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  1. same here or connectivity issues or councillor perks
  2. Oh gimme a break not all 80's punks were no go showboats. The edgy guy is ok but needs a bit more filler. If you can change hats why not hair and put a mid range Headbanger with an amount of set back as well as his oomph. give him some guts and dumb up his handiness when he s just not cut out for being a counselor. Lacks any likeability or real team skills, let him run loose like a mad fool but when backed up he gets a few brains, and maybe a pair.
  3. To flesh him out give him character buffs when with more than one other counselor but loses it completely when caught alone.
  4. You also need to bring in the bad ass. The outwardly macho but girly man inside. When is with ppl he is Mr. Slick but catch him alone he pretty much wets his drawers.
  5. Personally i want to take Tom's Jason out for a spin. I'd like to see Jason X just for the asthetics and just as a collectors item.
  6. Hey folks long time gamer here too. I come back from the days of a 128 with word perfect, lol yea i'm showing our age. Long time horror fan and was let down by another game recently and hope this is better put together. Only thing is I'm DYYYYIN ova heer waiting for the Beta any idea guys n victims.
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