and more likely to want to get the fuck out, for example. These could be completely awful suggestions of course but I think that having the cops stay for the duration of the game does make it a little easy for the counselors to get away.
  2. Another Newbie!

    Hey there, I'm Luke and I'm a relatively new fan of the Friday the 13th franchise. I first watched the movies back in 2014 and I've since introduced them to friends, I've been spreading the Jason curse through movie marathons and word of mouth! I'm currently installing the F & F beta so I can't wait to get stuck in either later tonight or as soon as I get home from work tomorrow evening (providing my laptop can handle it!). I'm from England and in the GMT timezone and I'll be getting the full Machete Steel Collector's Pack on PS4. I'm very, very excited to see firsthand what the team have cooked up as the counselor gameplay from IGN looked incredible. I have a feeling I'm going to have a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach playing as those counselors and a sick thrill playing as Jason.