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  1. Found another one today, well same one, different player maybe??
  2. It's a survival game, it's either you or him. No brainer there!
  3. I wouldn't mind seeing some sort of diminishing returns on the stuns, I know weapons break over time, but being able to basically stun lock Jason for more then 5 minutes is a little silly!
  4. I love it when I spawn inside Packanack Cabin? I think I get 2 drawers open before Jason is in the cabin and grabbing me!
  5. Shoot me an invite, in Australia! http://steamcommunity.com/id/Sixyp
  6. I'd like to see perhaps an "opt out of Tommy" option. I've been in a ton of matches now where people spawn as Tommy, then leave the server, which for some reason bugs it out.
  7. Watching an epic battle between Jason and Vanessa, just running in circles around a couch. Maybe implement a way for Jason to bust up furniture? Something! This is dizzying!
  8. Not sure where else to report this, was chasing someone as Jason, they turned to shoot me with the flare, knocked me down as I was aiming a throwing knife at them, this stuck me in aim mode. Couldn't move, none of my special abilities worked, couldn't attack, nothing, just stood there and sparkled. Fun times!!!
  9. I'm an outrageously horrible Jason! I get 1 person if I'm lucky! I feel ya!
  10. Feel free to add me, I'm always up for a regular group instead of "random what kind of players will I see today!" Names the same!
  11. So yeah, high pings here, but I make do! LOVE IT!!!
  12. I'm having a blast! People could tell me this is the worst game in history and I'm an idiot for playing it and guess what, I'd still play it just because I play games I like to have fun and that's what this game is giving me! Bring on the negativity, I simply choose not to pay any attention to it!
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