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  1. dmack621

    Part 7 Jason Adjustments

    He had normal shift in the beta. In the beta he was really good to use.
  2. I like that it's darker and that you have to use your flashlights etc. I don't see this as a problem or a bug, I think it's intentional and I think it makes things more tense. I always felt it was too light before, even with power being cut. Now it seems right.
  3. I agree, this update was pretty good. I'd just rather the game mechanics bugs be fixed. That is really all I'm looking for right now. I thought this new engine upgrade was going to help with that but there are still a lot of bugs that haven't been looked at for AGES now, plus the new ones that came with this update. Content is great and we obviously enjoy getting new stuff. But priority #1 should be making the game operate correctly.
  4. I'll have you know that is the best slot machine simulator going today! Such realism ... Spend thousands, never hit a jackpot!
  5. Never called you a bitch. I may have mentioned bitchING about an online game, but nope, never called you a bitch. Your argument that this should have been in the game from the start is a valid one, and I get it. What I don't get is "give it to me cause I don't have time to earn it." What level it unlocks doesn't affect me, and I get that too. It does affect you. Oh and you may want to reevaluate before you go spouting off about "internet tough guys" 1. Nothing I said to you was about being "tough" and 2. I grew up without the internet. I will absolutely say to your face anything I'll say on here.
  6. Whoopty fucking do! You paid $40 for a game. You got what you paid for, now shut up. I kickstarted the game for more than that, yet I'm not bitching about level unlocks like a spoiled kid. And, No genius, they didn't show weapon swapping in one of their first trailers. They showed a place-holder using ONLY part 2 Jason in order to give a sneak peek of Savini's kills without showing what Savini or his weapon looked like. Your attempt to try and sound clever with the "I have a job" line only further makes you look foolish and entitled. I work 40+ hours a week, I also spend one week a month on call. Yet I have managed to put in the time in the YEAR this game has been out, and I only play once or twice a week. I have plenty of friends the same way, once or twice a week and they're 150. The fact you used their trailers as an argument means you must've had the game since close to launch. If you're not 113 after a year and several double xp weekends oh well, you are entitled to nothing. Just another spoiled brat, whining because he wants something.
  7. I absolutely agree on CJ Graham. Part 6 is my favorite movie of the series and a lot of that has to do with the fact that Jason moved, acted and looked like a straight up killing machine. CJ started the trend that Kane followed suit with. 100% agreed!
  8. Kane Hodder didn't ruin part 7-10, shitty writing did. Kane did an excellent job as Jason. Gave him character even with a non-speaking role. Writers who wanted Jason vs Carrie, NY toxic sludge Jason demises, weird fanboy Evil Dead shout-outs mixed with tremors worms invading pussies and Star Trek the 13th are what ruined the later movies.
  9. Exactly. When you have the time, you work at it. You don't stand in the corner stamping your feet and pouting while screaming "B..but he has it! It's not fair. I don't care that he put the time in to earn it, I want it too! I WANT IT! I WANT IT! I WANT IT!" That's literally how these people sound to me. Like a kid in a supermarket wanting those cookies and ice cream. Sometimes, you just gotta swat that tantrum throwing motherfucker's ass and let em' know, "bitch I said no!"
  10. These are the people who already ruined shit with the item markers. They feel entitled. They don't want to work for anything. I mean, they'd be happy if the game started with the cops on scene, the battery and gas in the car with the keys waiting to be turned and Jason having to wait 5 minutes before he can even leave his shack. The people who ask for this shit are a joke.
  11. Then I guess you have better things to do than unlocking weapon swapping. The entitlement generation is fucking hilarious.
  12. This is a mode you do on a part 6 map. Part 6 is the only F13 movie where there were actually kids at the camp.
  13. Did anyone maybe think that level 113 might be the intended range for Uber Jason, hence why weapon swap unlocks then?
  14. This is a good idea. Communications emotes like "stop", "come here" etc shouldn't really burn much, if any as they are short, simple actions. And I do understand that they are primary communication methods for those who don't have, or for whatever reason choose not to use a mic. So I'd be in favor of no real penalty for using those emotes. The dancing ones however should burn stamina for sure. The energy it takes to dance is equivalent to running, especially the really crazy involved dances. I'd say the "rocking back and forth" dance types would burn stamina at the equivalent of a jog, but slightly more. The involved dances would burn stamina at the rate of a full run, but again slightly more. Another idea here would be to give a delay between exiting a dance emote and swinging a weapon. Or at the very least the accuracy of such swing should take a penalty. I mean, you sure as hell aren't Babe Ruth-ing anything coming out of twirl number 7-mid dance.
  15. I know that some people don't understand this being as they were raised in a world with "participation trophies" ... But everything doesn't have to cater to a few people. If you are unable or in MOST cases unwilling to use a mic or communicate, tough. That's your own problem. Trying to claim "disabilities" every time you turn around just to get shit to be easier for you is disgusting. Fuck outta here with that nonsense. Learn how to play the game and adapt if using a mic is such an issue. Stop asking for troll ass handouts.