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  1. Yes I am one of Laphin's Mod's he is a great guy and I could not say enough about him and CharminExSoft I did build up a bit of a reputation for juking killers and not leaving survivors to die in basements. I learned the viewers like to see the amazing save and I am a man of the people hahahahaha. I do try and support good people as the streaming community should be about working together to make a better product and leaving competition to the games.

  2. Hey everyone I am Th3xAvenger formally VvV_Avenger from Veni Vidi Vici, I am new to streaming but have followed Friday the 13th the game since it was still Volume 1. I love this community and how awesome the people in it are both the dev team as well as the forum/disord members. I wanted to invite anyone who wants to play with me to add me to your Steam Friends list you can find me as Th3XAvenger I will add as many people as I can. Currently I am a mod for both Laphin and Charmin's Youtube channel and love the community they have built, my goal as a streamer is to build a community similar to the ones I have been privileged to be a part of where we leave competition to the games and focus on cooperation in building communities.


    Much love and respect to everyone



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