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  1. That's weird, considering the patch itself comes out tomorrow. O.o
  2. You don't speak for me. I main a counselor and I am looking forward to these changes. It might be a multiplayer game, but it was ALWAYS based around the idea of Jason being OP, and survival being tough. You want to survive? Work with other people, have a plan and stay together. Use acutal team work and realize that not everyone will survive.
  3. I love it. I want to fear Jason as a counselor, not treat him like a chore or hurdle that can be jumped over to win.
  4. Just to preface, I adore the game for the most part. But a lot of the times, I find that Jason isn't very scary. He has the tools late in the game to be so, but he feels more like a rampaging monster than a predator hunting prey. Don't get me wrong, he CAN be a rampaging monster, but most of the time in the first half of the movies, he is this looming threat, a stealthy hunter picking people off one by one. To the audience, that tension, that threat of who could be next is what makes things frightening. So I just wanted to offer some suggestions and the thoughts behind the ideas. 1) Make Stalk an early ability. I've seen this suggested tons, and I completely agree. It should be the second ability to come up, or even have it and Morph available together (As I feel Morph is just fine for the first ability, as it allows for Jason to do what he needs to do to prepare). I can't count how many times I've morphed to the phone fuse box, trapped it and wished I could go inside, shut the doors behind me and wait with Stalk activated for some unsuspecting counselor to come in only for me to surprise them. Now of course should Stalk be placed in the second/shared spot of abilities, what do we do with the others? Do we put Shift on the 4th spot, and put Sense on the 3rd? Truth be told, I feel like Shift at the 3rd spot is the best place for it, but early sense is needed to find counselors. So what do we do? That brings me to my second point. 2) Make sense auto-activation, with a slight tweak to fear mechanics and put Rage as the 4th ability like it was in beta. Now hear me out on this one. I'm not saying let everyone suddenly show up in red as soon as the match starts. I'm suggesting that he has the ability to see counselors as their grows. For example, Jason might not see anyone, save for the pings until their fear level grows. Pretty standard, right? But instead of hitting the sense button and seeing who has fear, instead as their fear rises so does their red aura. It could be faint if their fear is low or it could be the bright red if it is high, with a possible button added to toggle off if people don't want to see red all the time. So in order for Jason to see people's fear more clearly, it would encourage him to hit generators and be spotted more and give chase just to increase fear early in the game, and not just go RAWR kill. It would also encourage counselors to use more fear reducing tactics instead of just running around doing objectives with no care on how high their fear is. It may even lead people to actually stay near camp fires and the like, since that is one of the best ways to reduce fear (So I hear.) So what else could be done to help increase fear early game and make things easier late game to find people? Here comes suggestion three. 3) Give Jason the ability to hang dead players on various places. One thing Jason did to his victims was display them like gruesome trophies in the movies. I feel like that could be incorporated into the game. Not only would be awesome to do, but you can place them where you wanted to increase fear. It would lead to a strategic use of the fear mechanic for Jason. Carry a body over to near the car and hang it on a tree. Or go in a house and put it on a coat hanger. Use those corpses to your advantage! 4) Another suggestion that I saw that I would also like to mirror, but have Jason's music off until the player actually see him. Just an idea to mull about, especially if moving Stalk can cause balance issues we may not see! Overall, my suggestions are based on giving the Jason player to be a predator stalking prey than just a roaming monster killing whoever he can, to be a bit more like he is in the movies. I'd love to see Jason be more scary, methodical and sinister. I'd love him to be this presence to be feared early game than just some thing you are waiting for to happen. He should make you go "Oh shit!" in dread and not in annoyance.
  5. I believe I speak for everyone when I say this; EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! That is all.
  6. Honestly, I like the way the music is/was. Almost every time the music popped up, sure I was alerted, but the moment got tense and suspenseful, and there was a few moments of "Oh shit! Whatdoidowhatdoido" and started to panic a moment, which is a pretty good sign to me. Still, I can see the reason for not having it, or making it so it comes on when you see Jason.
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