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  1. Once your 500 plays pops, keep count from that point and you should know when you're close to the 1,000. I have both but they took forever. Also remember that any time a match didn't complete (when host quitting shut it down) (or now how if in a party and one person leaves it boots everyone) then it doesn't count that game toward your total.
  2. Actually you do. In fact, if all seven counselors survive/escape. There is XP given out for "Team Escape" ... Also, the XP being different is the same as stats in sports really. It's based on how much you've contributed to the team. If the New York Yankees win the World Series, the guy who hit 25 home runs is going to be front page. The guy who sat in the dugout the entire time and didn't play is still part of the winning team, but he is not going to get any accolades because he didn't do anything. Same logic here, if I repair the phone and the car while Johnny Sleeping Bag stood in a corner all game, no way should he receive the same reward that I do.
  3. @Friday_Queen In earlier posts you had mentioned that the "point of the game" was to kill Jason. Now you're saying the "point of the game" is to help yourself and other counselors survive and escape. You are correct in the second statement. Your objective as a counselor is to work with other counselors for the common goal of survival. The point you are failing to understand is that this is NOT a given. Everything that you are asking for is based on your choices and play style. You are literally asking to be catered to so that you can have a cakewalk of a game. If you are choosing to spend the game fighting Jason, you have to deal with the consequences when that fails. The game does not need to be changed to accommodate you and your boyfriend. You have literally asked for the game to be made easier so that you and he can always escape if you fail at fighting Jason for the kill. That is the absolute most self centered thing I have ever read. If you aren't willing to adapt or change your priorities in the game, you just have to deal with what happens.
  4. Anyone who bitches about this is straight up crying just to cry. I have implemented Jason AND Counselor buffs in this outline, all of which are fair.
  5. Oh also in regards to this, if the timer gets to the 2 minute warning, this does not apply. Hiding at this point is null and void. Also for more balance, when the timer gets to 5 minutes remaining, you only get 45 seconds before you are exposed.
  6. I would be fine with the changed that have been promoted by the community. 1. No stuns when Jason rages through doors/walls ... so He can blast through that wooden door but the bat swung right behind it stuns him? No chance. Plus, he has the animation to deal with by doing so which gives counselors the chance to flee, not wait to hit for free stuns. 2. Fire pokers, tree branches, machetes, frying pans, wrenches and other weapons with lower stun chances ... should not be stunning Jason, whether in rage or not. The weapons with a higher stun chance should have always been based on their stats and perk combinations. 3. Characters with low strength should be stunning Jason like .1 percent of the time no matter what weapon they have. 4. When in RAGE, items like baseball bats, axes and the like can get a stun on Jason, but break in 1 hit. That is the tradeoff. 5. Firecrackers should not just stun Jason, they should disorient him for 30 seconds. After being hit with firecrackers, Jason is stunned (less stun time maybe 1-2 seconds) but then, Jason's sense should be completely bonkers for the following 30-45 seconds (depending on perks) which allows counselors an opportunity to leave the area. What I mean by bonkers is, cabins light up and flash in alternating fashion and any counselors out in the open cause red flashes of live bodies in several directions. Forcing the disoriented Jason to pick one with a 33% chance of being right. ie: if 3 counselors are running away from Jason, he sees 9 live bodies in red during sense and has to pick between them. Several cabins flash on and off in sequence with some being real and some not to again force him to choose. Jason can also choose to wait out the 30-45 seconds but risks counselors getting out of his sense area by doing so. Also during Rage, this time is lowered to 5-10 seconds. 6. Counselors who loop around a table 3 or more times should prompt Jason the ability to destroy said table. 7. Hiding perks should work properly and especially epics and legendary perks should be able to trump Jason's sense considerably well. Hiding in this game is almost useless save the first few minutes of the game. It should be a viable option to escape Jason. Now, I understand trolls would abuse this but hiding, even with perks can be balanced. Have it where if you are in a hiding spot more than 3 minutes, your location is completely exposed ie: meaning Jason's sense shows him exactly what closet, bed or port-a-john you are in. If Jason is in an area longer than 3 minutes it's a rare thing. It allows hiding to be a viable means of avoiding Jason but does not allow someone to just phone it in for 20 minutes in a closet.
