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  1. They usually are, but there's no official law saying it's a must. Hence you see Nintendo games released on Sundays, and sometimes (maybe Bioware or Bethesda) games are released on Fridays.
  2. Aside from hackers and griefers, I worry about too many Vanessas, or any other single counselor.
  3. I've always liked the Police Quest games. Edit: I never made it far in them though. Ha!
  4. Also love Lucha Underground. I also think of Rick from the Splatterhouse games. This is such a great, crazy show. I try to sell it to my friends by saying it's Mortal Kombat, but as a wrestling show. Unfortunately, it doesn't work.
  5. Unrelated question: How difficult would it be to make Chucky's eyes track movement? Imagine a Chucky doll who's eyes follow you around the room.
  6. Here's the video of her visiting the filming location mentioned in the article. It's all the more shocking because she looks really, really healthy there. Rest well, Fox!
  7. Everybody is talking about all the places you could set traps, but no one seems to be talking about the time it would take to do so. Imagine, Jason Player morphs to the car to set a trap. If Jason morphs and there's a counselor, he may just chase the counselor first. Secondly, if Jason Player chooses, say, Jason 2 because he has the most traps, you may be forgetting that Jason 2 may have a slow cool down for morph. If I happen to come across a key spot, yeah, I'll set a trap, but I won't waste time waiting for cool downs.
  8. Welcome to camp! I'm also an original kickstarter, but I didn't officially join until after the beta. I never even posted an introduction, so you've got one up on me!
  9. Both Turok games were favorites of mine growing up. Especially Turok 2. I haven't picked up any of the remastered versions yet, but I certainly have my eye on Turok 2. I have very fond memories of multiplayer.
  10. I just want to throw up every time Jason 8 puts his hands on me.
  11. Adam Sessler is the president of TheoryHead. If I remember correctly, he's a consultant for game developers to use alongside development. Since he has reviewed games so much, he's able to give advice as to certain changes that can be made to improve a game's score or public reception. I heard this in an interview once, but I can't remember where it was. Please note I may not be 100% on the money. However, that wouldn't really explain his early-and I mean EARLY-involvement in the game. Hey, maybe he's just a super fan like us and chose to help out in any way he can?
  12. It's been awhile since I've seen it, but does it appear lighter because of light shining off of the slime? Visually speaking, Jason 8 is my personal favorite. The one thing that bugged me about the model was that his shirt was tucked in in the back. I'm sure they saw it in the movie, my dang. Who's damn shirt untucks in the front before the back? I mean, c'mon. What's Jason's technique?!
  13. I liked him without a mask much more than I ever thought I would.
  14. Out of the two shown, I prefer the hell Jason. While watching it, I kept thinking, "would Jason really use a memento of his mother, cut holes into it, and wear it around?" I suppose I could believe he would wear the sweater as a sweater, but wearing the sweater as a mask felt like too much of a stretch. However, I would've been fine with a makeshift mask made out of any other dirty t-shirt or cloth. Plus, I think the claw marks on the burned mask is really, really cool.
  15. I mean is there a difference between how Jason 6 will play compared to Jason 8? I never got the chance to play both Sackhead and Jason 3 in the beta, so I have no idea if the living Jasons played similarly. (I've never written 'Jason' so many times in a single post. The redundancy is bothering me.)
  16. Yeah. Yeah to this entire post. At first the accusations people were throwing out made me chuckle and roll my eyes, but wow has it gotten old fast. I will add that although they get a ton of shit and dumb questions, they get a whole lot of love too. Huge props to the devs for remaining loyal to the fans, friendly, and remaining open with us.
  17. Oh yeah, I know exactly the ones your talking about. Both masks and gloves. Replacing the glove itself is something I've thrown around in my mind, but I don't care enough to actually do. If I buy another horror movie prop, it'd probably be Decker's mask from Nightbreed. I love that thing!
  18. One thing you could do is go to Wal-Mart or Target and get purchase a prepaid VISA/MasterCard. Put $60 or however much everything costs (are there taxes? I'm honestly not sure), and use that to pre-order and purchase skins/clothing packs. The cards are in no way connected to you or your personal information, but they still work for online purchases.
  19. I own some "deluxe" Freddy Krueger glove. Not sure who made it, but the metal parts look great. The glove itself is made from a silly looking cloth. If I were ever to display it, I'd do so showing as little of the glove as possible.
  20. I've always said this about horror movies! That is what I loved about the first Scream. If you set the precedent that 'not everyone will die,' it makes chase sequences worth your time.
  21. I would be all for rebooting the series. That way, if you do something to shit the bed, at least it won't change THAT Jason. If I had any creative control, I'd keep the movies lower budget, absolutely no CGI, and have to stories progress slowly. If you want to bring Jason's Mother back into it, then dedicate a movie to it. Don't try sticking the first three movies in one movie like the remake did. Also, Crazy Ralph shouldn't have died. Keep that boy around!
  22. If we don't get anything like that in this game, I'm okay with that. However, I'd love to see these older IPs expanded upon, so I will do my best to financially support this project. The game play possibilities are seemingly endless. Imagine a mode where you got rewarded for increasing the fear (but not notifying others) before the kill.
  23. Yeah, this one hit hard. I love that guy!
  24. Isn't that on you? I've been burned by a few pre order games earlier in life, so I just stopped pre ordering any and all video games until Friday the 13th, but my pre order here is more showing my support to the idea of a Friday the 13th game. When I donated to the Kick Starter, I had no idea whether the game would be good or not, but I want developers to know that there is an audience for these IPs. I've seen some of the refund talk, and I find it shocking. The development team has been very open to us thus far. Nothing is wrong with the game. It'll come out eventually, and until then, I have plenty of other video games, movies, books, and life to keep me busy until release.
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