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  1. My idea for Kid Jason: (I havent read all of the thread, sorry if something similar to this was posted.) He is going to be used in Paranoia mode or if Roy/Pamela is a killer. Since is Paranoia, from our speculation the killer is either a counselor/Roy and they are both human (so is Pamela). This means they can’t swim underwater and breathe there like Jason can. So if a Counselor goes into the water, you will be able to control Kid Jason underwater to kill them. Edit: I also posted this on Reddit earlier this morning, so please don’t say I stole from anyone if someone else posted this ;-;
  2. Does anyone else like to roleplay as the counselors? If you do, whos your favorite counselor to do it as and how do you roleplay as them? When I roleplay as Tiffany, Lachappa, Chad, i usually try to be funny and not serious. (As chad, i say stuff like "of course you cant put the gas in. Your a GIRL.", as Tiffany, I try to be flirty and dumb, as Lachappa, I pretend to be a D&D fanatic.) However, if I roleplay as Jenny, I try to be serious. (If i see someone die I will fake cry, i will say stuff like "stay away from me you psychopath!" Etc.) Post some funny stories you had while roleplaying below
  3. This is on PS4, by the way. Whenever I play as Jason Part 2 (who gets extra traps) I always have the default 5. When I play as the Jason with less traps, I still have the default 5.
  4. Eh i'm a fourteen year old, I love the movies, and most adult players i've played with say that i am pretty good. I usually never use a mic because I don't want to get bombarded with people saying "Kid get off this game." "Kid go to sleep." (As ive heard on the reddit and the forums that people say that to kids playing these game.) Also people say that they leave the lobby when they hear a kids voice so I don't want to make them leave and have to wait for 10 minutes again. Playing this game hasnt given me any violent thoughts, but that might just be because my dad showed me Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday The 13th, and Halloween at a young age.
  5. Find Pamelas sweater as a female counselor, and get Jasons mask as a male counselor for the abilities.
  6. I have been playing chad lately, with a start with baseball bat perk. I think it had to do with his luck but almost every time I hit Jason he is stunned with the bat, so I started to barricade doors, when Jason starts to break it down I turn my flashlight off, stand next to the door and go into combat mode. (If the door is broken down, I wait behind a wall and wait for Jason to walk past.) As soon as he breaks the door i swing the bat, they usually dont see it coming and get stunned. Most jasons dont try to grab me right after they break through even if ive done it a lot. Ive unmasked Jason a lot of times if I do this with the axe too.
  7. If your using a controller, driving with the car is very easy. At least for me.
  8. 1. Hold the button that you press to put down small items. 2. Go into combat mode and aim your camera up. (The overhead strike hasnt been confirmed so this is what people do) 3. After you hold the button to take out the knife, look at the amount of knives you have and it will show you which button.
  9. Unrelated but I heard a guy on a walkie talkie saying "Okay guys. Im bringing the gas to the packasnack lodge"
  10. The devs said on twitter that some accounts are getting more access, so you should try.
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