  7. I wish morph would be accurate like it is on PC. I mean, the ridiculous difference in where it lands you compared to what you chose is often times game altering.
  8. See this is what I don't understand. I get it if you're getting hit and drop the counselor. I even get that certain grab kills require some space. But when on a road, and you're carrying the counselor for nearly ten seconds and get no grab kill availability at all? And then when you chase away the other counselors and grab one in the very same area you get the prompt almost immediately. idk if this is a bug/glitch or whatever but it has happened to me and nearly everyone I play with whenever multiple counselors are near Jason. I had a player who wanted to try and survive the 20 minutes as a counselor. I was Jason. So while others were trying to get the car going and I was preventing all of that, this counselor picked an area and prepared. They found a shotgun or two and placed them in the area they wanted to use to survive. They placed a bear trap behind every cabin door in the vicinity and they used stamina wisely. They lasted nearly the whole 20 minutes. I did end up ultimately catching them with about 2:10 left on the clock but the fight they put up shows that it can be done. You just have to be smart about it and stop thinking that a peon teenager can go toe to toe with a killing machine.
  9. See, while this may be frustrating ... (and believe me I have had this happen to me countless times) ... I tend to view it more on the side of immersion. If you are being chased by a psychopathic killer are you going to go out of your way to help/save others? The reality is most people will not. You have an opportunity and you take it. I'd just be wary of those people in future games as their tactics may effect your survival.
  10. I have noticed that since the patch, if there are 2 or more counselors around you as Jason, grab kills are null and void. Slashing seems to be the only option. And no, it isn't terrain because this happened on a road, on the field in front of Higgins and on flat paths at Packanack. This is on PS4 btw. At ANY time there were multiple counselors present, a grab + walking away from a save hit would not generate any option to perform a grab kill on the counselor. The only method that would work is slashing. The moment counselors began to scatter away from the slashing and a grab was made in the very same area, the grab kills were again made available.
  11. Btw, that point being that as I said, poor counselors NEED their crutch to survive. Yup, most of the people bitching are new members who are also mostly new to the game and have only ever experienced Piñata The 13th.
  12. That is all I need to quote to get my point across.
  13. You are clearly a garbage counselor. The patch hasn't changed anything about escaping. If you are choosing to try and fight/troll Jason and now you can't, that is your problem and actually exposes how poor you really are at the game. Jason can still be fought against and killed, it just actually takes some skill and coordination to do so especially if he's in rage. These are things you obviously don't care about as your posts have shown. You're just upset that you can't get free hits anymore and are using "Jason is too easy to play" as a facade to cover up your actual message: "I want/need counselors to be easy to play because I am terrible at it and need a crutch."
  14. People placing traps under windows inside of a cabin. You know that shit is intentional. Jason ain't climbing through any windows.
  15. I do not agree with any sort of immunity for Jason while he is Raging through a door/wall. As someone else pointed out, that is the consequence for being obvious. Even in the movies, a walking terminator Jason gets knocked down or stunned when he's in that "locked on target" mode. Most of the people who die in the movies never see him coming until it's too late. The ONLY thing I would offer as a counterbalance to the rage stuns is a decrease in weapon durability when striking a Jason in rage mode to prevent repeat stuns. This would make sense as hitting a Jason who is in rage should be a one timer for a getaway.
  16. If I'm being honest ... I'd not only undo the boat sound, but I'd remove the car start up sound as well. AND I would remove the Jason music ... at least until he is in your line of sight. Then it makes sense for the Jason music to start playing. I think that would spice up the game a LOT and ... it wouldn't be adding anything ... it'd just be REMOVING some existing things or altering them. I believe as a counselor you'd have to be more on your toes and not just instantly know Jason is in the vicinity. As for stalk? Well as I said, line of sight. So if Jason is anywhere on your screen even if YOU (the player) don't see him, but your counselor could ... music. So stalk would just eliminate that when activated. Now, this isn't just about the counselors. I don't think Jason should just know that the car or boat has been started. He should keep his attention on objectives. The phone, well I'd leave it as it is only because they can't "add" anything which would be my trade off for the sound. Add a second part to repair for the phone like what has to be done for car or boat and then take away the sound alert. But that can't be done, so meh, leave it as is. Though I feel taking away the sound alerts would create more immersion on both the counselors' and Jason's end.
