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  1. You caught me. I do like organization. I'm glad you said that because the point I'm trying to make is the game isn't supposed to be fair. It's meant to be difficult to survive and Jason is meant to be OP. That's f13's balance. I know you understand and accept that, but what your proposing WILL inadvertently change those points. I get what your saying. Your saying that Jason shift-grabbing you in unfair to an extreme degree. That he shouldn't be able to grab you while invisible. That this mechanic is so ridiculously OP that it's not even a question of how strong Jason is or if the game is balanced or not. But rather that there is little to no defense towards the mechanic and it just doesn't make sense that it's even in the game. That just having it creates a feeling of, "I can't do anything to combat this". My take on it though, is that the SG mechanic isn't ridiculously OP whatsoever. That it should absolutely be included. That shift grabbing is an integral part of the game and must stay for a multitude of reasons including balancing and so Jason himself has a defense against counselor tactics. That there are many defenses already put in place to try and thwart it, and that if you are feeling like you can't do anything at all as a counselor, that you need to play a little more. I'm not saying those of you having difficulty with it are bad players. You just need to learn how how to cope with it and try new things because SG isn't something that cannot be out played or out-maneuvered. Your looking at it from the perspective of the counselors. You have to realize that Jason has a limited amount of time to kill the counselors as well. Sometimes a quick kill is necessary if Jason can pull it off. If the counselors are all working together for example, Jason needs a method of splitting them up. To hit them at their strongest. Because if he's running off trying to get just one kill for most of the match, whats left? You should be hearing his music or seeing that static when he enters your area. That's assuming he hasn't unlocked Stalk yet. If your not, that's not an issue with SG itself but a different issue all together. And if you're alone at the beginning of a match with a not so stealthy counselor and are just searching cabins, try making an oval path to the next cabin instead of a direct line. Little things like that will go a long way to increase your chances of outsmarting him. As soon as you get in that car, you have to expect Jason will be on you. You have to expect that he will do anything within his power to stop as many counselors as he can. And if you're the driver you're a target right away. If your not prepared (as the driver) to escape him if he catches the car, then don't drive or take the chance. And sure, being instant killed is not fun, dying never is. But that's still not an issue with SG. And in a game like F13, killing is something you should be seeing a hell of a lot. Most Jason's use shift to get in front of the car anyway. If he's shifting to stop the car and then walking over to the drivers side to get a counselor that wasn't fast enough and was unprepared, well they die. If he's walking/running to stop the car and then SG'ing, the driver should have been more careful. Your logic there is sound and it makes sense in theory outside of F13. But your missing some things regarding the practicality of something like that being integrated into the game. If all high health counselors had the ability to much more easily escape Jason, I'm assuming we would then expect more early game escapes (because otherwise, why else would we include it?). This fundamentally changes how the game works. It gives counselors a major boost and adds on a higher chance of not only Jason escapes but map escapes as well. I know you think of this as a fair and balanced addition, but it really isn't. The chance to escape should be same whether your healthy or not. It should depend on your ability to not get grabbed and to use the items available to you. And even if you are grabbed, to have a plan of action if it happens. If a counselor is out in the open, and Jason sees him, why should he be able to get away quicker just because he has high health? Why should Jason have to then chase after him and spend more time on him while the other counselors further fortify themselves or escape? Counselors are no slouchers here. If Jason has the opportunity to kill a counselor he should be able to if they cannot out-maneuver, out smart or out number him as they already have the capability of doing so. It's Jason for Gods sakes. It shouldn't be an even playing field. If the counselor hasn't found any items for an escape he still has cabins to get in and out of. He has friends to help him out. If he doesn't have any of those then... well too bad. Your on your own. Going a little off topic here. How many characters in the movies actually fight him off once grabbed? They can run and that buys them more time to escape and regroup, but how many after actually being physically grabbed by Jason get away? Not many. This game is based on the movies, and I think they have recreated it perfectly. But I realize that this is a game and not a movie. I realize that gameplay and a certain level of balance has to be achieved. But I think that already has been done. And