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  1. I hate to have to say it but you are still using 6 seconds as the time when the movement is done over 5, thus the second of not moving is getting calculated into the velocity of his shift So thats the average speed over the 6 second time period rather than the shift speed itself @Alkavian
  2. There is no difference in the speed, as they go the same distance in the same amount of time and like I said distance/time=speed, the same values are going in meaning the same value is coming out The reason he got a different value is because he counted + shift as traveling more distance thus coming out with a higher speed from the calculation, so he was wrong by accidently getting the distance value for either regular or plus shift wrong as they should be the same as each other, like I said though they could have made them go equal speed in a recent patch although I doubt it, it was more likely a miss count.
  3. I don't come up with any values as I don't know the distance in values, I simply used a method to give them the exact same starting position and direction of the shift and saw that they went the same distance, as they both have a shift time of 5 seconds this means they are going the same distance in the same amount of time and speed = distance/time so therfore they are going the same speed, this post wasn't to find their speed it was to illustrate that whatever it was it was the same for both of them
  4. The one second difference again isn't what the main discrepancy was as that would make both shifts calculate to be slower but it would change their values equally thus still giving the same difference between the two shifts in speed (which should be zero) the reason the difference in speed wasn't zero was because @Alkavian counted + shift as traveling more steps than regular shift, whether due to a miscount or because of a shadow change it is false that it goes a further distance, this creates a difference in the end values of the shifts relative speeds to each other which is the information you are looking for. The individual step distance margin of error is fine as lets say (these are stupid example values) you made each step a half meter, and regular shift went 6 steps and + went 8, regular would be 3 meters and + would be 4 making it 33% faster, now lets say if you made each step 1 meter that would make regular come out to 6 meters and + 8 meters yet it's still 33% faster, you see what I mean? but if you count the wrong amount of steps it all falls apart Edit: Alk I implore you to try my method and see what you come up with, but the distance value needs to be times 5 seconds for reg and + shift otherwise you end up with the average velocity jason was starting before the shift until the end of it which is obviously brought down by him not moving for that second
  5. The distance of the pace being slightly wrong makes sense, that generalisation is fine as if both calculations for something used the mildly incorrect distance due to estimation they would still come out with the same difference value which is the important thing (x is z% faster than y) but that is not what im talking about, I'm talking about you giving + a longer distance than regular when tested multiple times so don't chalk that up the the pace distance being estimated as you should have walked the same number of paces for both +/reg, that's a cop out so no the spit distance was not caused by the generalisation of the pace distance but was instead caused by human error despite multiple tests. The duration being false didn't affect the speed value difference in relation to each other they just bumped both speeds down equally which should be taken into account from now on. The reason I made this thread was disprove said human error as all I hear in discussions is how +shift is 5% faster, there is no shame in admitting making a mistake, a simple huh I counted wrong would have been nice
  6. The misinformation is telling people that + goes 3 meters further than regular or that the duration is 6 seconds, both of which I have proven to be false. I know that the generalisation values themselves don't matter as long as they show the difference in relation to the other values as this is how stamina was calculated, but none of that matters when the values you feed into the equation are wrong @Thatguyinktown I don't know what you are trying to say as that video clearly shows the duration is 5 seconds, if you refuse to watch it then I cannot help you, counting really isn't too difficult
  7. The distance values are still wrong as shown by my screens, I have no idea how to post a frame by frame video, I only know how to throw it into my video editor and go frame by frame so I could record that with shadow play and throw it up so bear with me Edit: @Kodiak Here is me showing the shift duration of movement, I forgot to mention that the shift ability diamond does not start to drain until he starts to move either That seems like a lot of effort to end up with misinformation
  8. Unfortunately his math is wrong, regardless of the fact that the distance values of everything is estimated from real world counterparts you can actually see he has taken the duration of 6 seconds into account with his math when jason only moves for 5 of those seconds There is a couple pixel difference with my screens but I think that is caused by a tiny difference in the shift startup angle, it's certainly not a difference of 3 meters
  9. Instead of coming up with a made up distance value from in game objects that would end up producing values that ultimately are going to be off I instead measured the duration of the movement of the shift which is 5 seconds to the frame on both + and reg and then found a morph spot with no obstructions the way jason is facing as every time you morph to a morph spot it will place both jason and the camera looking in a set direction every time, this is the only real way to perform the exact same shift across games. https://imgur.com/02WkeRK This is the morph position on this variation of pinehurst, the variation with a single house where the phone is will cause you to crash into the fence https://imgur.com/ZETGSON This is what it will look like when you spawn, it is important that you do not move your mouse https://imgur.com/ffQsor3 https://imgur.com/tSsKrpD This is j3 after his untouched shift showing the position he ends up in and the lowest angle of his knife https://imgur.com/yJxicaC https://imgur.com/IFqGQac When compared to where j9 ends up and the lowest angle of his knife throw from that position we can see that they end up in the same place exactly Note when trying this for yourself you will occasionally tap a tree stump to your left at the start, you must not count these shifts as bumps vary on how much they push you. Waiting for the camera to settle after morphing and shifting right as jason leans back the most during his idling animation is what I did to get the shift to pass the stump untouched however I'm not sure if this had an effect or if the angle of startup on a shift has slight variation, this should actually improve the accuracy of the test as it ensures all shifts come out close to their right most angle. Now since we know that both + shift and regular shift have a movement duration of 5 seconds and that they end up in the same spot when starting from the same position we can conclude that they are going the same speed. Here is the full gallery https://imgur.com/a/Y0CeU
  10. @WashingtonJones its hard to find clips from anyone else of this stuff as they tend to run away from jason and never have a weapon in hand, two videos completely proving my point is hardly a bad example either especially with 3 examples all at different stages of the animation, I couldn't gather any primary evidence either as everyone I knew didn't want to test it as they said it's such a simple mechanic that he has no invul frames on grab that everyone knows it.
  11. the animation still hasn't finished as he still can't move, you also apparently missed the deb getting grabbed and the immediate save by buggzy
  12. f13 level? in that case im higher, regardless as that literally has no meaning, here you go Let the amount of people you let die by idling standing there watching them get lifted sink in
  13. Yeah no, that's the time period you have to hit him and save them as the second he can move you are getting insta choked, there are no invul frames during grab the game will just occasionally fuck up and decide you hit a dust particle on his shoulder and not jason, definitely don't avoid hitting him during the initial raise as that's shit advice