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  1. I’m done everything on this game as well the only thing I need is two more legendary perks but I stopped rolling for them because they are changing the perk system.
  2. Join a club on whatever platform your on. Xbox has crystal lake maniacs and any of those offences people get banned for.
  3. Cer1alkill3r

    Patch Notes - 11.16.18

    You have been invited to a club on Xbox. Please join. We are always looking for new Jason’s to play against and I promise you that just like everyone else you will die as Jason. Good luck.
  4. The mix up of Jason happens almost everything that someone joins the lobby as the game starts. It usually also makes all other players random people as well.
  5. Cer1alkill3r


    Delete and then try reinstalling your game.
  6. Cer1alkill3r

    Savini jason (info help)

    No you cannot get savini. He was a backer only release. He will never be released again
  7. Cer1alkill3r


    Are you in Europe or japan? Look on Twitter for Friday the 13th the game jp.
  8. Cer1alkill3r

    Sharing Savini??

    This is why it should be tied to your profile.
  9. Cer1alkill3r

    Project Méliès

    It is now called Layers of Fear 2
  10. It was a easy fix but they didn’t want to do it. Patch him out of the game,reissue new backer codes and have them tied to the account. That’s the only way to fix the savini mess that came to be. Never would have had a lot of these problems if they did this from the beginning and only printed as many codes as they had backers like they said.
  11. Cer1alkill3r

    Is Jason too easy to kill?

    It is very easy to kill him and I have suggested giving Jason a clearing swing that could hit multiple councillors at the same time and a speed increase that works variable by how many councillors are around Jason. Another member also suggested before that he should be killed differently for every map in the way he was killed in that movie. Eg tommy with the machete in the Jarvis house etc. I really liked that idea. I think it was @BrokenFattHardy that suggested that.
  12. Hmmmm?whatever happened to “not even a rock” you really confuse your fan base when you say stuff like this. Don’t get me wrong I’m grateful but why did you change your mind? You were so cut and dry on the topic of nothing new at all. and now your saying there is a chance. Just keep pulling in those heart strings.