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  1. I'm excited to see it on Deb/Tiffany/Jenny. They have the longer hair. I know they said the "ladies of F13" too but I WANT ADAM'S TO MOVE TOO PLS
  2. One of the DLC outfits shown off along w/ the new moving hair
  3. I think my Steam ID is on here already, but the name might have changed, and that was before the beta even started. Feel free to add me, I don't really worry about having too many! I've got a mic- play a lot of DbD and other multiplayer games, always down for a round Steam: Simu (Turtle), picture is of Patrick Star. Discord: #0660.
  4. Ooh. For Vanessa, I'll have the All-American tracksuit set or the green/blue/purple striped DLC top, the DLC grey bottom, and her DLC green sneakers. For Deb, her dull orange/brown striped sweater, the black DLC jordaches, and the red DLC flats. For Tiffany, I'll do her orange striped top, green shorts, and her tan shoes. For Kenny I'll do his DLC Hawaiian shirt, DLC grey shorts, and his white boots. Jenny is hard, but I'll be playing her a lot so.. her yellow DLC shirt, her white pants that we've seen in gameplay when they buffed the fire cracker, and her aqua DLC shoes. For Chad, I thiiink I'll do the DLC light blue/purple striped button up w/ the yellow sweater, his green pants from the default pack, and one of his light brown shoes. AJ is hard too. I think I'll use the brown/white plaid skirt w/ the green leggings, her brown DLC shoes, and the green shirt she had from the PAX East trailer. For Brandon I'll do his purple/black top, black DLC jeans, and the dark red (maybe purple?) DLC high tops. Eric will have his green top, his dark grey bottoms, and his black shoes from the PAX East trailer. For Adam, I'll do his red jacket w/ the pink undershirt, his light grey DLC bottoms, and his brown shoes from the PAX East trailer. That's all of them. Wish I could figure this out in game- 2 more weeks But yeah, I'd like more references to characters from the series. For example, uhh- idk, maybe Deb could have a red outfit like Vera had in P3, or a striped sweater w/ the same pattern as Vicky from P2. Not really sure what trope they'd fit into, but just ideas. Tiffany could have a white top w/ an original and totally unlicensed mouse design printed on it.
  5. I think some sort of developer response would really air this whole thing out. I understand they're busy, but they've responded to threads before and at least there'd be some certainty in why the clothing pack was what it was. Not trying to push, I understand this is a bust time for them.
  6. I'm happier with the clothing pack the more I look at it. We know that Deb has 2 polka dot and 1 plaid sweater that weren't unlocked on Wes' stream- each counselor has at least 3 more shirt/bottom/shoes sets- that'll be plenty to start off with, I think :). I'd like it if each counselor had a large # of recolors to pick from, though- atleast one red, one blue, one orange, y'know. Let me pick from the rainbow . I want yellow pants for Jenny! I could see the devs adding some more recolors in the first few updates. I don't think it would be too difficult and would encourage people to continue the grind.
  7. Random percentages will be interesting- I like it! It makes not running any perks at all something to actually consider. With my luck, I'll end up w/ 3% less fear and 95% reduced sprint speed
  8. I wouldn't check so regularly. When Wes said he'd post them on Twitter, he said it after making it clear that they were very busy and that he would do it when he had time. It might be a few days.. or it could be tonight, who knows! I'm gonna check every now and then, but the clothing pack isn't a priority at this point :(. 2 weeks to go boys. I will be the best dressed one out there. Just try and outdo me.
