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  1. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    I hear ya. There's nothing like having a frustrating round as Jason,and being up against a squad of mouthy counselors who add their own mean spirited commentary. Jason gets knocked down with a wrench,counselor makes snoring noises. Mess up a shift grab, "2 EZ git gud." etc.
  2. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    Through this game,I made friends with some great people on Steam. And on the rare nights when we are all together,even the bugs and glitches can't ruin our fun.
  3. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    Eventually,everyone is going to flee this sinking (cruise) ship and the official forums is going to be nothing but new users registering to post about the same things that get us labeled as toxic. And there won't be any one to help the mods by pointing out the search function or flagging posts. Well if being "toxic" is calling these guys out on their constant bullshit and never buying into the "indie dev,have patience" excuse from the beginning, (when it was clear this was the path we were heading down) I'm proud to be "O.G. toxic."
  4. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    At this point,I'm done criticizing. I'm done bitching. What's the use? We keep hearing that they read everything,but nothing is being changed to reflect that. I'll be taking a voluntary vacation for a bit because everything feels like a waste of time. Be back soon™.
  5. I love when you get into a lobby and: Are reminded immediately about the ready button. Oh,so I click this and the game can start? Cool,but first let me switch some Jason kills around. I'll click "ready" when I'm actually ready to play. The people who want the game to start when there are literally 3 people there,and decide to spam the chat with "READY UP,READY UP OMG,READY UP CLICK READY!"
  6. You were pretty hostile and a bit misinformed,but a few other well written replies to THAT COMMENT were also deleted. Don't sweat it though,it's how things are around here. I'm seeing a lot of good suggestions in this thread (and other threads)but I can't help but think that this game is what it is,and there won't be any big changes to the formula.
  7. Punishable by death

    Ah,beat me to it.
  8. 100% truth here. Hopefully this next set of "adjustments" helps without creating new problems..
  9. That part doesn't shock me. They needed us to fund the game. What was surprising was how the team who at first was praised for "lifting the curtain" and being so transparent about game development,suddenly all retreated to their offices and locked the doors once the game finally released.
  10. It was like pulling teeth to get them to even acknowledge that Jason's grab cone was nerfed. Then a patch comes out that favors counselors even more by adding MORE shotguns,knifes,medsprays. Not asking for a solid release date (I don't believe in miracles) but since we've been waiting so long for a balance fix,a nice "here is where we are and what we are doing" post would go a long way.
  11. NDAs.... Look,if they want to tell us that NDAs are why they can't discuss dedicated servers,okay fine. I guess.......... But they can't use that excuse for everything. If @ShiftySamurai can't give us any info at all on the next patch right now,it can't be because of some NDA. Did Microsoft make them sign one that forbids early patch notes and better communication? Is Sony against it? Maybe Illfonic and Gun both made each other sign them so they could hide behind it. This patch has been in the works for too long for there not to be SOMETHING that can be shared besides "more info soon™ lolz." I just don't get it with these guys.
  12. I caught part of a stream where Randy was spectating while a player trolled Jason. Randy kept blaming Jason for only going for grabs. But every time he tried to slash,he whiffed.
  13. Ah,looks like I missed something. Maybe he'll send us a postcard.
  14. It sucks. One of those days can literally sour you on this game and push you away for weeks. I know from experience.