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  1. That is no where near thr same thing lol... And you believe the crap they fed you? You must also believe there is no climate change happening. Must also believe we need a 60 foot tall border by mexico for the titans to not pass.
  2. This is the dumbest response i have recieved... Ever heard of worry about what you can control and not about what you cant. I a single man cannot stop trump from wrecking this world. I can not stop koreas hate for us. I can request money back. Once again why the hell do you care if i request my money back again?
  3. Full game refund and im not going tk take money from someone who is not at fault.
  4. The backers knew there was a skin... The backer option ia paid for was for a exclusive savini skin. Lol
  5. Thats nice if you like it. Do we have the same car? Kids? Clothes? Eat the same food? Well i want my money back you dont. I dont get why it matters to you if i want my money back lol. Typical of this generation of millenials. Thinking their business belongs in everyone elses. My money back wont damper your enjoyment of this game. But me feeling i got screwed dampers mine. So fuck off. Mind your own. Have fun with your game ill refund mine.
  6. You planning on giving me my money back? If not i have no business telling you why i gave this company my money 2 years ago. Flip off and point me to the right direction. Also you guys have to be some kind of special stupid to think the release of the savini skin was a mistake lol.. It has never been able to be purchased on ps4 you had to get it on the backer site. Soo tell me how the discription and pricing and display was all a mistake? This was no fucking mistake.
  7. No i want my 28 year old 2 car garage double story house, manager of a warehouse money back. Errors happen all the time i get that. People get their money back for errors. Point me out to the website for the right place to apply for a refund. Their website has no customer service links. (Shady to me)
  8. I got my kickstarter thinking the savini skin was exclusive. Then you let new backers get it, i got over that. Now your letting everyone obtain this skin. I would like all of my money back as you guys have lied to me and other backers from day 1.
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