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  1. Sidenote - Mah steam profile picture
  2. Well, they apparently started development 2 years ago or something like that. So if we do look at the times where everything is lining up (Dead by Daylight beta starts at the end of this month, both Last Year and F13 having their betas/alphas later this year,) Then seems about right ish. Obviously the whole copycat thing is silly in the first place. Now the funny thing is this, most issues people were concerned about wasn't related to F13 or Last year, but Evolve because they don't want what happened to Evolve to happen to Dead by Daylight. If you are looking for news for Last Year, everything is hush hush aside from the backers. I can ask Wearing again but pretty sure he'll say the same thing about him wanting it to only be for backers. So it's not really like there's no news, it's more just not for open eyes to see yet.
  3. Just gonna remind you guys we already had a discussion about Last Year, and from the information I gathered, Last Year and F13 was by coincidence, I'm currently gonna try gathering information on Dead by Daylight so I can see if I can map it up, then I'll make a new post containing info on all 3 on every different forums related to the 3 games so people can decide for themselves. http://forum.f13game.com/index.php?/topic/55-last-year/ <--------Topic about Last Year Edit: Missing one of the images/descriptions in the original Imgur post, doesn't matter too much as the information missing is included in the self-quote.
  4. *Sighs* It's like 3:00 A.M. in the morning. I can't see the optical illusion. And I really don't feel like doing another ARG quest. Please tell me it isn't and I'm just tired.
  5. GuitarWolf365


    I feel most people are not gonna give you the best answers you want, but don't ask a friend. No seriously, one of my friends said I couldn't use an Nvidia GPU on an AMD processor. However if the friend builds a lot of computers, then you might be able to ask them. In all serious though, you shouldn't have to spend more than $1000 for your initial build, then maybe $300 every 3-4 years upgrading it. Also, if you're serious about gaming or are going to be playing games like Arma/DayZ/etc, buy yourself an SSD to save yourself some pains.
  6. Also, let's try and keep it a bit funny/entertaining some. I hate Spiders. 2 Things that creep me out about them. Molting (I wish I could erase that image from my mind) And the son-of-a-gun that used his photoshop skills for EVIL. EVIL I SAY. If you're wondering what I'm on about for the 2nd bit. Well, let's just say some people got really mean and did a photoshop hybrid between a wolf and a spider.
  7. I don't have an Xbox, but I got the game on PC, and damn it was fun while it lasted. I wasn't a big fan of no-weapon DLCs though.
  8. Well, the biggest two problems I see with this are A: Deciding Specifically on what jump scares are. As well as B: Do you like jump scares in any way? I'll be honest. It gets pretty iffy to me because I'm not a big fan of movies with jump scares, as it's trying to force a flinch or something, and that sorta pisses me off because I go to a movie to watch it. Not to be flinching back and fourth and missing the monster when it's finally revealed at the end of the movie for like 3 seconds. Like come on. On the other hand, I do watch a lot of people play videogames (I've done this for research, information, as well as the entertainment side of things) Along with the fact I have been watched playing games by a lot of different people. In the sense of watching others, jump scares can be really entertaining and fun because you get to see people react in whatever way they do (most people, like say Gavin and Michael from RT have entertaining reactions) I also have to say Jump scares can be good in video games. It's very satisfying being on TS/Skype and playing as the Monster/Ghost in Damned/Dead Realm. You are the one doing the jump scares, and you get to cause your friends to freak out. Jump scares can easily be overdone. But they definitely have their place in the world. And I definitely don't mind putting myself through jump scares in video games if it makes others laugh (even if at times it's really only my gf watching me play)
  9. As for me personally, I didn't watch too many remakes, and I didn't watch too many originals. This probably skews my opinion at least a bit. But I will say this, remove the franchise name, look at the different parts in the movie and take each scene for it's own. Random kid puts on the mask and turns into a psycho. Sort of an engrained iconic, story setting scene from when I watched the original Halloween movies. Kid has an abusive, shit family, and likes what was it again? Candy corn? Somehow his infatuation on Halloween and him having a shitty life gives him reason to be a killer? Waaaaat? I should sympathize with mr. I'ma kill errything? Haha, I don't think so. Dude reads porn magazine on public toilet? Uhh wat, hygine problems? Come to think of it, in the remake of Halloween, there was a pretty legit reason for him to kill a lot of the people he killed. Like, I didn't know we were watching, DARK BATMAN WITH NO MONEY, WHO KILLS THINGS! the movie. Isn't this supposed to be a slasher movie? Shouldn't I be worried that just because I'm a random teen I'm in danger? Like why do I feel this movie is saying, "Oh, don't be a shithead and Mr. Nice Guy M won't kill you" Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake I liked, but as been stated many