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  1. Thanks for making the guide. Glad at least a few people are showing Victoria some love! What are your thoughts on her sweater shopping potential? I feel like the speed/stamina which helps her transverse large maps undetected, also helps her travel to out of the way Jason shacks. Guess the downside would be a Jason that tunnels you after entering his shack, since that axe will only give you so many stuns. Though maybe that's enough to get you to the closest cluster of cabins...
  2. Gordon is a scaredy dog. He ran away at first sight of Jason, leaving Tommy and Trish to fend for themselves.
  3. Any luck unlocking the backdoor (near the kitchen / dining room)? It feels like there might be something else to the Virtual Cabin...
  4. Ok, no rush to migrate to a mouse then! I don't even like playing as Jason. Do you think any counselor-centric actions are particularly better with keyboard/mouse controls? I'm not that great at fixing things with counselors stupider than Kenny, but not sure leaving the controller behind would address that.
  5. I've been playing Friday the 13th since the beta days, though usually only 1-2 hours before bed a few nights a week. Still, I've managed to get to Level 40. Just like with the movies, I'm more interested in rooting for the surviving counselors than cheering Jason kills. Hence, my match preference is set to Counselor and luck/probability only has me playing as Jason about once in every 10-15 games. I really like Savini Jason since he looks awesome, has scary theme music and is kinda rare in the Steam community nowadays. Unfortunately, he can't run and I'm not good at Shifting. Any tips on how to be a better Shifter? I'm using an Xbox controller attached my laptop (which I HDMI into a flat screen TV) for my bootleg console experience. My primary problem is I can't seem to stop shifting at the right moment (a few steps ahead of a counselor). My secondary problem is that sometimes the joystick seems a bit too sensitive and I end up by the side of the lake instead of on the path. In some of the Lobbies, I've heard tangential stories that a mouse is better for Shift accuracy. Not really enthused about going back to keyboard play, especially since I'm on a laptop with a touchpad. But if a mouse truly is superior for those sensitive operations, then I could be motivated to switch (with a good mouse recommendation). But what I'd really appreciate are some tips on how to get better at Shifting with a controller.
  6. Anyone notice that only one of the original counselors is missing from the Paranoia trailer? Where's Adam at? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPWOnK96GGI
  7. Thanks for the recommendation; got one and it has been great.
  8. After months of playing the strong silent type, I'm finally ready to use a mic. There just aren't enough emotes or flashlight flashes to ask if anyone has seen the phone box. However, I need some advice on headsets since there are like a gazillion on Amazon. I'm a PC gamer that hooks my laptop's HDMI to a big flat-screen and sits about 8 feet back on a couch using one of those Xbox-like controllers. My three biggest requirements are: (1) mute button so I don't accidentally let Jason find me, (2) reaches me wired with some give or wirelessly, (3) not crazy expensive since I'm just playing a game and not recording a new Top 40 hit. Any strong recommendations from personal experience using in the F13 game?
  9. Wow, loving this thread! Definitely picked up a few good takeaways already. True to my username, I'm often in a situation where I'm the final guy. Usually with about 5-7 minutes left. In the early days, I could just stealthy tip toe around the perimeter of the maps and/or non-cabin areas to survive the night (usually as AJ or Jenny with some Sense Avoidance perks). This was mainly because the unfinished objectives became over patrolled death traps. As players had more time to become better Jasons, this strategy worked less and less. So what's your advice for surviving the night as a final guy (or girl) when the police have *not* been called and there are no finished objectives?
  10. Did you see how brutally Jason went after Tommy in Part 4? He totally would have killed him if he could!
  11. Sorry for the noob-level of this question. Is there a way to keep your camera fixed so it always aligns with the direction your counselor is facing? It's getting pretty annoying to be zig-zagging frantically away from Jason only to have the camera remaining focused on my side while I can barely see in front of me. I haven't quite mastered the whole running while changing camera angles thing.
  12. Yeah, it's pretty disappointing. I've been a huge sweater stealer since Day 1. Ever since that big glitch patch, it seems the sweater doesn't break out of a grab anymore.
  13. Ah missed that, thanks. On one hand I don't like playing as Jason, so that sucks. On the other hand, seems like a low pressure no judgments way to practice being Jason.
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