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  1. You should try posting something positive one day... you may like it.
  2. I would not rather record it, recording and producing takes time. If i made a video i would immediately upload it to youtube. If you or anyone doesn't believe me add me on steam and we shall do a private match, you as Jason, me as Bugsy. No holds barred. Babalonkie.
  3. Wrong. Get the right perks and character *cough cough* Bugsy (10 Strength, 8/9 Stamina), Run, Stun, Breath, repeat. Find a pocket knife or two... you dont even have to stun. Throw in a health spray and it's dizzy time. It's not about being secret... it's about breaking the game. If everyone realized how easy it is (Which is becoming clear in game-play from everyone)... it's all people would eventually end up doing just out of trying "something new". It will quickly become the new Meta (It already is on PC)... as myself and other members of this forum were concerned about long ago before launch. Myself has already gone onto this new Meta, i refuse to escape when i earn more XP smashing Jason over the head over and over even if i die... It's also more fun than crouching everywhere hiding... of which most of the time useless as your fear will eventually sell you out. Jason may not "die" (Yet he does even in this game), But councilors are ultimately more powerful than Jason with their current stats and perks. Jason's anti troll devices are just not good enough. Jason is only OP if you are running from him.
  4. The video would be created if DEVS requested it... or it's not taken seriously.
  5. With the right perks, Trolling Jason is too easy. For example i can just run around a table and he cant get me, his throwing knifes can be evaded simply by crouching behind a chair. His shift is just a matter of getting him stuck on terrain or a quick turn and to throw in some giggles, stun him when he gets annoyed and doesn't expect it. It's far more fun to get a Jason running around a table than escaping. He also cant trap inside. I have counted 9 rage quits by Jason players. Get a good Jason player and you can still waist his time long enough for everyone else to either escape or to get enough fun out of the troll. I don't even bother trying to escape anymore, it's uneventful in comparison. Councillor Perks can easily out tier Jason's abilities. If you would like proof of just how easy it is i can do a video in ANY game.
  6. To Wes, Randy, Ben, Tom, Sean, Harry, Kane, Voice Actors, GunMedia, Ilfonic, the Mods here, Backers and anyone else involved i forgot to mention. Just thought i would say THANK YOU for creating a game truly faithful to one of my favorite franchises. It got a rough start at first but is fast getting on track. I hope you guys/gals have a glass of your favorite poison and know that the fans of the franchise applaud your efforts and hard work. I hope to see further love to this game in the near future. This is not a topic for debate or any hate (There is room elsewhere for that), just as a thank you from me and anyone else who wants to speak up.
  7. This man knows what he is talking about... i bit too well if you ask me God help you if you go against him...
  8. Yeah just saw in clothing thread, search didn't find those posts.
  9. Anyone else or just me? Says activated but not in game (Savini and Clothes). Did search nothing came up. EDIT: DELETE PLEASE. Search did not find the post's in clothing thread.
  10. Still nothing. I am guessing the game will be out before this update.
  11. I called this ages ago. 24 hours and people who have not even paid for the game have ruined any surprise.
  12. Unacceptable. I demand that you warp the space time continuum and make it the 26th! P.S Someone clicked the Credits... Awesome theme @wes
  13. What it is, is still better than nothing. Friday deserves a little explanation at the beginning, like most of the films. No intro screams incredibly simple game.
  14. So what i can ascertain from the messages is... Early May 26th 2017
  15. Can someone be appointed officially to make sure that any new information on Discord is immediately or previously officially mentioned here? Just new information seems to be passed along to these forums on a 'circumstantial flavor of topic' speed. I am confused on the whole idea of 'you must go here to get that piece of info, then there for this and then there for that, then you will have the full puzzle'. This is not part of the game lol These forums are the home base. Dispersing partial information does not generate publicity... it only seeds confusion and stress. I am not going to download a unrelated 3rd party app to get basic information that should be shown to paying and potential customers, let alone published on home base (Here)... And Most people wont lol. P.S. Not having a go at you pop's or Discord lol.
  16. Cheers. Whats the point in this official forum if the information is being ascertained elsewhere? I would of thought the official forum would be ground zero for information.
  17. Glad to hear you got it working
  18. Don't touch PEG yet. That's your slot types. i Would not touch any of those two yet. Read my previous post. Hopefully Someone else can help you whilst i am away.
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