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  1. The auto-scream ruins the game on both sides. If you spawn near an objective, there is no longer a chance to just hide and wait until Jason leaves. I've already had a few people tell me they would have never known I was even around if not for the scream. The fact it's the beginning of the match and you don't even have to SEE Jason to scream completely negates composure/stealth and what is supposed to factor into raising fear level. On the Jason end, it gets rid of any type of jump scares or stealth you're trying to accomplish because the counselors will know you're there anyway with the scream. So any kind of shift/stalk tactic is negated. It takes away too much from both sides and was never needed or wanted anyway. Screaming when the lights go off/in high fear later in the match is one thing. But just every single time?
  2. Forget perks. How about not getting hit through doors/windows when you can't do the same for counselors. Or how about not giving counselors free hits during Jason's stun? Oh here's one ... maybe not have it where any character in the game can just stun Jason 99% of the time? Ya know ... go back to where stats meant something maybe? Maybe if these things weren't happening, we wouldn't be killing Jason 9 games in a row regardless of how good the player was. No amount of skill is going to stop the free hits on stun time.
  3. 1. Shadows - You know what I mean, that person that will follow you everywhere and make sure to loot in every house you are in, despite there being 3-4 other cabins in the area. (this is the times where I'll leave the doors open because the shadow is counting on YOU to spend time closing them while they loot all the stuff) 2. People with high speed/stamina bringing Jason right to an objective you're trying to repair. 9/10 times they have a flare gun, 2 pocket knives and a med spray and yet they bring Jason to you ... the person with no weapon because you have a damn battery in your hands. (and to clarify ... I mean your SLOW speed, high repair character is making their way to the car with a part and here comes Bugsy from the other direction, leading Jason right to you before you've ever gotten into position to put the damn part in) 3. That person who INSISTS on fixing a fuse/car with Tiffany/Chad/Vanessa/Bugsy when there are 2 Lachappas and a Deborah right there. (This is especially frustrating when Jason is already pre-occupied with another objective and letting the high repair person put that prop on/fuse in will result in getting it done before he even knows. But of course dumb shit just HAS to do it and fuck up.) - Oh and needing repair badges is not an excuse. Pick a counselor suited for repairs when you're going for those.
  4. Kinda feel the DbD debate should be in the off topic tbh. For both games the thing is, "survivors" can have the game tipped to them all they want. But when there is no one to play the other side because of it ... that little fest will be over with, along with the game.
  5. Small maps have 2 guns + Tommy that's already 3 bullets plus the 3-4 flare guns which effectively is about 7 bullets. No more bullets are needed. If we're on regular maps then 5-6 "bullets"
  6. Not going to go into a story here with play by play. Plain and simple, had an event irl the other day, came home ... shitfaced. Got onto game for first time in quite a bit. Games were horrible, freezing, not able to do anything. LOADS of issues ... So what did I do? Vented ... here and said screw this game. Well, the issues I was experiencing were due to Comcast, NOT the game. (and also that I was shitfaced but those issues are mine and I am fine with stupidly walking into walls when I am not in a state to be playing.) I didn't figure it out until much later that it was Comcast, because they've been digging/working on older equipment around here. I blamed the issues on the game and it had nothing to do with it. So I am not gonna be one to leave it like that and not admit when I was wrong. I know the kind of stuff I'll get in response and that's fine. I deserve it for irrationally jumping the gun and wigging out. Game has it's issues, but I'm sure they'll be fixed. Forum members have their issues (and I'm one of them) but I think we need to check ourselves from time to time. Eating that big ole slice of humble pie and apologizing for being a dick where there was no call for that.
  7. This is going to be my last communication here. I don't give a shit what they do with new patches. I'm done. Game is too far broken for far too long. You wanna push out a counselor dance party simulator? Whatever. I'm done with this pile of shit. I regret backing it on kickstarter and I will never back another game because of it. When the game dies (and it will) you can thank the casual gamers you catered to to make things easy. I honestly hope Sean Cunningham and Horror Inc. sue the shit out of you for turning their franchise into a joke.
  8. Starving for information

    People have videos of bigfoot, that doesn't mean it exists. My point is, I have never been grabbed by "the force" ... not once. That's not denial, it's fact. Showing me videos doesn't really mean anything to me because if I want a certain result for my video, I can get that result. I don't know what was used to make that video or any other. You call tell me ET exists and you've seen him, had a 4 hour conversation and in your heart believe that he is real and exists. Hell maybe you took a few selfies with the ETs and that's fine and dandy. I haven't, and therefore there is nothing you can do or say to prove otherwise. Same thing here. Between the hundreds of friends from PS4 never ONCE encountered anything even CLOSE to that shit. But because someone made a video I'm just supposed to be like "oh right, they have a video. My own experience in game doesn't matter because they made a video." Gimmie a break.
  9. Starving for information

    This is the cause, absolutely. And the fact that I had always played private matches and rarely any quick play is why I have NEVER been grabbed by "the force". Never had any match where I was grabbed by Jason and thought "he shouldn't have got me." But after the October patch, I sure as hell had PLENTY of times where I know Jason SHOULD have got me and did not. Changing mechanics to "balance" cheating was never going to work.
