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  1. If you really think about it, outside of uber Jason all the other Jasons we have. And from a legal standpoint, places like Camp Forest Green, Lazarus, Grendel wouldn't even be an issue to re-create as they are all locations OUTSIDE of what the original script was and therefore Vic would have no claim to them. Also notice "re-create" as in something that already exists on media. It would not be a "new" creation. But a re-creation.
  2. I was on my phone when I posted the article. Sorry for any confusion as I did know it was from last July. My point in posting it was to bring forth the question as to why and how this has changed now as according to that article, what is happening shouldn't even be able to happen.
  3. http://www.gamerevolution.com/features/340409-friday-13th-lawsuit-wont-affect-game-lawyer-says-exclusive
  4. To be quite honest I think all of us kickstarter backers should file a lawsuit against Victor Miller. I'm sure we could find grounds to do so and I have been looking into such things. Sure, such a lawsuit would probably be as pointless as the one he's pursuing but I'd like to think that having 10,000+ people filing s joint suit against you might make you think twice about the tree you're barking up.
  5. dmack621

    Jason trap exploit

    It's not an exploit. The problem is everyone getting into the same repetition of what must be done in order to "win." I still see Jasons wasting 3-4 traps on the phone that do no more to prevent counselors from calling the police than the 1 trap I place at the box itself. There are other uses for traps that Jason has at his disposal in the same way that counselors have found this use for their own traps. If traps and traps alone were the be-all-end-all of Jason's game, then part 3,4,7,9 Jasons would always end up doing low numbers in games and that is simply not the case. You just have to get out of the habit where you believe this one certain play style is the only one.
  6. dmack621

    Should the Perk ,,Medic´´ get removed?

    Yes, medic should be removed or at the very least reworked. I do like the idea of only getting a double spray on your first med spray. Even better, make it so that medic ONLY works with the spray received from Hypochondriac. It would mean you'd have to give up TWO perk slots for that one extra heal and that would certainly calm the shit down because is it REALLY worth it to take up 2 perk slots for an extra heal? Another thing they could do is not have so many sprays on maps. I thought the idea was 'limited' resources? Everyone then should not be able to come across a health spray.
  7. I would have to say ...You didn't just know where parts were at all times. If someone got chased down into the woods and died with that battery/keys/fuse ... there was no BS icons telling you exactly where to go. It was REAL, just like it should have been. If someone dies with a part in the middle of nowhere, you're SOL. And, knowing how to kill Jason didn't mean you could just do it whenever you wanted. Jason had higher hp back then and it was harder to get the mask off. Also, weapons didn't last as long. They'd break after a few hits. Jason's grab range made it where you couldn't just run up on him like you can now. If you tried to do so alone you were as good as dead. Jason Traps weren't nerfed and were actually a good counter to the medic perk crowd. You were able to lock down an objective.
  8. On PS4 we also have a Failure of the match to start on the loading screen which happens intermittently just as the failure to end. You sit on the map screen waiting for the intro cinematic, but it never comes. You're just stuck in the map screen. It gives you no options to end match, leave or return to lobby. The only way out is to exit via the PS button and close the entire game.
  9. dmack621

    Dying too soon

    Best reference of the day.
  10. dmack621

    Part 7 Jason Adjustments

    He had normal shift in the beta. In the beta he was really good to use.
  11. I like that it's darker and that you have to use your flashlights etc. I don't see this as a problem or a bug, I think it's intentional and I think it makes things more tense. I always felt it was too light before, even with power being cut. Now it seems right.
  12. I agree, this update was pretty good. I'd just rather the game mechanics bugs be fixed. That is really all I'm looking for right now. I thought this new engine upgrade was going to help with that but there are still a lot of bugs that haven't been looked at for AGES now, plus the new ones that came with this update. Content is great and we obviously enjoy getting new stuff. But priority #1 should be making the game operate correctly.
  13. I'll have you know that is the best slot machine simulator going today! Such realism ... Spend thousands, never hit a jackpot!
  14. Never called you a bitch. I may have mentioned bitchING about an online game, but nope, never called you a bitch. Your argument that this should have been in the game from the start is a valid one, and I get it. What I don't get is "give it to me cause I don't have time to earn it." What level it unlocks doesn't affect me, and I get that too. It does affect you. Oh and you may want to reevaluate before you go spouting off about "internet tough guys" 1. Nothing I said to you was about being "tough" and 2. I grew up without the internet. I will absolutely say to your face anything I'll say on here.
  15. Whoopty fucking do! You paid $40 for a game. You got what you paid for, now shut up. I kickstarted the game for more than that, yet I'm not bitching about level unlocks like a spoiled kid. And, No genius, they didn't show weapon swapping in one of their first trailers. They showed a place-holder using ONLY part 2 Jason in order to give a sneak peek of Savini's kills without showing what Savini or his weapon looked like. Your attempt to try and sound clever with the "I have a job" line only further makes you look foolish and entitled. I work 40+ hours a week, I also spend one week a month on call. Yet I have managed to put in the time in the YEAR this game has been out, and I only play once or twice a week. I have plenty of friends the same way, once or twice a week and they're 150. The fact you used their trailers as an argument means you must've had the game since close to launch. If you're not 113 after a year and several double xp weekends oh well, you are entitled to nothing. Just another spoiled brat, whining because he wants something.