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  1. My quest is complete!!!

    Thanks! Derek Mears was the final Jason, & he was more excited than me to sign it! Now where's Roy? ?
  2. My quest is complete!!!

    4 years ago I started getting my bluray set of Friday the 23th signed by all the living actors that played Jason. Four years later I completed my quest, & I got a few extras I figured I'd share it with you
  3. Quite the arm you got there!!!

    Then I change it to most kills just using throwing knives
  4. Quite the arm you got there!!!

    Kill everyone using only throwing knives
  5. It took me 3 months . . .

    Hey only took a medical leave to finally give me the free time to actually look for it lol
  6. Team killing idea

    I think just having a setting to allow team killing would be the best option
  7. But I finally found my name in the backer credits!!! These need to be put in alphabetical order!
  8. Pamela Tapes PS4

    I think it's time for Gun Media to break their silence! I can appreciate that they want it to be secret, but enough is enough. Come on guys, let us know what needs to be done!
  9. I shared a video for PS4, as me playing Retro Jason. However when I watched the video, it plays the Pt 3 music instead. Could this be resolved?
  10. [gameplay] trap bug on PS4

    This seems to be fixed with the last update
  11. My only issue is that the theme for the PS4 didn't come with my backer code ?
  12. Crispin Glover counselor

    Here's Crispin's take on it
  13. I just want to know how I can get it! I didn't get it with my backer code
  14. What about if you have a map, & you encounter an item like a generator, phone, the shack, etc, the map puts the symbol on your map?

    Something tells me thart one of the outfits could involve a red & green striped sweater. No particular reason . . .