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  1. I slash, grab,then walk away while doing the fastest execution I can. If I go after sweater girl I shift grab then teleport away and come back to shift grab and finish her off.
  2. Release date

    Sorry I guess you didn’t catch my sarcasm. That is the next Friday the 13th of this year. I should have just said “SOON”
  3. Yes they are blue
  4. I found a bunch (5)of Pamela tapes but no tommy. I put in 15 hours this weekend.
  5. Pretty shitty. Lots of rage quitters and I didn’t find any Jarvis tapes.
  6. Release date

    July 13th is my guess.
  7. Good Sportsmanship Club

    Can anyone that does want to play from the agency make sure that if they send someone from the group a invite to join a party just make sure you send them a message letting them know your from the forums. I get a lot of party invites and when I join it’s some jerks messing around so I don’t join random people. But if I get a message saying your from the forum I will definitely join.
  8. I don’t play drunk but I do drink a couple rum and dr.peppers while I play.
  9. Kill list UPDATED

  10. Did you accidentally turn on privacy settings? Sign in using one of the following accounts: Your Xbox account The parent account of the child account you’re having problems with Press the Xbox button to open the guide. Select Settings. Under Account, select Privacy & online safety. Select View details & customize. Select Communicate with voice and text. Select specific friends or everybody, depending on who you want that profile to talk to.
  11. Go into settings on your Xbox,scroll to audio and move the slider on all three volume control options. This should work.
  12. 30 Red Perks and 1,000,000 CPs!

    I also have all epic perks but I only have 300,000 cp. I don’t really feel like selling all of them though to get legendary. Are we sure that we will have to do that? Hopefully there will be more news soon on this.
  13. I had a game yesterday against 5 guys that were all friends and the other two were just random. I killed the first guy right away and the second shortly after,from there it gets bad I run into the friends and they are all so mouthy that I actually would like to punch them in the face. I start chasing one and another hits me with the bat and starts talking shit so I start chasing him.(repeat doing this with all 5) Well I ended up chasing after all of them instead of focusing on one at a time because I was so pissed. I didn’t even notice they called the cops. They all teamed up and just kept me stunned and pissed off so I couldn’t get into the the right train of thought and they all got away. I poured myself a Rum and Dr.Pepper and everything was good after that.
  14. Sorry accidentally posted this and don’t know how to delete post.
  15. so now what?

    I think I’m a good player and I don’t think I’m suffering. Maybe we feel differently on the word Good. If you need help I will join your games with your friends and teach you how to play. I don’t mind.