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  1. Welcome to the Salt Mines

    Dashboarding isn't an internet problem it's a game problem. My internet is great but i can still be dashboarded by the game at no fault of my own. Edit: Was posting from my phone that died so never finished. So dashboarding is basically like a domino effect/virus that is attached to the game servers themselves. So Player 1 hosts a lobby in QP (or Private, doesn't matter), players 2-8 join said lobby. Maybe player 1's internet isn't great, or the people that were connected to him are in a different region. Whatever the case, players 2-8 eventually get the "connection to host lost" message. Okay, so now at LEAST 2 of those players if not more are basically "marked" with the stigma of the poor connection to that host even though that lobby is closed. These players have no idea they've been "marked" and so they go off to find another game. So now I'm hosting a lobby and currently we have 6 players in game which is midway in progress. The server recognizes 2 open slots in my game and begins to try and fill those slots whether the game is already in progress or not (look at your rooms during play, you'll see spectators, they never stay when they realize game in progress but it DOES put them in.) So one of those players is player 4 from the former player 1's lobby ... the server tries to put him into my game, and because he is entering with that "mark" of his previously failed game connection it dashboards me and ends the game for everyone in my lobby. Same works for private. You invite some friends, one of them previously lost connection to a host before you invited them, and when they join, whether mid-game or not it dashboards you. This is not something in the host's control whatsoever. But it happens frequently enough that it would take about 1 week for players to be penalized for something they have ZERO control over as host. Dashboarding is not quitting, it's having the game itself fail on you because some other player didn't restart the game after a bad connection and it is JUST as frustrating to the host as it is to everyone who was in his lobby. Speaking of which, you shouldn't HAVE to restart the game every other match either, and again no host has any control over whether or not other players restart their games before joining his lobby. So no matter what way it's worded, people are going to be punished because of an unstable game that decides to pass around one bad connection across the board, infecting as many lobbies as it can in a domino effect.
  2. Welcome to the Salt Mines

    While I agree with the idea, I can't get behind it while the game is so unstable. I see the wrong people getting punished here. It would be a better idea to banish trolls and teamers to their own forsaken lobby queues.
  3. This would be the only thing I do agree with is that the mask is far too easy to get off. If it's taking a hulking Jason 5+ hits to take down a counselor 1/3 his size then it should definitely take the counselors more hits to knock him into a vulnerable state. I also think the ratio is a bit wrong with some of the Jasons because human Jasons should definitely be easier to kill than undead Jasons. ie: Part 3/4 shouldn't be harder to get into vulnerable state than part 6.
  4. Tbh, if the scenarios that you're mentioning are happening, what is the problem here? 2 people on the phone, Vanessa and a "guard dog" as you call it, at the shack. Even if Vanessa has 2 pocket knives you just need to target her and her helper and don't worry about whatever else is going on until they're dispatched of. If the cops get called, you still have time to hunt down the others before they get there, and even after they've arrived. What it sounds like to me is that you expect to be able to wipe a well organized lobby without really any problems. And that just isn't going to happen. You have to prioritize. What's more important to you? The cops getting called or you getting killed as Jason? If they're pushing the phone and the sweater, pick one. Also if sweater girl is going with a "guard dog" this likely means Tommy isn't even on the scene yet so you have every opportunity to kill sweater girl before he's even arrived. A LOT of people go for the sweater before Tommy is even called/on scene. OR they'll go for it as soon as he spawns in which is usually on the complete opposite side of the map from everything so you STILL have time to get her before they can meet up. If Tommy is with her, well then you just need to strategize more on how to separate them. You talk about how all of this is easier said than done, but really what you're saying is it's not easy to be everywhere so that you can go 8/8 against a GOOD team without any fear of them turning the tables. If they're organized enough, you're gonna have a hard time going 8/8 even if they aren't trying to kill you and it's all because of your approach. Teamwork is the key to this game for counselors. You're gonna have to put in work against a team. Not every lobby is full of idiots running around doing nothing. "
  5. Perk System Update & Legendaries

    Still have to connect to their servers on console.
  6. Perk System Update & Legendaries

