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  1. I play AJ about as much as I do any other counselor, and I like her- but only cuz the cat shirt is cool At least with my playstyle, she's the objectively worst counselor. If I want to repair, I'm gonna go with Deborah or Eric. Having good repair necessarily means you're gonna have lower stamina/speed- at least with them, their higher luck gives me a fighting chance. When I'm kiting Jason as an unathletic character, especially when Rage is already active, I need those bat/wrench hits for the stamina to get to the next cabin cluster. With AJ, I've only got 1 or 2 hits with the bat and maybe 4 with the wrench. Their 10/10 repair also makes repairing the phonebox silently a lot less of a gamble, which can be important on the Jarvis House since his morph spot is directly next to it . Plus Deb's 9/10 stealth means basically as much as AJ's 10/10 unless she's got a good Lightfoot, but stealth is kind of a wasted stat anyway since Jasons just assume (usually correctly) that you're at an objective and spam sense to double check. Only utility I can see in it is wasting his time in a big cabin by making him hunt for you room to room. ..she also triggers me a little bit since most the people I see in PUBs using her are too immersed hunting for pocket knives to bother tanking the trap at the car she brought the battery to. The only reason to play a repair character is because you can repair under pressure- anyone can fix shit with 0 pressure, even Tiffany. When I tank the trap as Vanessa or Chad and ask AJ to install it and call while I protect the box, I can usually count on them to run away as soon as the chase music starts up. Then he retraps it. No objective gets done cuz AJ is too spooked even tho im the one doing the fighting. Jason is actually pretty vulnerable to counselors- I think if more new players read/applied the data in Rydog's guide, there'd be a lot less misinformation and a lot more badass players out there you've got like 20 seconds of sprinting but 2 MINUTES of jogging AJ. Don't be afraid to repair in his face! AJ is a cool character. I like her design and whole Violet/JJ mash-up- I think that's what attracts a lot of new players to her. But tbh I'd have the avg Kenny on my team over the avg AJ. ps devs give us an actual tutorial and accurate stat descriptions pls, new players shouldnt need to go through a third party to find out that luck affects car starting time or that there's a range where sense is guaranteed to work regardless of your fear level/whatever ACTUALLY affects sense chance cuz so little of the information we get is accurate ahhHHHHHHHHH
  2. Chad could pass for his mom waaaay easier than, say, Vanessa LET CHAD USE THE SWEATER DEVS
  3. You can change the song by holding E on a radio. And leave summer of heat as the default- that's chad's jam
  4. All the guys use the same lines for the kills, same w/ the girls, usually Chad/AJ respectively. eg; dude's always use Chad's HE'S KILLING ME during p7's dismemberment kill and the girls always use AJ's NOO for the gouge
  5. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=938559619 This guide is pretty thorough; I think the answer's under stealth. Pretty sure AJ is totally silent while jogging (might be an exception w/ P7). With a good enough lightfoot (10%? 15%) AJ can sprint silently. Doesn't work on Tiffany for some reason even though they appear to have the same stealth stat.
  6. I've been excited for customization since the beta, but I've been kinda disappointed w/ the DLC outfits- I was hoping they'd include more references to the movies, but I guess that just wouldn't sell as well. As much as I love my speedo Chad, he's really only for bm and memes. Something like this for Jenny would be be different from her current outfit and still fit in the trope. And what a waste we don't have this for Vanessa it's athletic. They could've put Jones on the back. Again fits in the trope but offers a totally different silhouette. Kelly Hu as deb Eva from part 8. That outfit screams awkward nerd to me- would've been perfect for Deb. If they still wanted to go """sexy""" (sry maddy) they could've given Deb Maddy's David outfit. YOU GET THE IDEA These wouldn't have been as immersion-breaking and would have been a cool reference to the movies. I don't think you have to pay for outfits like you do an actor's likeness. But instead we have jenny in the saddest excuse for a costume ever (not wonder woman?? not something vaguely-Leia?) and stripper Kenny
  7. I was hoping Jenny or Vanessa would get a Wonder Woman costume, so I was pleasantly surprised. Vanessa
  8. I was hoping we'd get a clothing pack that would be more relevant year-round like cold weather clothes. It'll be weird seeing wrestler LaChappa for Christmas. I look forward to the full reveal of Kenny's costume I have high expectations
  9. Unique screams for each counselor during kill animations would be cool. It was like that in the trailers so idk why they wouldn't include it in the end. Right now I don't really get a "im about to get my balls chopped off by a lake monster" vibe from any of the counselors. They just kind of go "guh" or "oof" w/ AJ or Chad's sounds for girls/guys respectively.
  10. I really think a more thorough tutorial would be helpful. A lot of new players don't know things like luck affecting car start time or that stealth only affects the sound blips and not your chance of being sensed. The current tutorial is kind of lacking, and the weapon durability chart isn't accurate, so we have a lot of counselors playing off of inaccurate info.
  11. Medic, grease monkey, some kind of stamina perk Aka all my counselors :*( I an unoriginal
  12. wat Why give out an alternative bloody jason skin and not an alternative clothing pack? If one exclusive thing is getting an alternative, I don't really understand why there isn't for the other. I figured either we'd get no bloody jason and no clothes (actually exclusive to physical) or bloody jason AND clothes (sate the PC audience). Idk how to rationalize providing an alternative for one and not the other :S PC players don't even have the option to shell out an extra 40 bucks if they want the clothes (if u would've ur nuts)- there's just straight up no way to get them
  13. yeah we have lachappa over here w/ his crippled gorilla arms and buddha belly but all the girls are hot. EQUAL REP, GUN GIVE US BANANA GIRL THE COMMUNITY DEMANDS IT. Call her The Hitchhiker or smthn
  14. Yeah, some of the knife/screwdriver kills look like environmentals since he picks them up, but idk if P4 would be able to carry a kitchen knife since it has such short range. Or maybe that'd be what makes him unique idk. Houses look dope af tho, the set pieces are always the most fun.