  10. I make full use of stalk with Part 6, always have. Many people do play him incorrectly to his strengths and weaknesses. What I would honestly do here? Remove Throwing knives as a strength. Yes he starts with them, but every Jason can get them at game start and the few seconds to grab a knife before morphing to where you can grab another knife after trapping an objective is inconsequential. I would leave his stalk as is because it's fine ... it's not as long as Part 8 etc but isn't crazy short and shouldn't be. I would raise his HP as he's a zombie Jason, not a human Jason. If we're adding a strength and weakness this is how part 6 would look: Strengths: +Defense - This Jason has more hit points than others which means he is harder to demask and is more successful on block. +Sense -This ability has a faster cooldown, can last longer once activated, and has a wider effective range starting off. + Shift - The cooldown for this ability is shorter, and can move at faster speed. + Stealth - This Jason is less noisy than other Jasons, not including the stalk ability. ie: His footsteps sound more like counselors when not in stalk. Weaknesses: - Can't run - This Jason can only fast walk and not run like part 2,3,4 Jasons. - Morph - The cooldown for this ability is longer. - Boat Stun - This Jason can be stunned by the boat propeller while attempting a boat stop if not in the right placement. - Grip Strength - this Jason's grasp is easier to break free from than others.
  11. I can agree with you on these points. But in lieu of RNG elements, and to still make tanking traps FAR more risky, I'd suggest that a splint take up 2 item spots. NOT that you have to find two items separately. But when you find a "splint" you've found bandages and plank wood. each of them take up a spot and are used to create the splint. So, if you are planning to tank traps, you must give up 2 slots of your inventory to do so and still have that hope of survival. This still incentivizes disarming over tanking, still provides penalty, and still provides a chance of survival.
  12. My only real major disagreement with you here @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow is that part 6 was indeed sneaky in that movie. Many of his kills came out of nowhere with victims never seeing it coming. The utility belt, hunting knife, machete and spear pole ... this Jason was the most "hunting machine" Jason of all the films. I understand the bad-ass look of part 7, and the kill counts and whatnot. But seriously, go watch part 6 ... that was the movie where Jason BECAME the literal killing MACHINE. Every aspect of him was about efficient kills. Triple Machete decapitation, smashed vodka bottle to the throat, arm rip machete grab, throwing knife to skull, pulled out window mutilation ALL were jump scare kills that suggest a VERY stealthy, experienced hunter Jason.
  13. I semi-agree here, but also disagree. My compromise would be, 1 trap ... no effect to spray because let's face it, sometimes you wind up in a trap that you didn't intend to step into and it wouldn't be fair to penalize you for that (any more than alerting Jason already has). BUT, you step in 2 traps or more? You're taking the 25% penalty per trap so 2 traps you're at 50% chance of your health spray failing. 3 traps 75%. As far as a splint/brace? It would have to be found and applied by another counselor through a mini game. If they screw up, you scream loud and it alerts Jason. If they don't screw up, you get the hobble effect removed and a portion of health restored. Edit: IMO this makes trap tanking way more risky and rewards trap disabling far more. If you are tanking a trap, it should be placing you in dire straits. It shouldn't be a common thing at all and should really be reserved for desperation. Disarming traps should be more incentivized. Yes there should be a mini game for disarming traps, but tanking them should yield FAR more penalties than disarming them. Disarming should have the CHANCE of failure, absolutely. But not at all to the degree of tanking them. Tanking them should be an equivalent of almost guaranteed capture/death. Whereas disarming should be more balanced toward the reward with less penalties. Obviously failure to disarm would be a penalty, but if it is tied to stats ie: composure or luck ... the risk is much lower.
  14. Yeah, car just gets stopped. Boat is insta death. No need for any alerts on that. Just gotta check the map. Maps with boats are already in favor of Jason to begin with as there is no guessing game as to what car started up. I can't even count how many times I've started the 2 seater, sat still with it running until Jason morphs to the 4 seater and THEN go. When there's a boat, once that car starts, Jason knows where to go.
  15. I agree it should be more like a teeter-totter type thing. Disabling a trap isn't like a repair because if you were really trying to disable a trap, there would be variables. 1. You could be successful in the sense that you popped the trap, but still got hurt because you weren't quick enough to pull back. 2. You could, (as suggested earlier in this thread) end up just breaking the pocket knife and failing, or 3. you could end up with a successful pop altogether. A failed pop, or a semi-successful pop (where you pop the trap but also take damage) would alert Jason, but a fully successful pop would not. Each of the 3 scenarios consume a pocket knife. I also feel that health sprays are meant for actual encounters with Jason where he's melee hit you, used a throwing knife, or you've had to dive through a window to avoid him and found yourself injured. Jason's traps should be way more risky to just step into. I mean, I don't think it should be an insta kill to step in one because you don't always do so intentionally. But just stepping in traps should be WAY more risky to do, and there should be more incentive to disable/disarm traps. I think that for each trap you step in, health sprays then have a 25% chance of not being able to heal your wounds. So if you just accidentally step in/get caught in one of Jason's traps ... shouldn't be a big deal. But if you're stepping in 2-3 traps, now you're looking at 50%-75% chance that your first aid spray does jack for ya and you get to hobble around the rest of the match until Jason gets you. See how many people walk around stepping in traps then. Thick skinned or not, step in 2-3 of them and you're looking at a good chance of being hobbled rest of game with your health spray being useless.