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  1. Well, we did it... I love they listened and added the "Stalk" ability. This makes me so happy! Everyone's feedback has really gone a long way
  2. Okay I'm not going to lie here. After the beta, I came across the Halloween DLC for Dead by daylight. Having not played this game yet, and seeing Michael Myers in a game, made me feel like a little boy the night before Christmas. Now one thing, I want to see this game steer clear and be it's own game and not something like DbD.... But... Michael has a really cool mechanic which I think adding a spin on would be awesome to see in this game. What I'm talking about is the fear radius. The beta had the classic music play and gradually get louder the closer Jason got. I think think needs to be re-worked a little. Maybe changing the radius size depending on what different Jason you chose? Michael in DbD was scary as shit cause you don't know at times when he's there watching, building his evil within by stalking. It would be good to see some kind of mechanic where Jason needs to watch his victims to perhaps get stronger? Or get his abilities faster? Or even have a play with the cooldowns on his abilities. The music simply playing when he's near acts as no element of surprise. Please take this into consideration devs Thank you Shane
  3. I know, It's really late for me too and I can't think of things at the moment. But hopefully this kind of stuff gets around and turned into a reality. I like that too, weaken the counselor prior to being able to grab. Great stuff!
  4. That would be next level! The possibilities for this game are endless. The devs have already created the foundation of something great! Interesting to see where they take it from here.
  5. I found this on Reddit, this guy is on point with feedback and changes. I totally agree with 99% of this. Devs please have a read! - https://www.reddit.com/r/F13thegame/comments/5kc5lv/i_hope_you_had_a_great_time_in_the_beta_please/dbn2kx0/ Also just some add on's and highlighting some stuff in the reddit post. - WEATHER A weather system would be great to see. For example, a stormy night with rain, wind lightning and such, Make it harder for Jason to sense and impact the counselors also. Weather would be good to have generated randomly to add diversity to every match. - HIDING MECHANICS. as XNeoRizerX states in his Reddit threat: " Hiding spots need to be reworked and counselors should just shut up about their location unless they're in grey mode fearing for their life... If they're perfectly fine and in a closet or under a bed they shouldn't be screaming "OH GOD, PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!"... I've had so many easy kills due to this and it renders hiding useless, it acts like a forfeit... The player might as well just say "I give up, here I am, just kill me"... it's a stupid mechanic. "
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