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  1. Yup, if I don't bust that connection box while they are making the call at least twice a match then the counselors just aren't doing enough!
  2. m8, comp-stomping is sooooo 1999... i haven't been able to play vs AI in almost 20 years
  3. In DBD there was always a shortage of killers and while this seemingly would play into the hands of the Devs making Jason random I think there is a solution for everybody. If you're the type who always wants to play killer in these games then you're usually in two frames of mind while playing, either you're happy and enjoying wiping the floor with victims or you're getting increasingly frustrated and ragey over a group of people who now how to escape. Now I'm not too sure about counselor types but I would hazard to guess they like the adrenaline rush of being frightened and the challenge of escaping while working as a team. Of course you have people who just treat it as a game and probably don't care either way. Oh yeah and then there's the trolls but the less said about them, the better. Now, from my experience in DBD killer mains were always in short supply even without the constant stream of game wreckers who were dodging matches. This would suggest to me that most people do prefer playing as the victim which leads to an imbalance in population. So the solution could be to let whoever wants to be Jason host a game locally until the population is balanced and then if you still want to play as Jason then you can wait for 30 mins to hours if you want to. Unfortunately I have absolutely no interest in playing as counselor and I've seen players be Jason 2-3 times on a server without me even getting a turn. I think the current system will affect the game adversely.
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