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  1. Well that's understandable this game is your baby, I want to swaddle your baby and sing it a sleepy time song and stash money into it's college fund.....she just shit on your baby. It's okay, 'cause come release time....I'm gonna stalk the servers till I find her....she gonna learn.
  2. I will admit, it hurts to watch a 20 year old girl refer to Tommy as "Ben Jarvis" while playing the game I love, simply because boys like her assets. But I can't fault you as a businessman for being shrewd in your dealings.
  3. Everyone who got the VC should feel grateful, some of us have to sell plasma, recycle cans just to buy a game, let alone get to purchase cool add ons/extras like this.
  4. Gun/ Illfonic, you guys have been class all the way. Lord knows you've put up more griping about release then I would probably be able to handle. I plan on purchasing any game you folks make going forward....even if it's Hello Kitty Island Adventure. -Randy Braden
  5. At 16 I could Shoot an animal, gut it, pack it out and grill it up. Disarming a bear trap would have been a cinch...I could also change the oil in my truck. If I thought that this mechanic was staying this way I would have to consider skipping the game as much as I love the franchise and genre. Anyhoo, this game will inevitably pull in the kind of gamer who seeks to troll/grief other players for their own amusement. It's one thing to be killed in game; another entirely to hear Jason making gay/racist jokes while doing it. They will inevitably put traps where it is most likely to break the game play. Luckily I feel enough hardcore fans will be and are part of the group that will play this game; and that once the game is off it's feet they will make changes to it. Part of what sold me on this game way back in the day was hearing them claim to want people to be able to immerse themselves in game. The game as it is going to be released (CERT willing) is complete, so it's pointless to argue about it for the time being.
  6. Ummm, one more time Kyle; can't wait to try out this bad boy in game. Thanks Wes and devs for keeping us as counselors on the edge of our toes.
  7. Did a new discord get made to replace the old one?
  8. Appreciate the correspondence Wes even though it's not required. Funny thing is my frustration has been due to all the millennial/jackass comments crying about the waiting process. What they need to understand is this game is like trying to prepare a five course meal in a much smaller kitchen. We as the fans gave you money for groceries, you then had to go to the store, buy said groceries, except we only gave you enough cash for the meal and none for dessert; you then had to hit up an ATM and finally come home and cook it. The beta was a success because the games weak points have been established and it drummed up an incredible buzz for release. I truly care only about the quality of the game, which means that if I don't get to play it until Halloween night, I don't care as long as I'm quaking in my boots.
  9. Parts 2-8, decapitation would end Jason. 6-10(9?) might resurrect if head was reattached. JGTH would respawn using previously stated method of spirit transference; without a living Voorhees though it is difficult to surmise whether he could continue on in this state indefinitely. FvsJ as depicted would also be done in by decapitation, remake as well.
  10. I had a match where as a last ditch effort, I trapped the barn entrance. Jason got stuck and I ran around him, as I setup a trap next to him he swung and missed, I stood and ran into a trap and died. Everyone burst out laughing, Jason attempted to walk away in triumph; only to be trapped. You can't write this stuff.
  11. I had to abandon the discord after the closed beta opened up, we had way more bandwagon players jump in and start complaining. And not even about the few things that could be improved. Issues that are obvious and no doubt being worked on by the devs. I hardly played the last day, partly because of the holidays but also in small part because I was tired of the negative attitude displayed by some testers.
  12. Post like this don't exactly help since they use up bandwidth, I say this in full recognition of the hypocrisy of course because my post does not in fact help. I'm sure it'll slow down...soon.
  13. OS Windows 10 Home CPU IntelĀ® Core i5-4570 CPU @ 3.20GHz, 3193 MHz GPU NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 (2048 MB) RAM 8.00 GB (7.89)
  14. I've been stuck in a Maximum custody prison yard with 9 convicted felons rioting for 2 minutes while backup responded. I kept my calm, asserted my authority and by the time my fellow officers came in all offenders were lying face down in the dirt. I received a letter of appreciation from my superiors and a pat on the back. When Jason showed up in that video I started slapping my knees and shaking my head, backed my chair up a bit and angled myself towards my bedroom door in case I needed to bolt for it. Seeing that shit made me a 5 year old boy again who snuck into his brothers room to watch scary movies late at night after his mom went to bed. I had to pause it to go pee I was so excited. Maybe it's cause I'm not a vain millennial (No offense meant to all young members.) that believes they know everything or has seen everything. But I've been within an inch of dying, and the thought of staying up until the wee hours of the morning running from Pamela's little boy as the devs have made him...I have literal goosebumps. P.S. If you never had to suffer through Friday the 13th (NES), you should just be quiet.
  15. The thought of all the kids that aren't gonna know what the hell that skipping on the screen is gives me a raging clue!
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