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  1. I joined the lobby and everyone was complaining and saying I am a cheater because I have Savini. I told them I don't cheat and I ordered this skin from the kick starter back when they jump started this fundraiser for the game. I am a avid fan of the film. Anyhow when the game started. I was picked as Jason. First thing chance I get is morph to the phone area and trapped it and focused on all of the generators. Wanted some downtime. As soon my cool down started to fill everything up. I went stalk mode and returned back to the phone area and sneaked inside and saw someone walked in and as soon I walked down to one room. They opened the door and there I was standing behind that same door they opened. I heard a loud curling scream on the microphone saying I scared the crap out of them. It was the most epic thing I have ever saw. Stalking really is handy as long you know what you are doing. I have constantly applied this method a lot of times and capture so many campers and they literally scream on their mic lol. It just so freaking amazing. This experience felt like immersion from the film itself and it served it's purpose as Jason being a stalker in the film and scaring everyone for the kill.
  2. When in the world are we gonna have a FOV slider? Add it to the game? Not everyone is comfortable with the view and some people have widescreen monitors! It's not considered cheating when you already have a dark aura around your monitor if you lose fear as soon Jason arrives! I also would like to suggest the fact we should have two modes. One with radar and one without radar would give us the element of surprise so we can make it look scarier. Seeing Jason on radar is stupid. Let's make it more realistic how you have to really mind your own surroundings. This isn't 1st person shooter games where we need to see the hostile on radar. I find it absurd to have radar. It takes away the surprise of the game. I do notice the radar does disappear when Jason is nearby and you lose fear. That is something at least but wouldn't it be fun if the whole player base have zero radar and they have to locate each other? Just a lil suggestion. I still think FOV is a huge benefit needed. Why was it locked in the first place is beyond me. Millions of game developers allow FOV for gaming purposes. Let us have it please. And when the hell are you guys gonna add subtitles to Single Player challenges and maybe multiplayer? Like come on. Not all of us can hear!
  3. Here is the response from the steam community. Interesting response. I really hope you guys do add content. In fact, where is my response for adding closed captioning to single player challenges for the deaf community? I feel discriminated here. I even sent an email and clearly, they can easily be sued Please add it! PLEASE!! Walker 9 hours ago "Our partners at Horror, Inc have reached out a few times in an effort to settle with Mr. Miller. However, we were informed that this communication was ignored. We hope that all parties can come together in the future, so we can add some new content, but it’s not likely, nor should it be expected. " This is a lie. They didnt reached out to him and Miller made it clear that he has no intention in hurting this game. The only reason that you can think of, why this game gets no new content is that Horro inc. wants to hurt Millers by not releasing new content which would lead to profit. A part of this profit they had to give to Millers. Thats it. The whole lawsuit is just because Horror inc didnt want to gave Miller percentage for his work, creating the first film. Last edited by Walker; 9 hours ago #1 Bo & Luke 6 hours ago That is the current conspiracy theory and it makes sense.They aren't allowing new content because they would probably have to give Victor a cut of any money made from said content. #2 Absinthe 1 hour ago Victor got nothing from the franchise he created other than a small amount for the first movie. He had no claim to royalties from any movie made after the first. He deserves his piece of the pie, and if Horror Inc doesn't want to give it to him then this game can die. #3 Showing 1-3 of 3 comments Per page: 15 30 50 REPLY Friday the 13th: The Game > General Discussions > Topic Details
  4. Yea but most games have FOV options no matter what. I wouldn't complain about it. Why the fuss about it?
  5. This is not a hack it's a tweak. All PC games have FOV sliders and some are custom edited. It's allowed. It doesn't mean people are at advantage. It's so they can play better without having the wrong default fov. Most PC games have fov options. Allow it for us, please. Add it! Tired of seeing my counselor be too close to my screen too. EVERY PC game out there has FOV options. Even FPS games.
  6. Waiting on the release!

  7. Hi i am a fan of the 80's and i pre-ordered this game, i'm excited to be a part of video game history in the making based on a movie. It's always been a childhood dream of mine to have an actual PC game for this kind of movie. I hope later down the road we'll have other characters too and maybe Ash from Evil Dead so he can kick butt too Ha Ha.. I just pre-ordered it last night and wondered where was my key for this and the beta access key. I figured due to traffic and popularity to this movie itself and the game the orders would be backed up and they would have to sort them out and send it. My bday is on the 22nd so i couldn't ask for any better present than this, i love getting new games. Oh and i'm stoked to see Assassin Creed film so bad. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas everyone!
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