    I just hope that single player challenges are offline for real. Not like offline bots where you still have to connect to their servers. Why? Because if they keep screwing the balance up, this game will then at LEAST be playable offline. In fact, I'd like it if they put a lot more time into making a full on single player game so that it's not worthless when the servers go down from lack of players.
  7. Had this happen once on the Jarvis map in Firebranch Camp (the one door cabin) but it was a friend who was Jason and even he was like "wtf?" as he was intending to morph to the power box outside, so he didn't kill me and we just went about the game as normal from there. Most of the time though, it's just a shift into the cabin before you can close the door.
  8. Skill in this game isn't measured by your ability to mash buttons, it's measured mostly by choices and common sense. While it is true that a person who hasn't played the game much is less likely to have an understanding of what choices are good and what ones are bad, it isn't the sole indicator. I've seen plenty of people who are maxed out and still make dumb choices. This goes for both Jason and Counselors. I can't even count how many times I've been the only other 150 in the room with the other 150 being Jason as the opposition only to discover that neither the phone box or car has been trapped and the player chose to go to some random location and tunnel whomever he sees. The player had assumed that because the majority of the room were lower levels that he would have an easier time. I've also seen a bunch of over 100 counselors think they were going to run roughshod over a level 25 Jason and while I was repairing cars/boats and escaping, they were getting wiped because of their arrogance. Now sure, kiting/juking Jason and whatnot comes down to your buttons and whatnot, but again that comes down to choices. Is it in your best interest as La Chappa to try and fight Jason? Yeah, probably not. Is it in your best interest to try and repair the phone as Tiffany when there are two Debs and an AJ close by? Yeah, probably not. But people do this shit regardless of their level.
  9. Dedicated Servers: Updating The Engine

    When your entire complaint is that it's no longer easy to kill Jason 😄
  10. You've got to be kidding when you expect people to take you seriously. Grab is fine, quit whining.
  11. "Wh--who are you?" "Royce ... ... ... Rolls Royce." *sips martini ... shaken, not stirred*
  12. Why I don't want Camp Forest Green

    With part 6 you have the camp itself (Boy's lodge. Girl's lodge, Welcome Center Lodge, counselor's quarters etc), you have the trailer park where Nikki and Cort had the RV parked, the cemetery, Karloff's General Store (which I still believe was The Hockett's general store from part 3 with new owners), the police station, paintball area ... there's a lot to use from that movie. To spice it up a bit, have a 2 seater (Megan's camero), a 4 seater (Tommy's truck -can fit 2 in the bed), and 2 boats (only one useable because dead cop in other) ... and remove the option to call the police simply because the police were on scene in that movie and all died. Hell you can even leave it at a car a boat and replace the cops with the RV (holds everybody) and go about it in the same way find the plug instead of the fuse and have to charge it for a 5 minute timer before you can use it to escape.
  13. Why I don't want Camp Forest Green

    I absolutely want Camp Forest Green. I'd like the RV park, cemetery and Karloff's etc but I would be happy whatever way they did the map. And to the OP @PlayerAgainstTheMachine your argument for not having the map is that we have too many camp maps. So, what exactly did you expect from a FRIDAY THE 13TH game? Camps are the main setting of the entire franchise and there is no way I want them to skip the map from my favorite movie in the series just because it's a camp.
  14. Battle Hardened Jason Players

    The funny part is ... they actually think people believe them, or that it somehow makes them important. In my experience, players who come in as Jason talking about how great they are usually end up getting humiliated. It goes the same for cocky counselors who talk about how great they are, they usually end up being the first to die. It's great when we get back to the lobby and they are silent ... no more to say.
  15. Sex mode

    No thanks. This is Friday the 13th, not a porno. Even way back when we were making achievement suggestions and I had suggested the killing the clichè achievement [get high, get drunk, have sex, or a slew of other bad slasher film choices] and still survive it was always with the intent that sex would be insinuated and not an actual action you take in the game. Even with single player challenges, anything of that nature would be post coitus just like it is in the movies and keep it decent. Now as far as getting high/drunk ... I could see that as an in game action that would come with the added effect of a blurry/hazy screen (blurry for drunk, hazy for high) and that would absolutely work. But yeah ... don't wanna see pixelated sex in game. The suggestion of? Fine, yeah it fits the movies. But that's as far as it should go.