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  1. In the virtual cabin, all 3 of these characters had unique voices- I was especially excited to hear Lachappa's voice crack :). However, ingame, all of these characters are using Kenny's voice. I know that Kenny and Adam share a voice actor, but.. they're the exact same lines. Chad is the only male with a unique voice. Am I the only one who noticed this? Is there nothing to notice?? Am I crazy?! Or is it just something that's yet to be put in?
  2. I hop around the Discord, Reddit, and Forums on rotation- I try and spread information from each source to the other so that everyone is equally informed (thanks gyazo). It's so odd how much conflicting information gets put out there by the development team :/. I really do think if they sat everyone down and got everyone on the same level before sending them out to post on Reddit and Facebook that they'd see a lot less bashing.
  3. u guys get way too salty lmao this is a friggen friday the 13th video game chillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
  4. People are gonna shit on the game- people shit on all games. People who post on forums tend to be people w/ issues. I'm not a game developer but LOL if you can't handle criticism from players on forums idk man maybe u shouldn't be making games. Can you imagine the amount of shit Bethesda and them get when their games are fucked up? That's a lot of pissed people. I understand this is a small studio but if you announce a patch and don't meet the date, you're gonna get shit. If you don't give a date for the patch, you're gonna get shit. They're gonna get shit no matter what they do. That's just how it be :/. They'd get a whole lot less of it, though, if they didn't announce dates that were inaccurate. The forums wouldn't explode if they had said "patch coming sometime this week, expect clothes and a new Jason recolor :)." If that was ALL they had said, we wouldn't have had to deal with the whole 'omg new kill' fiasco. It would suck that we wouldn't have had a concrete date, but it would've been a whole lot easier for them to deal with. The new kill thing is just them dropping the ball tbh
  5. The clothes are cool. The reskin isn't exactly my style but w/e if people are down I'm down. I think what most people are upset by is that there have been so many miscommunications from Gun- early 2017, patch dates, the new skin will include a new kill.. etc. If the patch isn't stable and there's a chance it could be delayed.. why announce a date for it??? How do the main guys at Gun even find false information to post? They're producers and shit- you think they'd be the ones who would know what the next patch would include. If they DON'T... maybe they should have someone else posting on social media for them :/
  6. Now I'm being told through discord it was all a big miscommunication and that there won't be a new kill. >_> kind of a big thing to fudge lol
  7. We know that we are getting a new kill, at least ! I'm hoping it's another axe throw- maybe to the chest or something idk
  8. I don't mind if someone is joking around as Jason.. if they're funny. Otherwise it just kinda makes me cringe lol, but that goes for anybody with a mic, I guess. I usually don't talk as Jason unless I or somebody else is glitched and we're trying to help one another out. Nothing more satisfying than hearing a talking Jason go 'WAT' after you successfully off-road it to the exit after he blocks the road tho
  9. I like the one one where he slams their head against the porch, the cemetery fence impalement, and the face-crush against the wall :P. Anyone have any ideas for future ones? I'd like it if you could use one at the wood pile on the Crystal Lake Map- just kick them into the pile and beat 'em with a log or something . I also think it'd be cool if you could initiate one at the top of the steps at Packanack- just have him toss the counselor down the steps head-first and have them thump around for a bit. I'd also like it if each map had it's own unique environmental- right now, Higgins has 2. Packanack and Crystal Lake needs some love </3
  10. I'm glad I bought it since I'll always get to be unique as a backer , but I agree that it's not very high quality. I've already trashed the clothing pack enough on the clothing pack thread lol so I'll keep it brief. I'm not a game developer so IDK maybe this is harder than it looks but I figure that these skins must be pretty simple for a developer to create since it's just a change in the pattern.. but they could have been a little less obvious about it lol. On Eric's shirt, for example, the collar is ALWAYS striped- no matter what, there's 3 different shades of whatever color that shirt is on the collar. Or w/ Deb, her sweater is ALWAYS that same texture outside of the color- it's that same knit link pattern. That just seems like a result of the devs switching the textures real quick.. not really much effort for something which cost $9, which is $3 MORE than the Savini Jason, which included new music, death animations, and model w/ all those fancy flame effects. I imagine they had to get him approved and all that legal shit too since he was becoming a part of the F13 series. like ok i get it SMALL DEVELOPER TEAM and all that but nobody ever addresses the price discrepancy. it still confuses me. $6 got me Savini- that set the bar higher for the Counselor Clothing Pack, which was MORE expensive.. that was fair to think, right? I would have been fine with just plain texture swaps if we had maybe gotten.. 5 each? I sincerely doubt the recolors are that hard to make. And some of them are just plain lame- Bugzy gets.. a red jacket that looks like his default jacket? Chad gets 2 PAIRS OF KHAKIS? I feel like the developers put all their effort into the Savini Jason when it came to Backerkit items and then realized "oh crap right um.......... ZEBRA SHORTS YEAH this counts" I'm just glad Wes confirmed that they were working on more clothing.
  11. I'm not sure if this is even a glitch or not, but I noticed that Adam, Eric, and Brandon all use Kenny's voice lines.. they had unique voices in the cabin. Is this a glitch or did they not have time to put in their voice lines? If it's intended, I get it- it's just kind of annoying but they have bigger fish to fry right now. Still, I'd like to hear them get their voices back.. Eric's voice cracking was on point
  12. Steam: Simu http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198030425743/
  13. So confused. I thought it was a global launch? Are Europeans/Aussies able to play the game before us? :/ If so I mean, good for them, but I'm also kind of annoyed lol. I always get fucked by my PST.
  14. While you're looking at bugs, might want to take a listen at Adam and Eric's voice lines. I think they both are using Kenny's right now.
  15. This was one of the questions they did answer, and they were pretty explicit that there would be different intros. So far I've seen the same one, just in different locations- Jason stabs Jeff and the counselors run off in different directions. I was hoping there'd atleast be a unique intro per map- something like Jason pulling someone off of the docks and into the water for the Crystal Lake Map, or Jason throwing someone out a window in Packanack or something. IDK if the devs are thinking that different location --> different cutscene but if that's the case.. weaaaaak
  16. Huh. Probably Jenny- I'm slow and basic af. I also have the same shoes
  17. Very excited guys! Two more days left until we're in Crystal Lake Looks like we might be getting some gameplay footage tomorrow, assuming this is true.. guess we'll find out. Glad that GUN had the time to give us backers our keys- it's so nice to finally see it sitting in my Steam library after so long ;c;
  18. OK, I think I've done enough of stirring the pot haha. As long as I get my code by the time the game has launched, I'll be happy :). If someone who bought the game that day plays before we receive our codes, we riot!!!!
  19. We're receiving the game codes earlier than the 26th- I wonder if the same can be said for the Savini/Clothing Pack DLC?
  20. If Adam's hair doesn't sway in the breeze we riot!!!
  21. I really hope the basement is there. It'd be a logical spawn for the gas/battery or the power, if they wanted to put a box down there. They could also add a hiding spot or two- if they're gonna have Hero locations like Higgins and Packanack, why not go all out ? Packanack better have those stairs..
  22. I'll go with.. Part VIII- I like his stalk/destruction/waterspeed, he seems like he'll be a good Jason to scare people with :). I also like his kills and his overall look the most. Part VI- This Jason has the most unique weapon, so I'll probably use him a lot, too. Everyone else has an axe/machete, so I'm excited to see him walking around w/ his spear :D. I also like his +shift and +sense since I have a hard time finding counselors. Savini- I like his music and it'll allow me to show off my exclusive content . Not really a fan of his weapon, but whatever this kill is looks spoopy af.
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