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  1. Composure: 3/10 Luck: 6/10 Repair: 8/10 Speed: 3/10 Stamina: 9/10 Stealth: 1/10 Strength: 5/10
  2. I like the face crush from PIV, the head stomp, and the throw down/tear off head myself . I don't really see them much th
  3. I wish the lapel/collar/whatever the word is (I am not fashion smrt) came in different colors like that Victorias will look great no matter what though ?. Here's some more combos that didn't make me vomit. It sucks that while the rest of the counselors look more late 80s/early 90s, they decided to go full frump w/ Vicky However- I will give the devs this. Victoria's face/hair is probably the best looking of the female counselors! Proportions are nice. Some of the original crew have kind of off faces- something about Jenny and Tiffany's noses really throw me off. Victoria is actually pretty tho and that 3 repair is wicked. I personally can't get flawless repairs on her or 2 repair counselors (idk how people do that) but the extra speed is definitely noticeable. Can get a part in the car in <10seconds. ^ seen more than 1 victoria in that last outfit. The people of quickplay disturb me.
  4. LOL @ that orange shiz. I do like the flowers tho
  5. No, but Wes streamed something from the new update (different build but it still shows off some of the new goodies). https://www.twitch.tv/weskeltner/clips
  6. I played DBD until F13 came out. I've played both of them an absurd amount of hours. I've enjoyed them both and gotten my money's worth for sure. I find DbD to be more tense and the killers more threatening (yes, hooking is a strange mechanic, but I feel much more in control of the situation/combat as a counselor than in DbD). F13 is more cinematic and has an IP I love. I personally prefer F13, but it doesn't really matter which game is better- regardless, DbD has twenty times our playerbase. 20x!! I don't know how the consoles are doing. They might be doing extremely well. Regardless, I'm on the PC so idgaf. Most of the people left on the PC are level 150s who are going to stick with the game regardless of its quality. I think the lack of communication is really what killed it. DbD was a shitty glitchy mess when it first came out, but at least you knew the devs were aware of it. Look at DbD's patch history- some kind of patch or balance update about once a month. F13 team bit off more than they could chew and needed a bigger team, especially for a multi-platform release. It's too late now- the game's made as much money as it's gonna make (or at least close to it) and it would be silly to put a bunch of effort into revamping something people have already bought. I'm rambling. This is the horror movie game I've been waiting for since I was a little horror freak and it's sad to see our numbers. Making this about DBD VS F13 is silly- we should be looking at what DbD did better to maintain its playerbase and try to emulate it. A few free weekends would help a lot I think ? not sure why they haven't had any. Also, lower the price to 25/30 bucks. I could not with good conscience tell my friends to put out $40 for this. I might've got my money's worth but in all honesty anyone still playing has a higher tolerance for glitches than most people
  7. poor Lambert. That Black Christmas scene made me jump out of my seat better than any violin James Wan can chuck at me
  8. Much better Barb Vanessa and Deb are the most normal looking of the original crew. The final girl should be one of the prettiest- Jenny is kind of homely.
  9. Jason tosses/kicks the counselor face first into a log pile (I think there's a large one on Crystal Lake) and cracks them over the head with one as they struggle to stand. Counselor falls twitching, Jason watches them convulse for a few moments before stomping their head. Jason throws the counselor onto a bed and suffocates them with a pillow. Simple . Bonus points if he takes a second to hide the corpse with the blanket. More wall kills: Choke against wall. Pin against wall w/ kitchen knife. Jason picks up a firepoker lying in the fire (one that can't be interacted w/, like the knives/screwdrivers) and impales the counselor in the stomach a la Chili. Jason sets the counselor on the ground and raises his weapon in one hand as if to attack, stepping towards the counselor. They raise their hands defensively, backing away from and tripping off the cliff at Crystal Lake. Jason watches them fall w/ a head tilt. that's enough morbid thinking for one night
  10. I don't think a AAA company would necessarily have run the IP through the mud- Creative Assembly kept Alien: Isolation very authentic to the movies. Too bad none of them seem interested in multiplayer horror games I think it'd sell well, but what do I know
  11. Jenny's hair kills me. Games seem to struggle with long and curly hair- it's a different engine but I thought Alien: Isolation did a great job w/ Sigourney's. If only Jenny could have the curls :'( on topic: give us alice pls. Aside from the Crystal Lake map, part 1 doesn't get much love I want to see Alice get revenge on sackhead.
  12. Trying to save the level one Jennys I WILL NEVER GIVE UP
  13. I tank a trap so the deb w the battery or fuse can install it. Jason morphs over and I stun him. Deb runs inside with. I tell them it's safe, I've got their back, and worst case scenario they can run away while he's crushing my skull since I'm the one fighting. Stun him again. And again. They never come out . It makes me sad every time they pull a Lambert. If you're a repair character, the only time you matter is when Jason's nearby. Anyone can repair if he's not there!! I'd take a brave shelly (yes, shelly) over a pussy deb
  14. If I can find a repair buddy brave enough to fix while I fight as Vanessa, it's heartwarming . But usually they run away and I have to do the fixing. Quick play seems to be getting more competent but maybe that's cuz the community is small rn on the pc. If I'm in a lobby with less productive counselors then Fox/Deborah. Victoria looks like she'll be fun- her stats are more suited for the final girl than Jenny's I think.
  15. I like her! Probably my new main. Heroic Victoria gotta make up for 18yrs of bitchery before she meets her maker. Good stats for the most part. Wish the devs had used one of Melissa's other outfits but I take what I can get.
  16. you vs the girl he tells u not to worry about. rly devs new models look gr8 can jenny and tiffany get some tlc?? the helmet hair and alien eyes throw me off EDIT: just got the character ive been asking for so i demand new things : ) sry devs
  17. Loving her stats! Nice to see another fast counselor with high luck. 3 repair will be nice too! Fuck that bitch Jenny and her weird plaid polos, Victoria is real final girl material . EDIT: also, is it just me or does Jenny's hair look better in the Victoria reveal? maybe the new engine will give us hope for her helmet head
  18. hurrrr we called her melanie instead of melissa!!! There's no way we aren't getting a mean girl.
  19. You guys have high hopes , judging on their treatment of the new characters (mostly mitch since he's original) I think we're gonna get 6 recolors and nada in clothing packs also why her least flattering outfit in the movie lol
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