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  1. yeah the movie is trash i agree. i think a playable uber jase and grendel will have better experiences XD
  2. that would be amazing! shouldn't be too hard to do since the other players are able to pickup weapons easily.
  3. Can we please have this as Uber Jason's theme from 0:33 - 1:35 when you're getting chased? I know he's not released yet but I just want him to be great. It's legit the most menacing and terrifying theme I've ever heard. Even the calm music after the 1:35 could be played on the radio in grendel if there is one, and then BAM! He pops up with this theme and everyone runs.
  4. A Halloween game in Haddonfield would be amazing, a nightmare on elm street game set in the dream world vs the dream warriors would be great, even a Texas chainsaw massacre game where 1 team are the sawyer family and 1 team try to survive would be fun. I hope they peruse more horror franchises after this one.
  5. I really hope with the weapon swap we get additional weapons along the way and are not limited to what is already available. How cool would it be to play homage to part 7 by shredding down doors, windows, and counselor faces with a Weed whacker! Or smashing a guitar into the head of a Chad like in part 8. Other ideas like a syringe, chainsaw, and flaming machete (Freddy vs Jason homage) have came across my mind as well. There may have been another thread about this already that I couldn't find, so if that's the case I apologize. What do you guys think? Think about your favorite kills and let's hear some of your weapon/kill ideas!
  6. Demon was always my favorite character!! The only way I'd be happy is if when he fixes something he sings "ooooh baby, oooooh baby!"
  7. rebel_rooster on Steam. I have a mic and looking for other people to play private games with. Tired of running into all of the douchebags on quick match. Some people are fun to play with, but others are toxic. http://steamcommunity.com/id/rebel_rooster/
  8. I ordered and would love to see Uber Jason or unmasked Jason after he gets eaten by the acid in Jason Takes Manhattan
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