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  1. Jason Voorhee's is a time lord. This is the explanation I'm choosing to go with (It would also explain why he looks different every time we see him)
  2. For the record, John Carpenter doesn't like the remake either http://bloody-disgusting.com/news/3407886/john-carpenter-calls-rob-zombie-lying-piece-of-halloween/
  3. It was brutal and maybe under another name but... god, I never thought I'd be screaming "Please kill Laurie now!" so often during a Halloween movie but that one made it happen. H20 was awesome, I kinda think it should've been the last Halloween of them all cos it was such a great nod to the original and closed the book on everything just right. Also easily one of Jaime Lee's best performances
  4. If they had changed the names of the characters and just not called it Halloween, I'd have no problem with the remake. It's a half decent horror film, it'd be good for some fun, but compared to the original it's shit... Also, in my ideal world, they should never ever ever ever ever ever ever have made H2 because oh my god, that movie hurts in how awful it is
  5. Personal opinion on each one Saw 1 I thought was genius, still holds up really well. Saw 2 was really fun, I enjoyed the visual style it added and the characters were some of the most interesting in the series. Saw 3 shocked me cos I didn't expect them to freaking kill Jigsaw in such a definitive way and probably some of the better traps in the series (The ice scene still get's me) Saw 4 was bad. Just bad. I mean really they had this great ending from 3 to work from and instead "Oh, you have to learn to not rush into a crime scene and do my work for me", yeah, no. Saw 5 had some serious potential, I liked the element of 5 people doing 1 long series of traps and the stuff with Hoffman was good. What I hated (And what ruins it for me) is that any time a person was about to die, they became a huge unlikable jackass about 45 seconds beforehand just so we'd enjoy their death. Saw 6 was honestly my second favorite of the series, the way they tackled the medicare system was genius and it really did up the ante, the twists didn't seem as horribly forced and the carousel trap was one of the most brilliant ideas with that great soul destroying line "You look at me when you're killing me!" Saw 7 was shit. The gimmicky 3d sucked, the story sucked, the effects sucked, the acting sucked, it just sucked. The only scene/trap that genuinely worked for me was the scene with Nina having the the fishing hook in her throat because at least that scene had some tension with the idea of someone being potentially killed by screaming too loudly. Other than that, nothing of use in this movie. I'm so nervous about the new one coming out. It's so hit and miss but there's so much potential that it hurts when they screw it up
  6. If I can play as Pam, Tommy, or any of the survivors from the series then I'd pay. New locations would be up there on my list too, specifically the Grendel, SS Lazarus and Time Square just for fun. Frankly though, if a season pass becomes available I'll take anything, I'm easy.
  7. If Dead by Daylight can hit it big, I see no reason why this couldn't breeze through to the full list of goals in no time after launch. Hell, it cleared a million just on word of mouth and fan anticipation, imagine how much a press a few good gameplay youtube videos and an exciting launch will get. And hell, if nothing else, this might be the only game around that could sell a season pass with a specific list of what will be made available as DLC, it's not like ideas are lacking. Sure DLC isn't the ideal, but knowing what's possible is always a good thing.
  8. I'm very into broadway, I always like the story based songs more so that's really what I play most... well, that and obscure answer songs from the 50's because they amuse me with how weird they are. Nothing like a good cheesy weird song.
  9. The Funko Pop Jason. I love the idea of someone so terrifying turned into something as corny as one of those pops, it just tickles me
  10. I would happily pay for good DLC. Single player, hell yes. New characters? Hell yes. New Maps? Potentially, if it's the Grendel from Jason X then hell yes. I think my only line is trivial cosmetic DLC (As in "It's the jock character, but he has a red shirt now" kind of cosmetic) but if it's actual new content then I'd do it, and if someone else want's the cosmetic stuff then more power to them. The great thing is that if DLC came out we already have a good idea of what it would be cos we've seen the stretch goals, we know the potential items on offer so things like Season Passes become much more enticing since we actually can guess what could be put on offer.
  11. I know what you're talking about now, I found it and yeah that's definitely a drawing of young Michael. I have to dig out my copy of the movie to get a better look at it and see if there's a good explanation... still, a drawing of him is a lot more rational then a freaking photo lol
  12. Because the town is clearly run by idiots? I mean they keep letting kids go to a lake that's known for mass murder, they're not exactly bright spots. That's my explanation anyway, the reality probably is just them wanting the shot of Jason's gravestone
  13. Agreed, though easily some of the best fight choreography in any of the Marvel movies. Every time they had a fight it was jaw dropping and I did love that as the movie went on, it became harder and harder to pick a side. so fun
  14. I'll see if I can answer these based on my dozen or so rewatches of the Crystal Lake Memories documentary. -How did they get the picture of jason in the news paper? part five a new beginning Literally no one knows. The prop people printed it, but there's no explanation of any kind (In the documentary Melanie Kinnaman who played Pam openly mocks how stupid this was) -Why do they ignore part 4 and 5s ending Because Corey Feldman was unavailable. He was supposed to make The Goonies meaning they couldn't really expand on that ending without him so they had to basically write him out - in part five it says jason was cremated so whats up with part six?????? Part 6 brought Jason back because no one liked Fake Jason so the reasoning was that basically the town lied about Jason being cremated specifically so no one would try and do what Tommy did (Clearly they were right to do so, goddamn it Tommy) -What ever happened too tommy's sister? My guess is because of the time jump they had to do it would be unrealistic to have the same actress return for that part so she doesn't appear. There was a cut of the film where she found their mother dead upstairs and then the mother came back to life for the jumpscare, but they removed that. -How come in Friday The 13th: A Nude beginning jason is nothing like Jason and has a hot sister? Because Porno Parody's are hilarious and weird with no sense of logic or understanding that some movies probably don't need to be made into a fucking porno, there's a reason that MULTIPLE ET porno's exist -Why CW? It's just going too cater too mainstream and exclude the original fans like scream did with all their technology and trendy shit Because it's one of the few networks that would do a show like this... maybe Showtime or Chiller, but CW is bigger and appeals to a younger market which is what everyone want's to go for. Keep in mind the original Friday the 13th TV series aired on CBS so it's very possible to get even more mainstream than CW. - Why is Paramount wasting the five years they were giving in the deal its already 3/5 , times almost up and the cast isn't released I seriously doubt a script is even written they keep changing directions (Found Footage and then trying to find a supernatural reason why we have jason i guess they haven't watched JGH) directors, writers Do you think paramount hates Friday The 13th? Its almost like a Young Person marrying a old person who they are disgusted by but they bite their tongue until they're gone Because they know one day they are going too get alot of money Its almost like they're praying it dies so no else can make money on it either. Which leads too the next question - why does paramount dislike Friday The 13th so much? I'll answer this one in a bunch. Paramount's always kind of treated Friday like the bastard son of the family, the one no body really likes but they keep him around because he makes money. They disliked the backlash to the films a lot, especially towards the end of the original Paramount run when it just was no longer worth the bad publicity (Which is why they sold the rights to New Line and why we eventually got FvJ) Once they saw it making money again, and New Line no longer had the rights because New Line folded, they got it back and honestly they're probably going to wait out till the end of the 5 years in the deal to put the film out, that's my best guess but they're probably also a little nervous after the last film did so poorly with critics, they might just wanna wait it out to make sure that everyone forgot that movie so we'll go see theres. This one is half speculation and half stated in the documentary, but I did my best.
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