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  1. Usually if you go into settings tab then audio all you have to do is turn the volume down then back up. Your headset must be plugged in for this. If this does not work for you then unpair your controller and pair it again. Hope this helps.
  2. Where is everybody from...

    I am also Canadian. First page of the post my friend.
  3. Where is everybody from...

  4. Good Sportsmanship Club

    Not sure why it’s not showing up. I’m going to try to request invite on Xbox. Maybe double check my gamer tag A CER1AL KILL3R thank you by the way.
  5. Good Sportsmanship Club

    What is the name of the club? I don’t see a invite
  6. Hmmmm I wonder what happens when gun finally gets the marketplaces to look for purchase licenses? Everyone that spent money on getting something that was only meant for the people that helped with the starting or backing of the game will lose what they paid for. I’ve seen some people pay lots of money on eBay to have it and then lose it because of updates. Hopefully they just make a new jason and everyone can get over savini.
  7. No point in playing as Jason

    I still average 6 kills in a full lobby and a lobby of 4 councillors I usually kill them all. I like the extra challenge. You just have to change the way You play.
  8. Good Sportsmanship Club

    I’m on Xbox and would love to join A CER1AL KILL3R is my gamer tag
  9. It took a while to get used to but I can control it pretty good now on Xbox.
  10. Yes Merry Christmas everyone that celebrates and to everyone that doesn’t have a great weekend. Thank you for all the hard work you have been doing on the game everyone at @GunMedia
  11. Unless you haven’t solved the first part of the cabin then you can’t. Until you do.