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  1. Lmao was it that hard to write that in the first place ?
  2. I. The more you fight the more disappointed you’ll end up being. The game will be done for come September. Moreover I myself enjoyed the game at one point as well. Just because I’m willing to acknowledge the incompetence of this dev team(which is killing their own game) doesn’t mean I’m being negative for the sake of being negative. You already tried this with the original lawsuit thread. Give it up.
  3. I’m strangely glad the dedicated servers aren’t coming. This will further destroy what little reputation this team has ?. Hoping for a complete shutdown.
  4. Same... interesting. Not only that wouldn’t the limited edition game posters count as new count? It’s obviously not in the game but it still associated with the license that currently in limbo.
  5. If anything good came from this dumpster fire, it’s definitely been our conversations and shared passion for this franchise.
  6. At this point I have nothing left to give. But the ?☕️ In the comments is why I’m still here.
  7. It’s only been a day lol. Let’s see a month from now.
  8. This lawsuit was happening before the game was released. There are multiple legal factors in play stop blaming it solely on one person.
  9. Sis this lawsuit has been going on since 2016 technically before the game even released. Aside from that there is a lot of legal technicalities at play with the f13 license that need to be ironed out. I doubt that will happen anytime soon. Even Gun themselves pretty much said the game was indefinitely suspended. Their statement wasn’t open ended. The player count numbers fluctuate constantly, whenever we have a peak it’s usually when new content arrives...which won’t happen again... FOREVER.
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