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  1. quothetheraven79

    Questions About Future Content

    I guess the only thing we can hope is for another kickstarter after the ruling is done
  2. quothetheraven79

    Patch Notes - 06.08.18

    Well thanks to this lawsuit nobody is going to be using this forum shortly
  3. quothetheraven79

    Patch Notes - 06.08.18

    5 out of 7 campers starting with pocket knives is kind of ridiculous. If regular players can’t do it, neither should AI Bots.
  4. quothetheraven79

    Patch Notes - 06.08.18

    Why do you care?
  5. quothetheraven79

    Patch Notes - 06.08.18

    Plan on removing all the pocket knives AI bots start with?!
  6. quothetheraven79

    Known Issues for 5/24 Update

    No mention of offline bots having pocket knives, & the fireworks blood?
  7. quothetheraven79

    While this glitch is weird . . .

    Yes what I call the fireworks blood lol
  8. quothetheraven79

    While this glitch is weird . . .

    I’ve experienced this on PS4 during single player challenges
  9. Any chance once it’s fixed to leave it as an option for later? I think it’s kind of festive lolThe 4th of July on Friday the 13th?
  10. quothetheraven79


    Nooo I am saying that the bots have to play by the same rules as regular players!
  11. quothetheraven79


    So it’s ok for bots to have a ton of knives, but limit them for human players? Yeah that makes sense!
  12. When I play offline mode, almost EVERY councilor has a pocket knife at the start of the game! 6 out of 7 with knives?!?! Defeats the purpose of removing them.
  13. I played an offline bots game, & out 7 councilors 6 had pocket knives! Guys this needs to be fixed!
  14. quothetheraven79

    My quest is complete!!!

    Thanks! Derek Mears was the final Jason, & he was more excited than me to sign it! Now where's Roy? ?
  15. quothetheraven79

    My quest is complete!!!

    4 years ago I started getting my bluray set of Friday the 23th signed by all the living actors that played Jason. Four years later I completed my quest, & I got a few extras I figured I'd share it with you