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  1. Cer1alkill3r

    We're Still Here

    Xbone A CER1AL KILL3R and in the forum club and my own club crystal lake maniacs. We play everyday and are always looking to add more fair players.
  2. Cer1alkill3r

    We're Still Here

    Thanks @Truth I am at work right now but I’ll add you when I get home.
  3. Cer1alkill3r

    We're Still Here

    Sorry @TheHansonGoons I always end up in a full lobby when you invite me. I play every day and I am going to continue until the end. I did manage to play a couple of rounds with the community and it was a lot of fun. @BrokenFattHardy and a couple others were great.
  4. Yes 100% I would back them again on another Kickstarter campaign. This one was a little rocky but @Randygbk was really good at responding to my questions for the most part.
  5. Cer1alkill3r

    We're Still Here

    I’ll be streaming as well on Xbox in the club crystal lake maniacs and my own channel A CER1AL KILL3R.
  6. It won’t help but I would
  7. Enough with the savini shit. The reason the game will die is obvious. Servers cost money and how long do you pump money into something that your not going to get anything out of? They have a company to keep in business so they will likely move on to the next project.
  8. Should Uber be released unfinished or what ever state he is in?
  9. Axe still works on Xbox. I have killed Jason 5 times this weekend. I use bugz with the axe and I have epic slugger and legendary man at arms on.
  10. If your on Xbox check your nat settings in the network section of settings and make sure that they are on open. If they are on strict or moderate you will have troubles connecting as well. To get them to open if they are moderate just select test again.
  11. Cer1alkill3r

    Savini isn't popping up!

    Go to your kick starter or backer kit page and get your code again and reinstall it. This sounds like you shared a game file with someone to me. If you legit downloaded it by adding a code it will also be in your download history on Xbox.
  12. Not bad I have 16 and spent 360,000.
  13. We will get it. I think they are a little preoccupied with getting the game working right now. I’m not worried because they have sent me everything else so far.
  14. I was trying to add the new emotes from spc but they would not show up. It would just say something went wrong and report. I searched through the forums and could not find a answer. So I started to delete all my dlc from my Xbox and when I installed my dlc again the new emotes worked.