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  1. ok well simple google search will teach you the definition of ignorant but sure. I see there's no convincing you
  2. Every? artcraft, Funpimps, Klei, RSI, stoic. I mean the list goes on with indy developers who thought of their backers/early adopters first. You're willfully ignorant on the fact that there's no better treatment than this. Especially from the KS scene
  3. I said they probably won't finish. Probably. But they maintain some effort of communicating with their backers, and no one has received the product. There's been buyouts and other hopes that they will finish but I've personally given up on them. Shit happened they communicated that shit and continue to take some sort of responsibility. A failed investment anger not disappointment. Kickstarter: I invest into ideas and expect appreciation, thoughtfulness, and most NOT ALL projects to finish. As far as a game in 2 years, They re-skinned a game didn't they? KICKSTARTER IS NOT A PRE-ORDERING PLATFORM. How many times does that have to be said. If a project fails for any reason as, long as that reason is suitable it's a bad investment. Cut my losses don't invest anymore with that company. When a company makes a "few" bad decisions, tell me PLEASE. What's the point of backing any future project in compared to waiting for a late pledge that lasts the entire development process? There's what a $10 perk? Crowfall for example. Every package gets retired. Hmmm there's value to my Kickstarter. There was value to 2015, and 2016 packages. SIMPLE APPRECIATION. The fact that you as a moderator and don't understand the difference between a failed investment and a company that fulfills but still fucks up decisions to show appreciation furthers that logic. They technically owe us nothing but reasoning behind missteps, fails, or successes. The disappointment is they had the opportunity and choice to make people happy, satisfied, or pissed. Any of the first 2 would've been a good choice. They chose the latter. Just to clarify what I expected. Either allow all backers to join, or hold off the press till release. Not boycotting them or anything. THERE JUST WASN'T ANY PURPOSE IN LOCKING 65$ FOR 2 YEARS. If we aren't guaranteed a product, wtf is the point of kickstarting anything? Well most companies actually show appreciation when the opportunity arises, remain neutral if backers aren't included, or the situation was completely out of their hands like harbor strikes, manufacturing defects, etc. Even with it being out of their hands the other 85 projects take full responsibility for it, some even compensate. Not this excuse to gamble on something they had control over. Am I affected? Yea the press and the games growth means more than it being made. Which hmm i don't think is a Chicken or the egg type of situation!? So crowdfunding is no different than going to gamestop and buying the game. Well this company and you make me feel that way. I'm sorry all your other kickstarters made you feel that way too. 83 other projects/repeat companies make me feel like I made a difference. You guys should put that in your next kickstarter. "pledging here will be no different than buying it at gamestop." Lastly, stated this in the initial questions post, none of which have been answered as of yet. I am getting my product I honestly ain't complaining. Pointing out a few things, asking a few questions, and making a personal judgement on all your future needs of crowdfunding. To me your decisions on 3 major factors could've been handled better and believe me just like the 2 failed projects. I won't be kickstarting any of your future projects. IS THIS UNDERSTANDABLE? Like a damn broken record. I expect some projects to fail that is the RISK OF KICKSTARTER. I don't expect companies especially small ones to not be thoughtful. Disappointment in comparison to anger. Expectations vs well expectations. Comprehension of this mod. I really hope your position is of volunteerism. Like inside out you only have certain core feelings?
  4. Well there in lies your answer of not understanding why people get upset at this sort of thing. You clearly have no desire to grasp the reasoning or logic of it all. I get your logic. Which is fine there's just clearly a group that expects more. You're not wrong we're not wrong. It is the company's, this is a situation where they could've made everyone happy.
  5. I don't see how my reasoning is odd? You're okay with Kickstarter Exclusive meaning early pre-order exclusive? You're okay with waiting almost 2 years with only a vision, others get to review it before you but you can't ask for a refund? It also makes no difference if you got your hands on it at the same time. Literally it would've made little difference if streamers got it on Friday or backers got it yesterday. Nice guys finish last and all that I guess. Again Kickstarter doesn't guarantee project fulfillment. Be careful with how you approach future projects with that whole kickstarter is a pre-ordering platform mentality. By the way anyone pre-ordering now are still paying as an early access title. How steam let that go is beyond me. $40 for multiplayer only but single player is included in month or so. People are still buying into a vision. You're going to tell me that it's still normal practice that press gets THIS kind of Early Access prior to an Early access release? Far from normal. Just because normal games being made normally go to press first, doesn't mean kickstarter ones should. Maybe you only kickstart video games. But even then this is the first video game I've backed, where exclusive didn't mean exclusive, and someone got their hands on it for free before I did without being a prototype. All other Kickstarters I assure you product is meant to be in the backers hand before anywhere else.
  6. Assuming you're a backer. The issue comes when companies don't show appreciation for their crowdfunding. Backers are told the game wouldn't exist if it wasn't for their pledges. Now if you don't feel entitled to that appreciation just for the product you payed for. That's not what kickstarter is. We're not pre-ordering anything. The project could've completely flopped I personally would've been fine. Being entitled to a "thanks" and action showing their gratefulness isn't asking for too much. I help with something I expect a "thanks". Now we got that "thanks" but as the project continued it became more about lets get more people and forget about those guys. Now how games are generally expected to be handled through kickstarter. Those who paid for access get it, or the game goes into early access at teh same time we get our keys. It's not that press usually get the game is the norm. This game wasn't created by the norm. It was crowdfunded. Press be damned what they think. We're locked into the product. There's no returns for us so we're forgotten already? Lets up the sales outside of what we promised. As stated in my longer post. I'm not boycotting them or anything. What I kickstarted has been made and I'm going to receive it. I helped crowdfund the game and have a special Jason to show it off. Even though I have no way of distinguishing myself as 1 of the first 12k players it's fine. I'm still use to kickstarter projects looking out for their first backers first and foremost. Annoyed and just disappointed on how an indie developer decided to do things. I will not kickstart anything else they do and will probably wait for a late pledge since they give no reason to be part of initial vision.
  7. 86 projects backed, 2 undelivered and probably will never be finished. This is the only company I've been disappointed with. I get press release. There's still several things you can answer then. Your Savini Skin and Counselor clothing are not Kickstarter exclusive because people could buy them outside of Kickstarter right? So no longer exclusive to kickstarter.. You requested sets of keys 3 if I'm not mistaken and steam didn't want to do any more. Read that somewhere. So why wasn't backer's sets of keys just early access keys. Can you not sell a limited amount of early access keys? Was there no other way of getting the game into backers hands like say an independent launcher? Could you not have pushed out an update asking for backers to submit a streamer application first? Promote your game and promote your backer's streams? You were planning to do a 1 day head start but ended up going 2 days because press was saying not enough time. Yet on numerous games, reviews come out after the game is released. It also seems majority of the keys went out to streamers which review the game basically on the spot. Does 48 hours of promotion really make that much of a difference? I mean really? Does it? Was possibly pissing off lets just say 10% of your backers worth it in your minds eye? For 48 hours that's it... You guys will have delivered on mostly everything that was promised to backers so there's really no complaints here. Just disappointment in your choices and wording. Really nothing in your project ever screamed "eternal gratitude." It also sucks when anyone, in charge of anything says all they can offer is an excuse and an apology. Keep your appreciation it means zilch, at least to a handful people.
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