  9. Here's the part of Wes' stream where he explains the lack of alternative clothing models. The clip cuts off towards the end- he said something about them releasing more clothing in the future (possibly more models?) I think that there's more room for variation within the trope than he makes it sound- although silhouette is important in identifying a counselor from far away, I don't think it would rock anyone's boat if Vanessa had a tennis skirt or a sports jersey. And thanks for pointing out the leveling @bewareofbears. I hadn't seen that before o_o. Atleast you level up universally- I can't imagine trying to level up each counselor lol
  10. I'll edit them onto this post in a second. although you won't be able to see all of them, as Wes forgot to record the stream lol. I'll see what I can find Adam Adam's jackets. Half of these are DLC, the other half are default. I'm not sure which are which. Vanessa Grey striped track suit All-American track suit SEND HELP track suit All DLC options Deborah All DLC Options Pink/white sweater, dark blue jordaches, grey flats. White/grey check sweater, green jordaches, red flats. That's all I can find right now. I know that Tiffany had some zebra shorts, Chad had a striped shirt w/ a red sweater, and Jenny had a few patterned/non-striped shirts. AJ had 2 more band shirts, and Adam had a jacket w/ a green undershirt and some brown/red pants- I got a shaggy vibe lol. Brandon and Eric's were pretty standard, although I think Eric had a yellow one w/ a palm tree print? idk. Kenny's Hawaiian look was part of the pack as well. UPDATING VERY SLOWLY sorry i have to grab screenshots
  11. Although I am a little disappointed, some of the retextures were quite cool. I like Vanessa's All-American tracksuit, Adam's jackets, and Chad's striped sweater. I liked all of Kenny/Tiffany's options, too .. although I hope we get some more !!RADICAL!! options in the future. I want patterned pants, damn it! Let me clash! It was a different time!
  12. I'm at peace with the retextures- I just want the price discrepancy to be acknowledged. I just find it hard to believe that they expected us to think that we were paying $9 for 3 retextures per counselor. I wouldn't be so flustered if the Savini skin had been more expensive- but he wasn't. I know the gore system would have had to be changed but.. I mean, $6 for music and a model and kill animations, not to mention the work they must have done w/ that particle effect for the smoke. I probably sound very ungrateful and I'm not- I'm just confused more than anything, really. Would it have been so hard for them to have told us earlier that we would be receiving retextures? I really don't think that warranted a 'stay tuned.' At the end of the day, tho, I know these are just clothes for some characters in a video game. It's not a big deal. It's just.. $9 is a lot of cheeseburgers edit: sniped by ikarikh
  13. IT'S BEING DISCUSSED RN ON WES' TWITCH. GOGO WE DID IT BOIS https://www.twitch.tv/weskeltner
  14. We know for sure that it's just recolors at this point-.. atleast, I'm sure lol. Wes confirmed it on the discord :(. I'd just like to know whether or not we'll be getting clothing models in the future and why those who purchased the Savini Jason- which was just $6- received new kill animations, a new model, and music, while those who paid $9 are getting a few retextures. I dunno. I bought it to support the developers, sure, but I think that those who purchased the Savini skin would have been mad to find out that the 'new Jason design' they purchased was just a reskin of the P3 Jason. It's the same thing here with the 'outfits'- I think most of us purchased it to support the devs, but we also had a certain expectation about what we were buying.. and.. when trying to clarify whether or not what we were buying/had bought included new models like we had assumed from the Clothing Pack's description, we were told to stay tuned. I stay tuned. I didn't find out until a few days ago :(. I got excited when we were told we would be shown the pack's contents by Wes. That was last month. Tbh I'm gonna be mad if we're told that we should wait because "it's a surprise" and "we want you to be excited when you open it up." I'm more worried than excited at this point, and since the Savini Jason got a full reveal, I think we deserve one, too. I'm not asking for a lot of fanfare- the clothing pack doesn't appeal to nearly as many people as the Savini skin, but I just want to see what I purchased, man . I think that's fair? I'm not trying to be unreasonable- the developers deal with a lot of bs, but I think this warrants a response. If the clothing models really are that difficult to implement, just tell us. But I'd like to know how so. Isn't the mocap for Savini kills expensive as well? Unless they recycled pitchfork kills.
  15. I just don't want anymore beating around the bush like the whole 'Early 2017' thing. If it's just retextures (which we know it is), just tell us. If we might see more clothing models in the future, let us know :). If we can't be told for legal reasons, just a heads up is cool.