  15. I heard somewhere if he has room to fall down, he'll fall down. If it's in a tighter space, he'll do that head-to-the-side thing. Idk if it's that simple but I wouldn't be surprised
  16. I'd say it's exploitative, but in the same way blocking traps/firecrackers is, or skipping recovery animations. If Jason is blocking and sees those things coming, why wouldn't he do it? For immersion? If two counselors are together, and with the general attitude of most gamers, do you really expect them not to do the objective in the safest way? Tbh I rarely see counselors coordinated enough to bother w/ this. If devs don't want people doing this, they need to patch it, cuz it's not as blatantly malacious as the packanack roof or out of the map exploits were. I think the traps are kind of obnoxious the way they're currently implemented. Tbh I'd feel less cheated if they were totally invisible. The way they're used now is just kind of lame and predictable- objectives only, maaaaybe a window of you have the traps to spare as p2. Might as well make the disarm an official check on the objective menu. At least if you couldnt see them they might come as a surprise sometimes. If they ever want the pocket knife disarm to be worth it, the disarm should he silent, too. :/
  17. absolute trash aj, green peace aj, pretty in pink aj I still don't have her white shirt unlocked. SOON
  18. I enjoy Vanessa a looooot more than I thought I would. I refused to play her during the beta cuz I'm a hipster POS and there were too many but if my counselor isn't on random, I'm probably playing her. She's super flexible- you can be the part runner, the distraction, the demasker, the sweater girl, the support, or even the repairer. TBH repair is overrated- anyone with 2 or more repair can usually install something in <20 seconds if they're familiar with the minigame. If Composure and Stealth were as important as they seemed, I might play characters like AJ more often, but the whole Sense system is really shallow and if Jason keeps morphing from objective to objective and spamming Sense, he's gonna find you whether you're AJ or not :/. If people in public matches were a little bit less afraid of Jason and were a little more combat competent, we'd be seeing a lot more Chads/Vanessas.
  19. It's at the fence around the barn, but that's the only place. Noticed that all the counselors had their own death sounds in this video.. and the trailers. I wonder what happened :0
  20. I'm not sure if these have been posTed yet but and I can't post a screenshot but I'm gonna go ahead and quote directly from a reddit post from some people who were in that match: "I was in the game with my friend Dilly Dingus (and Insane Cyndaquil, who also got banned from this shitshow) so I guess I can elaborate on some stuff. So we're in a party and we get placed in this match with this squeaker and two women. The squeaker befriends the two women and one of the women mentions that she is the community manager of Turtle Rock Studios (whooptie doo). Dilly chats with them and then the little kid says Dilly sounds like a girl. Dilly is amused by this and says the kid sounds like he's 5. Apparently the boy took offense to this, because he sounded distraught when he told us that he was 14 and only had a high voice. We all in our party laughed about this because there was no way that was true. We poked fun abit and the women come to the kid's aid, and then the game starts. The kid is Jason, so of course I fucking call it that the two fem-knights are gonna help Jason in killing us (a bannable offense). All the while they are doing this, Dilly is making fun of the women (because who the fuck wouldn't, if they're helping out Jason because some guys made fun of their squeaker friend). I remember Dilly saying "How much dick did you have to suck to become community manager of a tiny studio that makes shitty games?". The game progressed and I met up with both of the women, along with all my other friends, including Dilly. One of the women were trying to teamkill me (and failing), so I fucking beat their ass and teamkill them in return. I victoriously taunted them and then continued on with the game. Jason ends up killing all of us except 1 of my friends, who manages to kill the other woman who was trying to teamkill him and hold out for 10 minutes before dying from Squeaker Vorhees. All the while he's doing this, Dilly is having a heated argument with these women, and the two parties are hurling insults at eachother. Dilly must have said something because one of the women practically SCREAMED on their microphone about us being faggots and "why do you people exist". Honestly, that was really fucking funny and I couldn't believe this woman was getting so saddened from this shit. And then, the 30-year-old community manager of Turtle Rock Studios says to Dilly that she knows one of the game devs and she could get Dilly banned. We brushed this off because we didn't know that favoritism could get someone banned. And that brings us to this mess. Personally, I don't think Dilly should have got banned. I think the women who HELPING JASON should have gotten banned, because you know, that's a bannable offense too. Also, bleak favoritism from the devs." And "Sweet Chicken Salmonella here, also one of the members of that shitshow of the match (and the Jarvis that juked toddler voiced jason for 10 mins) can confirm everything Gruvee, Cyndiquil, and Dilly said to be true. Can not confirm what the other party said in spectator chat as I was the last to be killed, but I can confirm that they were in fact teaming, and they did in fact start it. Had I known that the teamers where also using homophobic hate speech, as an openly gay man, I'd probably be more vocal about this entire incident than I already am. If you want to keep Dilly banned, that's all fine and dandy, but show some consistency and ban the others too, considering they broke two of those rules you created the day afterbanning him and Cyndiquil." Not definitive at all and almost cetainly biased- still, another perspective.
  21. Here's a video incase others haven't heard- just listen to that glorious Lachappa "HELP" GIVE IT TO US DEVS
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