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  1. I was gonna say Doug's but you beat me to it I'm gonna go with Maddy (VII) because 1. She got no dick that weekend 2. Not one hit off a joint (deleted scene I think??) and 3. She was nice. Robin and Melissa get to live longer ?? She would've saved ur drowning deformed ass Jason. Paula from VI is close second for similar reasons. She was a good counselor more final girl material than megan. Jason doesn't even give her the mercy of a quick death like some of the assholes do- he splatters he across a cabin jason -> douche tbh
  2. Here's a couple of color combinations made possible w/ the palette swapping method (exploit? meh). Might as well make them available to everyone since they look legit and if it's possible w/ a glitch it'd probably be very simple to implement These don't break immersion like some texture glitches do. AND YES I KNOW MY GRAPHICS BLOW PS: can we get a casual clothing pack? nothing tacky, i dont want to be uncle sam on the 4th of july, just normal 80s clothes
  3. "Don't get in the car when I start it, he's right there, I won't be able to back up during the animation. Don't get in th-" They get in the car. idk whether to chalk it up to stupidity or a language barrier. They'll do it a couple of times and bone whoever the poor soul is restarting the car.
  4. I doubt we'll get to go into the hay lofts since that's require ladder animations/combat but it'd be cool Higgins basement would be better. Itd be a unique indoor powerbox+new place for objectives to spawn. Was surprised that the devs left it out since the movie locations are pretty accurate for the most part.
  5. weenies Lots of newer players are too spooked to tank traps or get close enough to Jason to save friends. The productive members of the team end up dying cuz they have to stick their necks out while AJ is in the tent. These are usually the people who refuse to use combat at all. They won't try for a hit even when they're out of stamina and he's right behind them. if he grabs you you're definitely dead (unless you have a PK) so you might as well hit him and see what happens. But they'll just keep out-of-breath jogging forward as if they're gonna outpace him i don't get it
  6. I think he just put it on Tiffany because she didn't clip through it, clothes are separate from bodies. Could probably have had Chad wearing them if he wanted There's also a texture for Melissa's body in the files, so pretty sure she's gonna be our new counselor
  7. I'm a Vanessa bitch. DONT LET ME HIT YOU. If I get a hit on you I just filled up most of my stamina bar. Try to twirl to avoid swings
  8. THE LIGHTS WENT LOW IT WAS THE FIRST LOVE, IT WAS THE VERY FIRST.. LOOOOOOOO- it's my favorite. The reason you didn't see it as much prior to the Jarvis update is cuz it was like third on the radio rotation. Now it's the default song.
  9. This isn't even a discussion about exploits- there was no exploiting. If anything we should be on the devs about balancing perks and overhauling game mechanics. Jason wouldn't be ez if combat wasn't so clunky
  10. No reason for anyone to get mad, the amount of misinformation out there is awful though. Most of the playerbase doesn't know how a lot of the systems ACTUALLY work because there's so little to work with. I can't think of a time a bat hasn't stunned- if my bat didn't stun, I'd sooner chalk it up to invuln frames or something, regardless of what tech support says. A 95% stun rate or whatever it is with sucker punch might FEEL like a 100% stun rate since you only get like 8 hits a wrench. There's a good chance each is gonna stun Devs try to stop bullying by nerfing heavy hitter when it's medic, sucker punch, and swift attacker that make bullying easy
  11. I'm the Vanessa that was stunning you. I'm Simu. A max sucker punch + wrench is basically a bat with Vanessa or Chad I've been playing this shit since the beta, I've put way too much time into this glitchy game to start cheating now lol I like to think I'm an nice person and a kind Vanessa but your salt was pretty tasty.
  12. I'd like an outfit like Eva's from PVIII for Deb
  13. If any of u guys would like to see the "Catty Girl" feel free to PM me
  14. You can see the counselor beta animations at :33 also- the sprint startup. I think one of the devs said something on the discord about those animations being serverside (whatever tf that means) and that it caused players to get frozen sometimes while opening drawers. Still, wish they could find a way to implement them seems like a waste of mocap.
  15. Probably Vanessa, I use medic/swift attacker/sucker punch. I like Deb as well but I always end up a martyr when playing her
  16. It's still there on the large maps, I think Jarvis/small maps only have the force-into-flames.
  17. It's my favorite map aesthetically, but my least favorite overall. In pubs I'm always the one who ends up having to lachappa-run to the islands and check them . If the phone had a chance of spawning at one of the set pieces I'd like the map a lot more. The houses are awesome but once they're looted you're usually headed south and never really see them again
  18. Here's rydog's guide, it's pretty helpful. Chad's 6 means he can jog silently but that's it EDIT: oh wow not even. Apparently Jenny's is higher (("Jenny (Stealth 6). She is an odd anomaly; my conclusion is that she secretly has a much higher ~8.5 Stealth, despite what the game claims")). Game claims tiffany and aj both have 10/10 but only aj can sprint silently with lightfoot, so idk if I'd totally trust the stat screen ?. Since Jenny has less luck than Chad and Chad is still less stealthy, I'm guessing luck has no effect on stealth
  19. With them adding 50 more levels (49? whatever), each counselor should get like 5 more outfits . I think that'll be plenty for the default outfits- hoping for a casual clothing pack give it to me devs
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