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  1. So now we have Roy, who plays exactly as Jason despite not being Jason. What's the excuse to not have Pamela now?
  2. Inverting the grab cone is probably the best solution to this. Also increasing the hitbox of melee weapons.
  3. Jason needs a drastic rework and this game is a clusterfuck if this is really the case. Making Jason illogically broken because he's gimped in terms of design makes this game utterly shit from a design standpoint.
  4. I've played against aggressive and smart teams. They all crumble when you melee them. Not to mention, they all stick together so it isn't like even if they're doing something like repairing the phone you can't just break the box. Even if they manage to fix the phone or the car, you can still kill them. Triple trapping is just a complete waste of traps anyhow, using them offensively is far better especially when they're trying to fight you over something like trying to start the car.
  5. Then Jason in general needs a drastic re-work. If his only strength was that he could grab people like Mr. Fantastic then he's completely shit from a gameplay perspective. His grab should reach as long as his arm, that's it. There's plenty of tools already at your disposal to kill counselors, and if those aren't effective than Jason needs to go back to the drawing board because making him broken may fulfill the power fantasy of Jason players, but it makes the game completely unfun as a counselor as it's illogical and there's no other mindset for a broken grab other than "this is bullshit." It doesn't matter how passionate people are for the franchise, making Jason broken in a multiplayer game does not work and will only deter people from playing because the only fun aspect is playing as Jason which is chosen completely at random. Don't make him broken again, think of another way to make him feel powerful but in a logical way.
  6. I don't waste traps like that, I put my traps in places counselors don't expect for maximum impact. There's nothing wrong with trying to win but if stonewalling people from playing the game is the only way to win then the game itself is fucked up. If you are Jason and don't do things like continuously patrol objectives, shut off the lights, and ensure all counselors have high fear then you are just using traps as a crutch and you suck as Jason.
  7. Welcome to every official online video game forum. It doesn't help that a majority of players are little kids. He should be feared, but he should also feel fair. Giving him strengths with no logical explanation like the grab hitbox is just going to feel like bullshit no matter what. It isn't like Jason doesn't already have other abilities to help him catch counselors like throwing knives and his attack weapon. If people wanted a Jason powerhouse fantasy then they shouldn't have made this a multiplayer game. Jason can be powerful, but he also has to be fair because otherwise nobody is going to want to play as a counselor. Most people already don't since they leave the game as soon as they know they aren't picked to be Jason.
  8. Grab length could be a strength/weakness for certain Jasons.
  9. Traps are lethal enough as-is. There's no reason for triple trapping. I don't get people who feel like they have to cover an area entirely in traps, like why not just outright destroy objectives if people want to win so goddamn bad?
  10. As much as it sucks considering how much it costs to do new mocap animations, especially with Kane Hodder, it doesn't surprise me. If money is the incentive to get new kills then I'm fine with it, the environmental kills are at least free. The only big downside is CP continues to be pointless.
  11. I'm perfectly fine with the nerf to grabbing. It just means people will have to learn new tactics as Jason as opposed to just outright grabbing people.
  12. Not really related to the topic, but it is about gas. Does anybody think it would be better if filling gas were a progress bar instead of a minigame? It never made sense how having higher repair made pouring gas quicker.
  13. I want Freddy in the game simply because Gun Media will do him justice by designing him off the Robert England version. He looks like shit in DBD. Plus, adding guest characters to F13 would be cool, even if it is a one-franchise name. It would add more variety in maps and killers. It's not gonna happen, but it's nice to think about having different movie variations of Freddy or any other horror character like Jason does.
  14. I'm sure Retro Jason's revamp will come along with the Kickstarter backer physical copies.
  15. I think the bigger problem is that ultimately grip strength and composure is pointless because Jason can kill anybody in a second with specific executions. Even if you are Jenny and your fear isn't high, Jason can still kill you just as the escape bar is filled. Even if you do manage to escape, all he has to do is hit you two or three times and you're fucked.
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