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  1. thatdudescott

    PSA: Update will not drop on 5/26

    All of the time.
  2. thatdudescott

    PSA: Update will not drop on 5/26

    I wish I could like this 1300 more times. Pretty much exactly what I thought when I read that tweet. We'll see if they ever get around to flipping that switch.
  3. thatdudescott

    PSA: Update will not drop on 5/26

    Ahhh they haven't been the sentimental date type anyway....Which makes no sense because Friday The 13th...
  4. thatdudescott

    Today/Tomorrow's Thursday!

    I was honestly wondering how that all started.
  5. thatdudescott

    Weapon Selection Unlock Level

    Literally how it felt to tell everyone in my group that Paranoia was canceled put on hold.
  6. You're good. It's between two others who don't see eye to eye. Even though I agree with one of the two,I'm not going to contribute or start pointing things out. I did retire from arguing about this game,after all 😉
  7. To be fair,people wanted those things IMMEDIATELY. Like 2nd week,everyone was talking about how weak J7 was. Also still waiting on news about that Retro Jason revamp.
  8. It's the developers and publisher that I'm counting out. They have to WANT to save their game. Dead By Daylight has been able to keep their community informed,and hit the goals on their road map. Gun Media tried to do a road map and it blew up in their faces. The incompetence is so bad,they can't announce things in advance because when they keep missing the mark,gamers get upset. Who would have thunk it? 😞
  9. This. 3000 players could all complain about the same thing,but if those "internal testers" don't see it as a problem,it won't be addressed.
  10. Whichever game you prefer put aside,the Dead By Daylight developers are running circles around everyone involved with Friday. It's no contest at this point. I base everything on what we know about Gun/Illfonic and how they conduct their business.
  11. That's what I don't understand,along with others who offer ideas and suggestions that would completely revamp the game. This isn't early access,as confusing as that may be to some. The game is FINISHED. The mechanics are FINISHED. The meta is established already. It's almost been out a year and if you have been following the game that long you know that nothing game changing is coming. It's why I keep going back to "It is what it is." No one is going to be the white knight with the golden idea that saves this game. The money has already been made. They completed the only goal that mattered to them. A successful Kickstarter campaign.
  12. My feelings on the Halloween remake aside,I think sympathy was lost when he did Danny Trejo like that 😉
  13. Might have died by July because I don't think the core group of "let's give them time to fix their game/indie devs" would have been so forgiving. Look at how THAT turned out... It all comes down to how lucky they were to get that license.
  14. The Savini Conflict. We were beating each other with our own severed limbs.. Also don't forget the rumors about how Savini's true design was rejected and he basically just signed off on one of Gun'$ creation$.