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  1. Last I heard was in an email dated July 13th....6 to 8 weeks to have the items in your hands. It would have been nice to have the soundtrack for Halloween... but been waiting since 2015, so I’m pretty much numb to this. Soon... my ass! Lol
  2. My shipping confirmation said my order would arrive Saturday the 18th, however my order came yesterday(Thursday the 16th)! It was shipped UPS expedited mail innovations and I’m in the eastern US. The steel case and rev1 slip cover looks way better in person! I hope the signed cover survives the trip when it’s ready to be shipped out. One question....is the number that is on the slip cover I received going to be the same number as the signed one coming later? ....it looks like everyone is receiving number 18? Thanks!
  3. Now there’s an idea....”Friday the 13th: Cart!” lol
  4. Iron City Beer! Because you don’t get internet beer muscles like these from petting kitty cats!!
  5. Here is a link to Randy’s twitter response to the question.... Hopefully we’ll get emails...(all together now)....SOON!!!
  6. I just picked it up to rewatch the original “Flatliners.” They had a free trial for a week on amazon prime. “Crystal Lake memories” is on it too if you’ve never seen it. “Prom night” and “Pumpkinhead” are classic 80s too.
  7. You can rent Jason’s shack for only $7500/month... He has an infinity pool now! Lol
  8. The quality of the photo is spot on for the 1980's!
  9. The background of the dots kinda looks like snow or a krumpled up twister mat.
  10. I'm a kickstarter backer and have not had time to play yet! Soon.... fall of 2017.... stay tuned!
  11. I live in the moment.
  12. Ohhhh boy!!! NES Jason! Nice touch. I'm a kickstarter backer and haven't had time to play the game yet! My son is crushing people tho and it looks fun as hell! Sadly we will miss the double xp weekend, but hope everyone has a great time! I got to get on this soon. Beta was a blast and it looks sooo much better now!
  13. I haven't had time to play it on PS4, but I sucked during the beta! My teenaged son kills everyone as Jason. Got everyone including Tommy Jarvis his first try! Damn kids!
  14. Elmer Fudd, "Somebody sway fake twitties? Huhuhuhuhu"
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