quite well. Counselors in the game have a ton at their disposal already to get away. Currently at all points, the ability to escape relies on not only chance and luck of getting items but on skill as well. You fear being grabbed by Jason because that means trouble. To avoid being grabbed you have many things at your disposal from items, to tactics to teamwork etc. You run away from Jason so you aren't grabbed. But even if you are grabbed you have the pocket knife, you have the mash bar (that can be useful yes), you have friends etc. Your making it out to seem that if you are grabbed your completely screwed and have a very low chance of escaping. And that's not true all the time. Now it's not necessarily easy once your grabbed (and it shouldn't be) but it is in no way a lost cause. Can you get insta killed? Yes. But if that wasn't an option the game would take forever. Counselors do not need more chances to escape. They need to be more efficient and well rounded players. They need to learn and adapt to Jason and how he plays. Sometimes you can die very quickly if your in the wrong place at the wrong time, but that's apart of the game. Now getting back on track, if high health meant easier escapes which means low heath meant harder ones in comparison, just think about what that would mean for late game counselors. How many people do you think would actually survive or have a true chance if Jason escape was measured on health or composure late game? Their ability to escape would be minimized. What would stop Jason from abandoning grabbing altogether and just slashing away at counselors early in game because grabbing became inefficient? Don't you think, that we would be then getting an influx of complaints from those who find that annoying and broken? If low health meant easier kills (in theory), if someone were alone, got badly injured, couldn't find any health sprays and then escaped (Jason) early game, what motivation would they have to stick around or even try anymore? They know if they get caught again, they have an even lower chance of escaping than they ever had. Health sprays would then become an item that also allowed you to have an easier escape. Currently, if you get injured, yeah its harder to run away, but you have the same chance of escaping Jason that everyone else does. A kill can still be stopped by another counselor in time. If it was based on composure (now correct me if I'm not understanding you because I don't know whether your talking about the composure stat or the level of fear a counselor has), you would be seeing a lot of "copy counselors" in matches. Because if it's easier to escape Jason with a high composure character, why would people choose any others? Yes Jason's are becoming better at the game. But the counselors are too. Players in general are becoming better. I think your expecting a higher number of counselors (players) to survive at a constant rate. 50/50. If some are reaching that then good, your doing well and have adapted to the game. The point of this game is Jason is OP and he kills you. Now it shouldn't be to a degree where you go into a match expecting to die nor should you be expecting to survive. You shouldn't be expecting anything. But it shouldn't be an even play field also. I am too very happy with it. I have about the same rate with the current mechanics as well. IMHO and I could be completely missing something, that these tweaks (not speaking on the delay for Jason kills as I have to think about that for a bit) will hurt the game and cause balancing issues.
  2. When I get off of work I want to chime in some on a few points. Please everybody stay civil so this thread can stay productive and informative. It seems everybody is going in circles.
  3. Please explain why you think this is a problem. I'm not challenging you here, I legitimately want to hear your arguments on why "instant kills" should be looked at.
  4. I'd like to chime in on a few points. For a lot of people it does seem to be a question of balance. Whether or not they realize that is another story. But many people have shifted from the topic of grabbing in general to removing the Shift Grab all together. And that has started a lot arguments and name calling. All of the arguments that have been brought up in favor of the removal of SG, seem to be from players who don't have a lot of experience (based on the examples and logic they give). They are looking from the counselors point of view alone and not Jasons or of the entire game for that matter. For me at least, I'm not saying that if you complain your a bad player. A lot of the arguments that have been brought up though (not specifically the grab mechanic) could be solved if they were to play more and gain more experience. I realize that's not what your saying yes. Your staying on topic. But many of the others who are on here are directly relating their problems to getting caught. The grab meter does hold some value in my opinion. Is it the best mechanic? I don't know. It works though. Can it be tweaked? Maybe. If Jason is in the right position he can kill quickly. But even if he grabs you, if he's not in the right place for a kill animation to start it won't allow it. This give more time. When I first started playing I took this to mean that Jason always had his basic kill available but the others took longer to show up.