  17. I remember the boat sound effect. Lasted for maybe a week at best. It was taken out very very early and a thread was made when it happened where the devs explained then that the boat was NOT supposed to have a sound effect notification for Jason. And all of the reasons people have stated as to why this kills the boat are basically the EXACT same reasons that were given by the devs. I quite remember the long explanation and how the sound effect was only meant to be heard by counselors and not by Jason. The entire high risk/high reward breakdown. I think there were a total of 3 people who ever bitched about not having an alert for the boat but the entire community almost unanimously agreed that the boat alert was not needed for Jason and everyone played for over a year without it. I mean hell, think about that ... it was like the ONE thing everyone here agreed about in the entire span of this game and for some reason 15 months later we just suddenly have a boat sound that nobody asked for. I mean whatever. Doesn't matter to me, I have 100% completion. But anyone looking for boat achieves ... good luck.
  18. If you really think about it, outside of uber Jason all the other Jasons we have. And from a legal standpoint, places like Camp Forest Green, Lazarus, Grendel wouldn't even be an issue to re-create as they are all locations OUTSIDE of what the original script was and therefore Vic would have no claim to them. Also notice "re-create" as in something that already exists on media. It would not be a "new" creation. But a re-creation.
  19. I was on my phone when I posted the article. Sorry for any confusion as I did know it was from last July. My point in posting it was to bring forth the question as to why and how this has changed now as according to that article, what is happening shouldn't even be able to happen.
  20. http://www.gamerevolution.com/features/340409-friday-13th-lawsuit-wont-affect-game-lawyer-says-exclusive
  21. To be quite honest I think all of us kickstarter backers should file a lawsuit against Victor Miller. I'm sure we could find grounds to do so and I have been looking into such things. Sure, such a lawsuit would probably be as pointless as the one he's pursuing but I'd like to think that having 10,000+ people filing s joint suit against you might make you think twice about the tree you're barking up.
  22. It's not an exploit. The problem is everyone getting into the same repetition of what must be done in order to "win." I still see Jasons wasting 3-4 traps on the phone that do no more to prevent counselors from calling the police than the 1 trap I place at the box itself. There are other uses for traps that Jason has at his disposal in the same way that counselors have found this use for their own traps. If traps and traps alone were the be-all-end-all of Jason's game, then part 3,4,7,9 Jasons would always end up doing low numbers in games and that is simply not the case. You just have to get out of the habit where you believe this one certain play style is the only one.
  23. Yes, medic should be removed or at the very least reworked. I do like the idea of only getting a double spray on your first med spray. Even better, make it so that medic ONLY works with the spray received from Hypochondriac. It would mean you'd have to give up TWO perk slots for that one extra heal and that would certainly calm the shit down because is it REALLY worth it to take up 2 perk slots for an extra heal? Another thing they could do is not have so many sprays on maps. I thought the idea was 'limited' resources? Everyone then should not be able to come across a health spray.
  24. I would have to say ...You didn't just know where parts were at all times. If someone got chased down into the woods and died with that battery/keys/fuse ... there was no BS icons telling you exactly where to go. It was REAL, just like it should have been. If someone dies with a part in the middle of nowhere, you're SOL. And, knowing how to kill Jason didn't mean you could just do it whenever you wanted. Jason had higher hp back then and it was harder to get the mask off. Also, weapons didn't last as long. They'd break after a few hits. Jason's grab range made it where you couldn't just run up on him like you can now. If you tried to do so alone you were as good as dead. Jason Traps weren't nerfed and were actually a good counter to the medic perk crowd. You were able to lock down an objective.
  25. On PS4 we also have a Failure of the match to start on the loading screen which happens intermittently just as the failure to end. You sit on the map screen waiting for the intro cinematic, but it never comes. You're just stuck in the map screen. It gives you no options to end match, leave or return to lobby. The only way out is to exit via the PS button and close the entire game.
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