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  1. Ban repeals @Devs.

    Well neither of us killed each other, but I did ask/tell jason to let me kill the dude for attempting to TK me. I dont know if THAT is bannable or not.
  2. Ban repeals @Devs.

    Well in that case I would be in th wrong.... but he just injures me((Griefs me)) and I get punished for it while doesn't? That makes no sense.
  3. Ban repeals @Devs.

    Why I didn't stop going after the dude who went after me? Simple. Vengeance.
  4. I sure hope so. Cause if that happens, then an innocent man gets punished and then a troll team killer gets to go free
  5. Well, I haven't heard anything about being banned unfairly, but are their special circumstances in anything or is any and all cases shut and close? Like, if I ask jason to let me kill a counselor who is going around team killing, does htat count as helping jason?
  6. I have not gotten a ban yet, but who would I talk to if I did get a ban? So, I just got this game about 15 mins ago, on PC, where a man who shall not be named here, came after me as a buggsy trying to kill me, a chad. Of course, without him knowing I had thick skin and swift attack. Well, we started going at it and Jason showed up. Jason picked him up and I asked Jason to let him down so I can kill him as I dont like people who go around trolling like that. Of course, the guy had a pocket knife and got out so I told jason to let me kill him. Well, Jason killled me a minute later because I gave up so I decided to get into the car. and then I came back as tommy. again, I asked him to let me kill the guy since I came back and missed my shotgun.((Fuck me right?)) I never once told jason where anyone was, only said for him to let me kill another cousunelor who attempted to kill me for no reason. I even got killed by Jason twice that round, because the guy I was chasing left so he turned around and killed me a second time. ((I was tommy in the second. )) Was I in the wrong here? I would think there are special circumstance or is any and all cases a perma ban?
  7. Not sure what to say here except wow... thats a kick in the nuts for PS F13 players. As for selling the skin, honestly, I dont even play the Jason that much... He's great for instant killing survivors but hes not very "Fun". Since I prefer enviro, I like 7 and 3 for the grip str. I dont know what they should do at this point but yea. Ouch.
  8. Best way to beat Jason

    I dont know. I was dead and was afk until someone told me to spectate them. Lol. All I know is. Kenny is a turret and this is a battle car now.
  9. Pictures: Gotta have Kenny with a machete on the car to do this. If you can't see, im sorry but let me explain. Basically, this car is on a hill between a rock and a tree. Kenny is on the roof of the car. Also not sure why its showing my desktop somewhat from a screen shot considering im full screen.
  10. What level are you?

    24, almost 25 on PC. Like one more game and ill be 25.
  11. Do perks stack?

  12. Do two of the same perks stack?
  13. Catering to PC

    PC Master Race.
  14. The spawn preference doesn't seem to be working. Ive set it and people who set it up for Couneslors play jason instead.