  5. Well the ones who would be looking for a thread like that would be ones who have a problem with it. And the ones who seek it out. The majority of those that are just enjoying the game and have no problems won't be here (in mass). The only way you could fairly host a poll would be if Gun did it, mass Social Media.
  6. And have you actually read all of the posts on this topic? It's thoroughly explained.
  7. This would be easily abused by a group of counselors.
  8. He did read your post. And even responded to it directly. If you actually read his, you may learn something.
  9. You being in a match and winning it without shift grabbing doesn't prove a damn thing about every Jason player and every single different circumstance you can be faced with. Your short experience alone cannot be used to accurately prove anything. lol Good for you! But it really does seem like I can't get through to you. You've been given proof and examples that shift grab is something that is needed. Just read for gods sake. You've been told why it has been included and what shift grabbing aims to counter with counselors. But yet you just say that you know it's wrong. The funny thing is you obviously don't. Once again, your small sample proves nothing. And with that logic, I could just say that counselors have to learn how to deal with shift grabbing. As they should because it's in the game for a reason. I'm not talking about exploits here. I'm not talking about glitches. I'm talking about specific features being added to the game. Shift grab is one of those features. It is not a by product of any mistakes or untested gameplay. It was added into the game. Please use some thought before responding here and jumping to conclusions. Same as I said above. You seem to be confusing bugs and features. They are very different. Bugs and glitches etc should all be fixed. Specific features (especially this one) should and will not be. I recommend you do some reading up on this as it will help you when your trying to get your point across. I didn't just say it was because shift grabbing was in the game. If I did, that would be pointless. I pointed you towards actually reading for once and seeing what others have told you. Your questions have already been answered. But it seems as if your having a bit of a temper tantrum here. You bring up these ridiculous points and then when someone answers and explains things to you, you say that their wrong, your right and don't provide a counter argument. You can insult me all you want, it just further proves that your not mentally capable of having a proper debate on these matters. When we bring up examples and circumstances of why Shift-Grabbing is a thing, your main argument is that you don't use it and you still win games. I mean, get over yourself.
  10. That doesn't prove anything. Small sample size. Is the feature in the game right now? Yes? There's your first answer. And as to the rest. Actually read the posts that have already been made. There's no point in endlessly repeating them. And I hope they either stay silent or stay true to their craft and explain to all of you who think like this, that you're not seeing the whole picture.
  11. Have you ever thought as to why that may be? Maybe it's you who is missing something. I really don't know what to say to you. Your missing the point everyone is trying to get through to you. This small change will. Simple as that.
  12. Thank you. I just don't understand how people are not understanding this.
  13. By saying I'm wrong you're saying your point is right. Your obviously not seeing the point I'm making. Well good for you, but that really doesn't mean too much. Whether YOU choose to shift grab or not and have good games, is irrelevant. Whether a good game can happen without shift grabbing is not the point. It doesn't change the fact that game play will be affected. The point is that shift grabbing was included on purpose. For a reason. You want Jason to come out of shift first and then grab yes? This will give counselors way too many advantages to escape not to mention that your fear of Jason (as a player) will diminish because you'll see him coming. A Jason cannot spend all game chasing one counselor. That's not always the case. I have encountered Jason's that have been very good at shift grabbing. And I've successfully escaped them. You have to have a strategy. That isn't how the game is supposed to be played, and it's not extremely hard to find a hiding counselor near the end of the match anyway. If they want to stay still and hide from me, fine, I'll find them. I realize why you want the change. But what your asking will make the game easier. Not to mention it's really not needed. Your missing a lot of key points that I guess your just not grasping. Please read all of the posts on this topic. The mechanic is needed IMHO. If people don't want to adapt and become better at the game then.... well.... leave. We don't need those types of players. Players that would rather have the game changed than learn how to be better.
  14. Well it would make it much easier to escape Jason if it was removed. There would be no balance. Read any of the comments on here. And you can zig zag to avoid being shift grabbed so it can be a matter of "getting good". Because he realizes what this will do to the game. He can't shift at all times. Zig zag'ing is just one way to out maneuver him. As well you have more than enough time to get away and into a cabin. It's not like he has the ability to shift without a cool down. It's meant to be difficult.
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