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  1. How many times and different ways does @wes have to say that new content is done for this game. It’s over. They are working on a new game that that’s it. Even if there is a settlement the game is done.
  2. Tina kill would also be cool. Any except the Jason takes Manhattan would be awesome
  3. Yes. They checked my game for me. I gave them my info on twitter to they’re Friday the 13th support through private message.
  4. They can check your stats if you contact them. I was worried about this as well because I felt stuck at 92% for what felt like forever. Finally though they got back to me and said everything was working. And then I finally finished about a month later.
  5. I would like to see Jason get rage when his mask comes off. I would also like to see taunting Jason increase rage.
  6. I really like this new Jason and personally I would make rage as soon as the mask comes off. He is still very killable and I would like to see it harder myself. I am excited to see what else @wes and @ShiftySamurai come up with. Btw @mattshotcha your doing a great job so far.
  7. Also make sure that he has nothing around him that can cause the animation to not work. Hills,rocks,walls,fences or anything else that can block the hit box.
  8. Try hitting him from behind with the axe. If you tried before the new update(yesterday) the kill was glitched. I always hit from behind with the axe and unless someone uses the glitch,it always drops him.
  9. He can still die. It’s still a easy feat but you have to go into the match with only the kill on your mind and two or three good players with you. But I personally like that it is harder because it was way too easy to kill Jason. It was just as easy as calling the police or fixing the car. Now you have to decide what your plan is and execute it right away. Much better. Killing Jason should be a rare thing.
  10. I have to agree with @TheHansonGoons on this. I think it would be awesome to see how much time people have put into this game. Getting rid of the cap doesn’t hurt anything but it does show how much play the game is getting by players to other players and ourselves. I have played this game for a total of 80 days and have been 150 since the end the last December when they raised the cap. I was also 101 for months before that and I’m curious as to what level I would be now if it never capped. Soon everyone that plays will be the capped 150 so it means nothing.
  11. It’s just old place holder for content that was going to be released. Nothing new is coming. But they look like they would have been fun. Got my hopes up and then crashed just as fast.
  12. Sorry they are old placeholders. Nothing new is coming as of now. Matt clarified it for me.
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