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  1. Just downloaded/install this on PS4, but wondering what it was for/included?
  2. New map questions

    I'd be totally cool with a Crystal Lake map with it snowing and snow everywhere on the ground/trees, etc.
  3. Every time the countdown ends and the game is starting with the intro video of Jason hacking the guy to death, I'm getting the following. Please help!
  4. Played a bunch of games this afternoon, and there must've been 7-8 different games in which Jason couldn't get to the person hiding in the closet/wardrobe no matter what he tried. Crazy.
  5. Still no responses or estimates on the clothing DLC..
  6. Don't think it's got the total green light yet. Think Sony approved it, but Gun was doing some final checks first.
  7. Unfortunately, it's hit and miss. I've played with some younger kids that were kind and fun. Last night I played with some that were not only yelling racist things into the mic, but also walked around with their buddy who was Jason, trying to find and kill all the others that weren't in there group together. Ugh...
  8. Gamer Tags for F13!

    PS4 = CCRolly
  9. Brando's Introduction

    Hey man! The Final Chapter was the first one I saw in theaters at 7 years old!
  10. The computer don't lie!

    Looking forward to slicing and dicing you up in game!
  11. Brad from RI here!

    Welcome Brad!
  12. Post Your Gamer Tags!

    I'm game for that. PSN - CCRolly
  13. Groovy

    Shop Smart....shop...S-Mart!