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  1. Cer1alkill3r

    Why not a New Game ?

    I’m hopping that they are working on a new game with another a list killer that’s rights aren’t so messy right now. Halloween,Texas chainsaw massacre,hell raiser or a nightmare on elm street but only if they can get the real Freddy.
  2. Cer1alkill3r

    Roll perk

    The worst part is most of my epics were better than my legendary’s. stupid o.c.d making me have to have all the same colour.
  3. Cer1alkill3r

    Roll perk

    I have five left and then I’ll have a legendary but is it’s taking forever and I’ve spent over 1.2 mil so far.
  4. They did but it came back with the new update. I find that it happens a lot when getting out of the car. If you drop your weapon or go into the water it will fix it a lot of the time.
  5. You just need to joins some clubs and try to play with members. These are some of the clubs with active members crystal lake maniacs cryatal lake employment agency friday the 13th the game fridaythe 13th the game fan community terror squad and countless more. I have played with all these clubs and the first two mentioned are by far the best for people that play without quitting or cheating.
  6. Cer1alkill3r


    Well now with this new release statement from horror inc everyone can see what many of us members were saying at the beginning of the whole lawsuit no dlc crap. I’m waiting to hear what @wes has to say now and whose fault it is that we did not get the promised content. Gun should make good on their promises even if they have to wait to make more money from project ME LIES. Many people have offered to help financially including myself and we proved that the community would be willing to help out. Was the whole #savecrystallake hash tag for nothing?i know that gun love this game but I think that pride is in the way. There’s nothing wrong with admitting you failed and asking for help. Hell I started this endeavour by donating over 600 dollars to a guy named @Randygbk that I never met but I believed in what he was saying. I was very scared about giving up this money to trust a little Kickstarter campaign by a company named @GunMedia it I had faith in what they wanted to do and of what they promised they would try to do. As the years went on and the game finally started to show me things like the virtual cabin. I started to get more and more excited and then release came. Still awesome, but as the game started crashing and breaking more and more with each update guns attitude started to change towards us blind backers and the new people that bought the game. They got quiet and started to focus on other things and finally announced that there will be no more dlc because of the lawsuit. Now that we know the lawsuit never did affect the game and they have never proved that they received a C&D order. Blaming horror inc or victor miller does not work. Own up and be truthful with us. I know you guys care about this franchise you can see it in all the details. I just think they lost their love for making the game from all the set backs that they have had.
  7. You choking!!! Try swallowing!!!!! And I am talking about recording past gameplay and my regular PS4 only does 15min and xboxonex does 2 min at 4K.I haven’t checked out what my ps4 pro does but I’ll check tonight and get back to you. Go spout your fanboy crap elsewhere. Your probably talking about recording live gameplay anyway and just thought you should comment and both of them record forward for a hour.
  8. Maybe @wes @ShiftySamurai Should invite them
  9. If your on Xbox remember you can record a up to a couple of minutes in the past after something in the game is done. It’s how I record all the time
  10. Cer1alkill3r

    A Plea to Sean Cunningham and GunMedia

    He will most likely appeal and try to get the court dates are far from now as he can and if the decision is over turned he will still try to get the settlement date as far away as possible. I think horror inc is just going to keep this in the courts until Miller is no more.
  11. I also Like to put traps down in front of the fuse and power box for tommy so Jason cannot place it.
  12. Glad I’m done all my badges
  13. I have two of the scorpios and have not had this problem. Contact Xbox support 1-800-myxbox
  14. So then it will also never be released.