  16. Just wanna preface this wall of text by clarifying that I am VERY GRATEFUL FOR THE GAME and that the developers have been easier to interact with than most I've seen . I remember being worried when I ordered the clothing pack whether or not it was only palette swaps. I had seen people ask on Twitter whether or not we would receive 'new tops/bottoms' but figured that the devs might've interpreted that as 'new patterns.' Soooo I asked them in the clearest way I could think of in February.. ..and received that response. I never received more info :'( Idk, I usually try to be chill and shizz but I'm kinda miffed about the Clothing Pack. An entirely new Jason model was $6- it came with a new weapon, kill animations (assuming the pitchfork kills weren't just recycled :KermitTea:), and music. The Clothing Pack was $9 and I'm only receiving retextures? I would've purchased it anyway had I known- however, the whole 'themed per character trope' and the assurance from Twitter that the tops and bottoms could be mixed and matched had me and a lot of other people thinking they would be actual different models. I figured "Oh. They're confirming they can be mixed and matched- ..well, of course you can mix and match different textures. If they have to clarify that the tops and bottoms from the clothing pack can be mixed, they must be entirely different models." I think a lot of other people had the same idea. I'm also kind of mad that I asked so clearly and still received a 'stay tuned.' Stay tuned? For what? I don't think knowing whether or not I can give Tiffany pants is such a big deal to warrant a 'stay tuned.' They clearly knew that we would only be getting retextures- why not have just said so then? Maybe it was so they could sell more. Idk. I have a feeling they INTENDED to give us different models and, when realizing they were low on time, decided retextures would be easier and that their vague description of the product on the preorder website allowed them to do so. Again, still very excited for the game. Just kinda mad at the whole bureaucracy of 'Hmm. Is it too much of a spoiler to tell them if they are getting new models?' The only way I'm coming out of this feeling like I didn't get jipped is if we get like, 10 retextures per counselor or, if we receive new clothing models in the future, we also get a few exclusive retextures for those, too Anyway, sorry to write up a wall! I'd just like a developer's response to this. Maybe we all just made a wrong assumption about what the pack included. Can we at least know whether or not alternative clothing models might be looked at in the future? I think there's a lot of room for variation in the tropes. We have a preppier/prissier looking Final Girl with Jenny.. maybe she could have something more innocent? Or with Tiffany, we could have something like Sandra had in part 2. I dunno. Just brainstorming.
  17. Part 8 Jason looks the most intimidating to me. His speed walk/ the way he carries the fire-axe at the bottom of the handle are both spooky. I also like his water speed/destruction/stalk proficiency.. I think this Jason has the most scare potential
  18. Yeah I was little surprised mostly since the Kickstarter described it as.. but It could have been worded less vaguely, but tbh at this point I just want the game out . I promise, no more images from me!
  19. Unfortunately, I'm almost 100% sure they are just color/pattern swaps- Wes has been pretty clear about it on the Discord lately. Hopefully, since they are just color/pattern swatches, we'll at least get a bunch of them. At least we know that they want to include new outfits eventually. You guys should get on the Discord. Wes is on there for a bit most nights and he usually answers even the lame questions lol
  20. Wes will be showing us the DLC Clothing Pack tomorrow! :)
  21. I probably should have included my question in the image lol. I think my question was pretty explicit- it was like "will the outfits include alternate tops like AJ in a jacket or something. will the options include alternate models/meshes" His response was a no to that. I don't think this means we won't get them at some point in the future- it just means they aren't a part of the clothing pack/won't exist in the initial release. If there were alternate models rn that were revealed, I'd be surprised- let's be honest, the Savini Jason is a bigger showpiece than the clothing pack and was always gonna build up more hype. If there were gonna be alternate models, I think we would've gotten a glimpse by now. I don't mind them being reskins- I'll take any customization ! But I wish the pack's description on backerkit might have been worded more explicitly. I still would have purchased it, but a lot of us misinterpreted it and were anticipating something different idk if the devs even bother checking this thread anymore but if they happen to, could one them please maybe hint whether or not us customization whores could expect different clothing models/rigs options unique to each counselor as a DLC or something? If it's impossible due to Unreal limitations or is too costly/timely to implement, that's cool too- I would just hate for the community to keep waiting/hoping for something that's just not gonna happen
  22. That could be true, I might have worded my question poorly! But I'm pretty sure we aren't getting new clothing models- not in this clothing pack, at least .. doesn't mean we can't get them eventually. Aw well :C
  23. finally got an answer. confirmed that there will be no alternate clothing models, just various reskins. hopefully, that's just for now . keep it in mind for dlc Gun, dumb people like me will pay for it
  24. All love and thanks to our booty king, lord, and savior, Wes Keltner . Equal representation has never been so sweet ..and neither has picking a counselor been so difficult LOL
  25. Do you think that's their way of hinting at it being more than 30 days or less than 30 days? I'd like to think that's their way of saying that, tentatively, it might be out in LESS than 30 days. Or they're hinting at it being delayed a bit into May. Hmm. Either way, we're closer than we've ever been! Hype!
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