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  1. How many counselors is enough?

    I’d say 14 is more that enough(Melissa was confirmed basically) After that there will be too many stat “clones”. The best way to keep the counselors fresh and diverse is to update the clothing system. If there were separate slots for hair,hats,shirts,bottoms, and shoes the game will never feel stale in that department.
  2. That’s true and also the walk animation might give other counselors a chance to stun Jason before he can kill.
  3. Desperately. I mean the hitting animations are pretty good but the dodge and block are just plain cringey.
  4. Well this is refreshing to know that game overall is being looked at. I hope they they fix some other animations that are a bit wonky.
  5. Why the hatred for slashers?

    Ik it’s especially funny when you see that they did have a pocketknife on their body lol.
  6. My only valid concern is a Jason who runs might have an unfair reach advantage with part 6s spear. Especially part 3. But who knows maybe they balanced it out.
  7. Why the hatred for slashers?

    There’s no right way or wrong way to play Jason. Jason’s only objective is to kill counselors. So whether that be through grab kills or slashing the end result is the same. Besides who gets to decide how many counselors you slash is too many. If you don’t like slashing then don’t but don’t try to paint Jason’s who slash as noobs.
  8. You know this feeling about

    That feeling when Jason decides to chase you and only for the first ten minutes of the match despite both cars being fixed and the police called.
  9. 1. Persist non-stop(Vanessa may have a lot of stamina but it runs out eventually) 2. Make sure you break all windows to prevent juking. 3. Try to use throwing more often specifically against fast characters. When they are in the middle of an action like climbing through a window, opening a door etc. The animation will give you ample time to get an easy hit. 4. Don’t focus on Vanessa’s until all repair type characters are either dead or unable to repair to due to trap placement or lack of actual items. 5. Work on your shift grab. Realistically this is most likely way you’ll catch up to a Vanessa. For the shift grab try to anticipate their direction and press the grab button as soon as you exit the state.
  10. I agree completely. Tommy having a pocketknife ruins the kill for Jason. Personally speaking when ever Tommy spawns in I always slash him to death not risking killing time.
  11. Perks still work on Tommy. Personally speaking I don’t think they should since he has a 10/10 on every stat plus a pocketknife and medspray but whatever.
  12. Remember kids, Jason cant kill you if,

    It can be funny if unintentional. But suicidal counselors are a cancer sore in this community.
  13. Dedicated Servers: Updating The Engine

    I asked already he said he couldn’t answer specific questions. My guess would be yes as it’s being moved to a new engine. There has to be some sort of graphical improvement.
  14. Dedicated Servers: Updating The Engine

    Or hopefully April 😅. I think my delusion has led to false optimism but here’s to hoping.
  15. Dedicated Servers: Updating The Engine

    Hey at least we’ll get it as the 1 year anniversary of the game 😋