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  1. Well you May have to sacrifice a small child or goat but nothing too drastic.
  2. Just because your in a club doesn’t mean you have to commit to anything. It will just show you that people are playing and you can join with them to play or you can send Out a looking to play notification and not worry about annoying people in the lobby.
  3. Just looked and it’s 2545. A lot of them are on purpose though.
  4. @pucho create your Jason tattoos post here pal.
  5. You can also join the crystal lake maniacs on Xbox. Just hit me up. A CER1AL KILL3R
  6. Welcome and if your looking to play with some good groups on Xbox just let me know. I have a club and so does @TheHansonGoons his gamertag is the same and mine is A CER1AL KILL3R on Xbox.
  7. I would like to see them start some new films and maybe a new game.
  8. I really hate this bug/glitch. Sometimes it knocks the car off the map as well and then your stuck until the end if you can move. If you can’t move you time out and get kicked.
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