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  1. Deborah Kim for me, I think I would do well sneaking around and repairing stuff...If I don't get caught first which will probably be a lot. As for Jasons, I guess part 7, I would love to suddenly sneak up on people in the water.
  2. Sorry about your PS4, and really sorry for the loss of P.T.
  3. Obscure, espically when you have to keep everyone alive to get the good ending.
  4. Welcome!
  5. Hello, I haven't been on here for awhile due to being busy in real life but I decided to post something here since this game was just announced and i'm very excited for it, and I thought people should know about this. For those of you who don't know Remothered started out as a remake of the classic SNES game Clock Tower: The First Fear in which you play as an orphan named Jennifer Simpson who was recently adopted by the Barrows family along with her three friends Lotte, Laura & Ann. However upon getting to their new home, Jennifer's friends and adopted mother Mary mysteriously vanish, forcing Jennifer to look around her new home for them while avoiding a psychopathic being known as Scissor Man, who is a young boy carrying a large pair of scissors, eventually Remothered slowly worked into it's own original game with Clock Tower being its inspiration, however, the creator put it on hold so he can work on Nightcry, which is also related to Clock Tower. Eventually, he came back and retooled it into Tormented Fathers once Nightcry was finished. Now to talk about the plot of Tormented Fathers itself. In Tormented Fathers, you play as 35 year old Rosemary Reed who enters the manor of ex-motory Richard Felton who has an unknown illness. Rosemary has come to Richard's manor to investigate the disappearance of his daughter Celeste, however once she enters, she is thrust into horror, madness, dark secrets and is soon stalked by residences of the manor such as an unknown demonic entity known as "The Red Nun" Rosemary could either hide from the stalkers or fight back. The trailer is below, I just thought this game should get some attention since i'm a big fan of the Clock Tower series and i'm really excited for this game, which will come out for PC and PS4, they are also doing beta sign ups for the alpha version on the main website which has more info on characters and gameplay. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqsZrwhAeH4
  6. I'm so sorry to hear this. ;_; But keep positive!
  7. 1. Part 3 2. Part 2 3. Part 1 4. The New Blood 5. Jason Takes Manhatten 6. Freddy VS Jason 7. The Final Chapter 8. Jason Lives 9. A New Beginning 10. The Remake 11. Jason X 12. Jason Goes to Hell
  8. Yeah, they should have different intros, or change the character models in the intro to fit with the ones that are going to be in the match and have the Flirty Girl changed into the Jason players counselor. For example: If a player chooses to be the Girl Next Door but get's chosen to play as Jason then they should have it show the character getting axed in the intro. I also have an idea for an intro. A Counselor walks towards a cabin when Jason appears and grabs them from behind, it then shows the inside of the cabin where the seven counselors are doing stuff like reading, talking or playing games, when suddenly the corpse of the counselor that was grabbed by Jason gets thrown through a window, everyone is shocked over the death of the Counselor, however one of them notices Jason by the now broken window and screams, the other six quickly take notice and all run away. Five minutes later...Survive!
  9. Did you try Activate a Product on Steam? You can find it on the Game's drop down menu.
  10. I love it, especially how the music becomes more intense when Jason appears and the opening cutscene was great too.
  11. I can't wait to see some gameplay again!
  12. Welcome, I hope you enjoy your time here RedHood, I recently joined myself.
  13. I actually did see a video of one of the counselors clutching their wounded arm in pain, it was one of those short videos they posted like the one involving the Preppy guy investigating the cabin and the Bookish girl jumping through the window. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2V9lAWdcPUw&t=3s Here's the video in question ^
  14. Merry Christmas!