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  1. Well then, I'd love to play wherever you're playing, because I see it about 8 times out of 10. It's the main reason why I don't play that much, anymore.
  2. I would agree with that if the people who were killing him every time, weren't using the sliding glitch.
  3. After everything that's changed, people are still complaining about Jason being too powerful?? First, Jason is supposed to be stronger than the counselors, He's Jason! If you don't think that's fair, don't play the game. Second: In the early months of the game, and I'm talking once people knew how to kill him, it was truly an accomplishment, to kill Jason. It was rarely pulled off, and rightly so. Now, you've got people killing him every other match, from what I've seen. 3 or 4 will gang up on him, to the point that he can't pull off a grab or even a swing. Which a skilled player might still be able to manage, if not for the teleport/sliding glitch. They all use it...all of them, and when you've got several that can pull it off every time, it becomes literally impossible for Jason to grab or hit anyone. And on the rare occasion he does manage to grab one of them, Boom, there's someone else with the immediate hit to break them loose. You wanna talk about overpowered? Untouchable counselors seem pretty OP, to me. This comes from someone who likes to play both sides, equally...but what I don't like, is playing with a bunch of damn cheaters, regardless of whether I'm playing Jason or counselor.
  4. I'm in the same boat as you guys. Supportive from the beginning, backed on KS. Through all the previous bugs and bullshit, I kept saying, "They'll get it right. Give them time." But now, I can only agree with what's been said here. I literally cannot play the game the way it is right now, and that really sucks, because I have a group of friends that I look forward to playing with every night. We all just agreed that we can't play like this. They didn't even fix some of the things that they specifically said would be fixed with this patch (ie: shakey kills). I'm not saying I'm done forever; I'm too big a fan for that, but I am saying I'm done until the game plays at least as well as it did BEFORE the update.
  5. Savini skin is messed up. It plays fine, just doesn't look right. It's like black where the blood should be, option to switch between blood/no blood is gone again.
  6. Started with 234,000 CP, am now down to about 197,000, and haven't gotten one yet....oh well.
  7. I apologize if this has been covered previously. I just want to be sure that when weapon swapping gets added in, that the Jasons with +Destruction and weapon strength, will still have those abilities regardless of the weapon you choose to use. I don't want to be playing as part 8, or Savini, and suddenly have to hit a door 6 times just because I'm using the machete or something.
  8. No. I considered doing it that way, but I feel like I shouldn't have to, since the posts don't actually break fb's rules.
  9. *Sigh*....I remove all the stupid shit ps4 adds to a post when you upload a video to Facebook, and still, this happens every fucking time, and I have to tell them it's not spam to get it back. My buddy uploads F13 videos all the time, and they never do this to him. I've uploaded 4 videos, ever, and they take them down every fucking time. Does anyone know if there's a way to contact an actual person at Facebook, so I can yell at them to stop doing this?
  10. So, I was playing a match last night with my friends that I always play with. We were on Jarvis map, and I was Jason (Savini). I got down to the last person, and I had rage. The guy was hiding somewhere, and I could Not sense him no matter where I went. Killed the power boxes, still nothing. He ended up surviving because I could not find him, and when the match was over, none of them would tell me where he was. I had this happen once before with a rando, and they told me after that he was on one of the docks or something. So, my question is, does anyone know of a specific spot on Jarvis, or any map, where Jason can't see counselors, and they don't show up on sense, even in rage? I mean, I can't really blame them for not telling me where he was, but if there is some magic spot, I don't want to look like a chump every time, either.
  11. Every time. I had it happen twice in one match a couple nights ago.
  12. Has anyone brought up/addressed the glitch where Jason tries to do a kill, the animation barely starts, and then stops, and the counselor breaks free and continues playing, even though the game lists them as dead? It's been happening to me (as Jason) a fair amount.
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