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  1. I've gotten a lot better as Jason since the game has come out and now if I let anyone escape it's usually only 1 person. I want to find out if I'm actually good or if all the people I play with are just scrubs. If there's a team of good survivors here that wouldn't mind humoring me I'd like to try a few games. GT: XxHotBobXxx
  2. Yeah that makes Part 2 Jason really strong. Just put 2 on the phone box and get a free kill. This feels like a glitch they could fix.
  3. If that's your opinion that's fine, I agree it doesn't make sense either, especially since you literally can be carrying a stick on you.
  4. Again, no, they just chose to design it that way. They said in the QA that they think the traps not being able to be disarmed is ok. I don't know why you think the dev's just never thought about these things, they obviously did.
  5. It's not that it didn't occur to them. They said they just expect you to take one for the team or be a Chad and wait for someone else to do it.
  6. It's funny that you're telling me to get good while also making up your own scrub rules for traps.
  7. I'm not following your train of thought here because putting them in the places people are most likely to step seems pretty smart to me.
  8. I don't see the difference. Whether he puts the trap on the item itself or on the place they need to be installed you would need to spring the trap to make any use of that item. He only has 5 traps dude. He can't block every objective. But they basically are. You always hear when one is triggered and it flashes on your map when you Morph. It's clearly intended to be used that way.
  9. I don't really see what the difference would be he can already places traps in the places where all those items need to be taken. Can you not just stand next to the trap and hit the button to pick the item up?
  10. Well by the logic most people seem to have here if you've backed yourself into a room with no windows out and Jason blocking the only exit then you've died due to your mistake. If Jason wants to blow one or more of his rare traps to block you then good for your team, one less he can put on the car, phone, etc.
  11. Thank you. I forgot that was a thing. I am disappointed since this would stop looping and seems to have been purposely excluded.
  12. Are you just not allowed? Someone was looping me around a couch so I wanted to put down a trap to stop him and it wouldn't let me even though I had two left. Is that intentional or a glitch? The guy who was looping me said you cannot place them indoors, and then called me a f***** the next game for not sacrificing myself to Jason so he could live. Unrelated but that guy was a bit of a dick. So yeah, back on topic, Jason's traps indoors, yes? no?
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