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  1. Also liked the part in jason x when the android girl kept shooting jason and he falls and he keeps getting back up and the music goes on and off.
  2. Watching it now. Definitely agree.
  3. My best story is that i got the parts for the car and i found a person with keys. We were heading out and jason appears in front of the car and the driver crashes into him. Jason pulls him out and chokes him. I was going to help him but had no weapon, so i ran away. He was hot on my tail though and the game turned in to movie mode. I just kept going as much as i could. He finally caught me and he squished my head with his hands. Another story was that i was trying to get the phone line repaired. He showed up, i knocked him down with a weapon and i was able to get away. After he left the area. I went back to fix the phone and called the police. Instead of just hiding some where, i made the dumb decision to scout around and jason found me again and killed me. 2 counselors made it out a live though so i'm assuming the police call helped.
  4. I do sometimes that i'm hiding from him, but i don't really remember much what happens.
  5. Yeah i liked that part too. I need to watch those again.
  6. Last time amc had a marathon. I think it was the 2nd or third f13. The guy was in the kitchen yelling where is the cork screw several times. All of sudden Jason shows up and slams the cork screw in his hand. I laughed so hard. I also like part 8 where Jason is in manhattan and he walks up to that gang and kicks their boom box.
  7. Just wondering if the reward tier is still in effect due to the game being delayed from past october?
  8. darthluke


    Hi. I'm darthluke I'm new here. Really looking forward to the game.
  9. Haha. Thats why i'm asking. Lot of games that are collectors edition, usually will have the dlc content included. Doesn't hurt to ask.
  10. Just wondering if there were any perks from ordering the steel case collectors edition other than the steel case?
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