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  1. We've shown a whole lot of movies, whether it was the entire F13 franchise (which will be up again a day before the game releases) or a bunch of random horror films like Saw, Sleepaway Camp, Killer Klowns from Outerspace (oh god that one was awful), Monster Squad a lot more!
  2. It's not watching others play games, it's playing F13 with others on dedicated times and planned matches!
  3. Just saw this, so in order to access movie nights, you need to "fire Ben 8 times", and that involves in participating in the chat. The more you talk, the higher level you reach. Movie nights happen on every Friday, but those will stop once the game releases, we'll switch it with "Game Nights".
  4. discord.gg/fridaythe13thgame See ya there!
  5. The Discord server isn't owned by the devs. I'm the owner of said server. Don't blame the mods though, they do whatever I tell them, so the blame is on me. If you break a rule, you're either kicked, muted or banned. We prefer going for the mutes and bans since kick can be easily exploited. I'm well aware people aren't happy about being banned from the server, but that's how it works, you break a rule, you're out. If you were banned from the server, tell me and I'll bring up what you did wrong and try to explain it to you. Edit: And for that "cringe" post of emotes, it's only for the fun of it. But seems like some people don't know how to have fun. Shame.