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  1. Why is it impossible? Just out the time in. Put your preference as jason and grind.
  2. For me I’ll ready up when I’m ready. I get into a lobby and check out who’s in it.(character choices) then I also check player levels. From there I decide what build I’m going to use. If I enter a lobby and some asshat is spamming the button. I will let the clock run out. Also if the lobby is not full I will not ready up. I hate getting the random glitch.
  3. Look to join a club on Xbox. Crystal lake maniacs or the crystal lake employment agency. Both are filled with people who love the game and don’t exploit. I will also be playing tonight and I am more than happy to help you. A CER1AL KILL3R is my gamer tag on all consoles and pc. I will be playing the Xbox version tonight.
  4. Thank you @mattshotcha and gun for doing the best you can for the game and all of us.
  5. Wouldn’t it be awesome if gun finally made the game look for licensing?
  6. Thank you guys for this and I am really hoping that jason is feared again.
  7. well I remember them Being talked about from the start of the campaign and I like them. I don’t dance but I love to flip off Jason. I have suggested that emotes anger jason and give him a 5 sec rage burst in strength and speed. I thought that would make people a little more hesitant to use them.
  8. Yes on Xbox the crystal lake employment agency and crystal lake maniacs are still around. @TheHansonGoons can add you to both of those communities
  9. Most people in private lobbies are friends. I absolutely love the new addition. We get to make the game harder and test our skills again. I would even add more like jason starts with all abilities, mask hit damage variants,walkie taking range variants, add more enables for councillors and camp as well. This has revitalized the private match for me and my friends.
  10. It was but they were starting over on it because it was missing something in the replay value I believe. They said it just wasn’t fun enough.
  11. Submit it to jasonkillsbugs. They already know about the issue but the more submissions make is easier to find out what causes the issue.
  12. eye66 what system do you play on? I would like to add you because I am also a backer and like to play with other backers. My get is A CER1AL KILL3R just like that on everything except for switch. It’s just CER1AL on switch. And No it shouldn’t and won’t be released
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