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  1. I actually feel the opposite. I think grabbing is easier than slashing since Jason’s hitbixes are horrible at the moment.
  2. I don’t think Jason is ruined. But the last couple of patches have definitely been in the counselors’ favor; however the changes personally have never seriously affected my ability to efficiently play as Jason. I think Jason’s only real problem is his hitboxes. They are so bad you can swing through people without it registering. If they fix that I’ll be good.
  3. Personally I’d love a “movie” clothing pack. Each character could get an outfit from someone in the films that fits their trope.
  4. I hope it’s been a little over a month since they announced that . I can wait to see the graphical change . I mostly excited for the frame rate increase though.
  5. I hope that’s the case but it more than likely more variants of the default options. To me it wouldn’t make sense to have unlockable recolors for clothes that are dlc.
  6. No let’s all be friends ? All right on a serious note this conversation has derailed from its original topic. This pointless back and forth gets us no where and at this rate we will get locked. At the end of the day @bewareofbears is entitled to his opinions no matter how unpopular they may seem same goes with @Jawbone. Having the right to an opinion though doesn’t grant you the right to be argumentative. Anything any of us say here is purely speculation nothing is 100% factual as we aren’t the devs. So let’s not go around being blinded in our own beliefs. To get this convo back on track...... I’m very excited for the level cap increase specifically about the fact we will be unlocking new kills since I was getting tired of the ones we already have.
  7. Jeez.... you need a hug? Lol
  8. Hopefully but probably not .A change that big would’ve been addressed.
  9. Agreed, even if you try slashing with a high damage Jason since everyone knows he has a pocketknife . The hit boxes are so bad the blade will go through him .
  10. They make quite a difference especially when Tommy is being controlled by a semi-competent player.
  11. Let’s hope they listen. This addition would add a huge layer to the game .
  12. Well if you look back in older trailers specifically the pax one from last year you can see it was an option at some point. However they took it out probably due to balance issues think about it. If part 3 was able to switch to part 6’s spear he would had a drastic increase in length and damage when hitting especially since he runs. Making him op. Also Jasons with weapon damage would be able to switch to the machete where the chopping animation will be significantly faster. It kind of sucks that we can’t change weapons but maybe its something they can rework especially if we show enough interest in.
  13. She's so pretty ??. My guess is she's coming out later this month with the new kills and/or clothing pack. Would be strange to announce her officially and have us wait long.
  14. I agree completely I actually thought he had great stats when I first saw them. He may not be the best at objective control. But he will probably stop counselors from calling the police or escaping in the car with ease.
  15. I thought that at first but it is ultimately going back to the game so we can get more content but still, I would've paid for the new counselor or Jason then the emote.