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  1. Love the game, but here are some things I noticed since the update (On PS4). Bots will hide in closets and under beds, even right in front of Jason, but never in tents or outhouses. Offline needs the sleeping bag kill. No boats in offline. Jarvis Map doesn’t have a second car (or boat) in offline. Only phone and one escape vehicle. Bot Jarvis gets stuck opening a drawer. Or stands still where he spawns. I usually find him standing in the northeast camp site on one of the Crystal Lake maps. Bots running into lake and swimming in circles. Bots running into the edge of the map or getting stuck on scenery. In offline, hard doesn’t seem any more difficult than normal or easy. No rain in offline? I’m seeing bots hide in closets at Packanack Lodge upstairs. Like the closet door is invisible and I can see them in there. Morph has been placing me further from my destination than normal. The phone is being fixed so I morph to the phone house and then have to run or shift to get to the box because I’m that far away. I second the kill animation for tea baggers or anyone close to Jason when he’s down. If you stun him you should run. Not very authentic to the movies seeing big, scary Jason get tea bagged. Oh, and hopefully to play as a counselor in offline as well one day. Virtual Cabin was fun and I look forward to more updates, content and fixes.
  2. Fans have wanted a film set in the snow for years. I like the idea of tracking snow foot prints. The Game could finally give it to us. I would go with an abandoned snowy map. I would also love for storms to begin during Rage Mode.
  3. I like a lot of these ideas. For some reason I'd like to see at least Part 3 & 8 Jason get a harpoon gun instead of throwing knives for their projectile weapon.
  4. L1. You can also find the controller layout under settings.
  5. My first time as Jason I only killed one person! I got a lot better and achieved a couple flawless victories and really enjoy playing as Jason. It's all about raising their fear, draining their stamina, injuring them with throwing knives/traps/strikes and finally closing in on them. Loving the game so far whether counselor or Jason.
  6. Looking for some fellow F13 fans to play with in the U.S. Let me know you're from the F13 forum. I also have a mic. Gamer Tag is: Munster-1313 Cheers!
  7. I love that Jason can use bear traps now. Will he be able to use other traps? I'd love to see a snare trap in the game if it isn't already included. If you have a pocket knife you can cut yourself loose or a fellow counselor would have to cut you loose before Jason gets you (Friday the 13th: Part 2). Hacking my victims up is nice, but I'd also like the option to bait them
  8. Hello fellow Campers! Like the rest of you I'm a huge Friday the 13th fan and am very excited about this project. I spend most of my free time watching horror films and playing video games (currently Fallout 4). I also love going to horror conventions. I've met quite a few F13th cast members over the years. Honored to say Kane Hodder has choked me multiple times! Happy to see he's back as Jason in the game. Favorite Jason: Kane Hodder Favorite Jason look: Part 7 Favorite film: The Final Chapter Favorite Kill: Sleeping bag! What are yours? Horror movies are a passion of mine so in my spare time I make weird little videos like reviews, short films and music videos. I make these for fellow horror fans so check them out sometime. Well, that's me. I look forward to playing with all of you in October. Until then, watch your backs! A Nightmare On Elm Street video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmLbEZgjpvo&spfreload=10 Friday the 13th Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RfxfyRU89ME&feature=youtu.be - Andy
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