times before, everybody doesn't necessarily bash the remakes because they don't live up to their expectations, they usually do it because the movie is just bad. And lorebreaking. Just look at movies in other genre, Star Wars for example has some pretty good start movies, then they released Episode I and people did not like it too much, then Episode II, which was better, and then Episode III which was a nice finish up to their 6 movie run IMO. Marvel movies, remember Avengers? Yah, there were like 4-5 different prequels lore based to that, and people fucking loved Avengers. And there were a lot of remakes in the Marvel Franchise, I.E. A lot of people like the New Spiderman vs Toby Spiderman You wanna make a good remake? Here's how 1. Don't fucking lorebreak, that pisses off a lot of people, don't touch it, NEIN 2. Don't make a shit movie, you follow lore but have a shit movie, people not happy. 3. Don't change the style of the genre in such a way that it's a suckerpunch to the fans. I'M LOOKING AT YOU SAMANTHA DARKO 4. Redo the effects, but pay homage to the original effects. If they used CGI, you probably want some CGI, if they sprayed ketchup all over some actor's faces, you better get some more blood-looking ketchup buddy. 5. If you wanna do some new effects, add effects that are in the now. A good effect is to kick the volume down low on everything but the music, maybe toss in a hint of bullettime (you know those tense waiting scenes, why not make those scenes slightly longer with a bit more intesity with bullettime on a near-find), and sprinkle on some good ole lightning 6. Above all else, High Definition, you better fucking make every bone crunch as HD as you possibly can, don't cop out on this, it's very important in most remakes.
  10. I wanted to jump in and say a couple of things. SWBF3 was never intended at any point to have SP, that was the call made at the beginning, Infact, the single player of say BF2 was really just bot matches with some small cutscenes about the troopers. It maybe had some specific linear objectives but I definitely wouldn't call it a full fledged single player. What made SWBF2 great for me was not the campaign, but the Galactic Conquest mode, conquering planet by planet and all that other nonsense, people have different opinions, but I was always a bit confused as to what was absolutely amazing about the pseudo-SP that it should be added in to SWBF3 (aside from the cutscenes obv) The 7v1 mode is interesting, a bit concerning on how it will do with less than 7 people on one team, but me, concerns are concerns. If you want an actual realm of a ridiculously large amount of possibilities, adding in mod support so people can make maps, character models, redo AI and character abilities, etc can open up the game to not only be F13, but just about any other horror movie you could think of (Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Steet, Predator, Aliens, Chuckie, IT, Thing, The Princess, Slenderman, Rake, SCPs, etc, etc) But that's more a thing of which we have no idea whether or not will happen, and I personally doubt huge modding support, but we can stay hopeful.
  11. My personal two cents for the color blindness, add in RGB huds and text, that way it's an added customization feature + can help out color blind people for the huds As for the people who are deaf, I think adding in a mono option might overall work(can't quite remember) I go deaf from time to time due to various things (bad wax buildup in the ear + sinuses + ear infection) and it really sucks when I try to listen to stereo produced music with music playing a specific direction Actually, shouldn't there be an option somewhere to force sound to be played mono? Or specially designed earbuds/headset? I mean, to be honest with you, if I can find the sound files, I can rip them out, convert them to mono, see how that helps But given the game usually has some random thing that does sounds based via location, don't think it would help at all Plus that would still just be PC tweaking, where PS4/X1 tweaking would be riduculous (but still possible arguably) AND the servers might not like you having slightly different audio files, so if you require the exact same files, well, kinda makes client-side files broken from the get go.
  12. Progression in a round isn't a bad idea. The problem is mainly the balance and the execution, and the biggest issue with balance I'm seeing is the massive amount of counselors to Jason, still might be able to deal with it though, they could dedicate an entire beta phase to deciding whether or not in-round progression is a good idea or not.
  13. Pretty much nigh impossible to do with a 0.5 mps upload, but kind of stuck on that because I'm living in apartments right now, otherwise I would have been doing it for a couple of years. Before I first tried I spent about 3 days doing a lot of research, so I have knowledge as far as how to start, how to set up a stream, how to record, etc, etc Just don't have the upload for it, but meh, what can you do?
  14. Probably a little late on this, Dying Light is definitely more for zombie peeps, Until Dawn is more for Choose your own adventure peeps, best way to sum it up quickly. Edit: Also, Outlast might count as a horror game, can't remember all the other horror games on PS4 atm.
  15. Omg, #3 actually sounds like an amazing idea, just think about it The game brings something new to the table as far as stuff goes, like maybe Jason wears a santa hat with this idea? lol
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