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  1. Most players that have him are old players that are maxed out. He is extremely slow and his pitchfork gets stuck on anything it hits. Use that to your advantage. But remember almost any Jason that is 150 and actually plays the game is going to hard to go up against.
  2. I have been fortunate enough to get to stream a copy of layers of fear 2 on Monday for Xbox. I also was given a key to raffle off courtesy of gun and I will be doing that on Monday on my mixer account on Xbox. Thank you @mattshotcha@weskelhttps://mixer.com/A_CER1AL_KILL3Rhttps://mixer.com/A_CER1AL_KILL3R I hope to see some of you there. And as always I will be playing f13 this weekend if anyone is looking to play
  3. Unfortunately with them doing double xp every couple weeks people just play offline bots to get 150. You get them in your lobby after thinking it will be a good round and they don’t know what they’re doing. I don’t think you should have levels for offline play. It doesn’t make sense to have it when it’s only single player.
  4. What system do you play on? I’d like to test your amazing Jason skills. Xbox gamertag A CER1AL KILL3R
  5. That glitch has been around for over a year now. Basically if someone joins the match during and after the lobby has started it will make some players random and even Jason when it happens after the lobby closes. Part of the same glitch is you can not invite a friend into a match that has already started.
  6. No I haven’t but I did see it about a year ago and I couldn’t find a way to join. I’m always looking to play with new players.
  7. Well you May have to sacrifice a small child or goat but nothing too drastic.
  8. Just because your in a club doesn’t mean you have to commit to anything. It will just show you that people are playing and you can join with them to play or you can send Out a looking to play notification and not worry about annoying people in the lobby.
  9. Just looked and it’s 2545. A lot of them are on purpose though.
  10. @pucho create your Jason tattoos post here pal.
  11. You can also join the crystal lake maniacs on Xbox. Just hit me up. A CER1AL KILL3R
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