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  1. Debunking Part 7 Jason Voorhees

    I am saying it's pre-October patch. Not that it's fake.
  2. Debunking Part 7 Jason Voorhees

    That's all fine and dandy. But noticing the lack of the stereo, screwdriver etc etc, this was before the October patch. J7 was one of the more difficult Jasons to play, but you could still wipe a room with him. I also don't see any "force" grabs happening here. But I also don't see him whiffing through their heads. The grab was normal, like it was before they nerfed it.
  3. This mentality is exactly the problem with the game. No. You should not EVER have a game where there is zero risk for a team of SEVEN to do whatever they want. If you want a game where you can survive every single time and there is no threat to completing objectives, you are exactly the kind of player that has ruined the game. Have fun when you can't play anymore. (Next update is making it so counselor preferences won't be Jason anymore. Good luck finding a match.)
  4. Well, I mean ... we're supposed to believe that nobody at all was surviving before the October patch. Counselors were "guaranteed" failure. Huh, I guess all those people with their trophies and badges as counselors were just an anomaly. We're also supposed to believe that everything is fine now. Which, it probably is for piss poor players who needed the game adjusted to compensate their lack of skill, or unwillingness to learn/cooperate as a team.
  5. Part IV Shift

    Upcoming buffs to Jason Tell me another one
  6. If you were helpless and "guaranteed" failure before the October patch, man you must suck at this game and TRULY needed shit handed to you.
  7. I guess we would need a second way to kill Jason since it's a joke to kill him as it stands now. Far too easy to kill Jason. Before that "balance" patch, a good Jason was not getting killed. Now, we can kill Jason pretty much any time we want to. Yeah, "balance". *cough*bullshit*cough*
  8. This just seems like they're going to take all the nerfs that ruined the game, think of a nice PR way to justify catering to bad players, and ignore the fact that they spit in the face of their base players. That was made clear from Ben's responses the other day. "Jason is too OP? Okay guys, we'll change the game and neuter him for you and make it easier to be a counselor since you don't want to improve as a counselor." "Oh, we neutered Jason, AND you have pointed out exactly what's wrong? Listen guys, just adapt. We can't change the game because you don't want to improve as Jason." So yeah, they need a few days to figure out how to word everything without admitting to their core players that they don't give a shit about us.
  9. They'll probably have to change it about 3 months from now. Ya know, after people complain that Jason kills them. They'll whine that they should be able to dance and teabag their way through the tour without being killed by OP Jason.
  10. So using the game as an excuse and blaming the devs because people can't or won't improve as counselors was okay? I don't have a problem as Jason. Your list of 8/8, 7/8. 8/8, 4/8 is pretty accurate for games. Throw in a 7/7 when Jarvis never gets called and maybe a 6/8 and yeah. That's pretty close to how a Jason player who knows what they're doing is going to fair over several games. I've never had a problem pre-nerf and post nerf because I was always using throwing knives, slashes and pretty pinpoint shift grabs before anything was changed. So there wasn't much to have to adapt to in that aspect. The problem lies where I play a counselor. I went from having games where it was a challenge to ... no challenge at all. And this is EXACTLY because people couldn't or wouldn't improve as a counselor and blamed the game and Jason being "too OP."
  11. This is how it should be. Unfortunately not how it is. The problem is the people who are all for Jason being nerfed is so they can feel like they are somehow good at the game. It takes ZERO skill to play as a counselor since October and these people are more than happy to dance around LOl-ing about how Jason is a 'noob' and 'sux'. This is what they wanted. They want to feel superior at something without having had to do anything to warrant such an ego. It's no different than school kids in a school yard fight that is 1 vs 4. The kid who had 3 friends help him "win" has the most shit to talk about how he kicked the other kid's ass. He doesn't mention that he needed 3 friends to get the job done. Here? People want to say "I killed Jason." " I teabagged him and escaped." "I'm so pro." But they leave out the fact that they were doing none of that pre-October 26th. They were bitching about how the game was "unwinnable" for them, while everyone else who actually LEARNED how to play had no issues with surviving a decent amount of the time. Now we're expected to believe these whiners just suddenly acquired skill? I always try to help out new Jasons with tips and general strategies. But this toxic tier of people who bitched and moaned to get the game tipped in their favor will be doing no such thing. They want the advantage because without it, they're bottom tier players. Everyone knows it, even they do but they'll still be vocal about how "great" they are.
  12. A Speculation

    Camp Forest Green map. That is all.
  13. Over 2 million people bought the game. 1000 players on steam vs 10k+ on DbD. I'm on PS4 ... went from being able to hold a full private lobby on any given day, any time day or night with people WAITING for spots. Having several others with full lobbies as well that if people in my lobby had to go for a bit, I could jump in any number of those. Now? Lucky if can 2-3 people in a party to go in quick play. All of this has occurred since the October update and it's not a coincidence. You talk about having over 2 million people buy your game. I guess you don't give a shit how many are playing it though. And it seems apparent that you don't want to hear WHY they aren't playing it, because you've been told why and yet still hold the same stance.
  14. It falls on deaf ears. For some reason they are in the mindset that when people scream "Jason is too OP" everything has to change. They never considered that maybe counselor players were frustrated that they weren't escaping as often as they "liked" or as easily as they'd like. But when people flat out EXPLAIN everything wrong with Jason and how he's a joke now. We get "you're frustrated because you're not killing people as quickly as you'd like." This shows where they are at. So it's all good. Just stop playing. Eventually these counselor priority players won't have a Jason to dance around or teabag. I really think it's going to have to come for that for the devs to wake up. Just quit every game that you're chosen to be Jason. Refuse to play as Jason until all of quick play is unplayable because you won't get a game. Maybe THEN they'll wake the fuck up. Sad that it takes so much to show them how badly they fucked Jason, but all it took was "Wahhh Wahhh, I can't escape, Jason is too OP!" for them to ruin the game.
  15. The difference here is, your responses to both. "Jason is too OP" = you changed the game. "Jason is too underpowered" = "Adapt" I never had an issue escaping when Jason was "too OP" ... I adapted to that Jason and how to escape him. So because some people didn't want to do that, the entire game gets changed up. In the current state that Jason is in and the bugs that have NOT been addressed, no amount of skill matters. And if it is intended that counselors can get free hits while Jason is stunned, whereas he has a pause in between attacks ... then you're going to lose a lot of players. Because that isn't "balanced" at all, especially when you can have 5-7 counselors swinging at Jason, and he can only hit 1 at a time IF the hit even works. Also, I was in quick play ... not a private lobby when Jason was killed 9 games in a row and every game was "fight Jason". Even games where Jason isn't killed, it's still a "fight Jason" game because there is no consequence to doing so.