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  1. I can’t be the only one

    Nope. The last time I played,as soon as I spawned on the map,I realized the game wasn't fun for me anymore. At all. That was it.
  2. Double XP

  3. These are the same people who put "Coming Soon" at the end of the trailer for a game mode that never passed the prototype phase,and they waited until the last minute to drop that bomb on everyone. The answer to all your questions is "Incompetence."
  4. Dedicated Servers: Updating The Engine

    So the game finally leaves early access in April,got it.
  5. Why I don't want Camp Forest Green

    Too much work for the devs.
  6. Why I don't want Camp Forest Green

    Camp Forest Green would just reuse the same cabin and forest assets that are already spread thin across the other maps. No thanks,voted in agreement.
  7. Yeah I now remember that excuse explanation.
  8. Completely forgot about the soundtrack and the art book.... And I'm guessing that's what they wanted
  9. "Uhhhh stream is canceled tonight....I....Have to return some video tapes." - Randy (probably)
  10. The account had a gun email... That's the type of transparency I appreciate from these guys
  11. YOOOOO IGN WENT ALL IN. Finally.
  12. Reddit is on fire right now,I love it.
  13. Oh I still think it's bullshit. You won't see me praising any "transparency."
  14. It's exactly what they did right HERE A fucking fan had to look into it and if they didn't this bullshit would still be going on because the mods/devs here sure as hell didn't pursue it any further. Also,that rug has a lot of stuff under it....
  15. It's....strange. I just hope this doesn't end up being locked since Shifty spoke out about it. This still warrants discussion regardless. I still think it's shady as fuck,especially since people have posted about this before and even PM'd the devs on here. Nothing happened until someone decided to dig up all the dirt on reddit. Original post In January that was pushed to the side and locked by a mod...