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  1. I want to get back in to friday the 13TH On PC on steam and Do alot of Live streams as i Did on PS4 So Im Up for some games on PC Add me on Steam WARRIC
  2. You will Have to start from fresh i have over 150 rank on PS4 And want to transfer it to my PC Account but cant. its a pity
  3. I made my Last Youtube Video on The Game My last Friday the 13th Game video PC Mod Tools Gun media message
  4. I hope so but its not on The PS5 backward Compat list So we may not be able to play it on PS5
  5. it would make this game live for years to come please Gun media Make it cross play Dead by Daylight now has it please make it happen
  6. The game is already being modded by the modding community you cant stop progress. ive seen pictures etc every pc game can be modded.
  7. You was right but i was on 71% trophys after i installed the disc based version it deleted 60% of my trophys off my account i wished i never bought the disc based version now.i should kept to the digital version. all that hard work gone.
  8. I was a backer of the game and have the savina jason etc and all the Dlc. I want to buy the disc based Slasher version. If i install the slasher version on my PS4 over the Digital version will it Delete my Savina jason with a fresh install?
  9. one of my videos just got a media strike and youtube took it down ive appealed it because its the same video format ive been streaming for months
  10. Ive been streaming on youtube for a while whats gun medias view on people live streaming there game is it allowed or not?
  11. Well considering ive just bought it on Xbox having already got it on PS4 And PC Yes im still enjoying it
  12. Why is the game reduced on Steam and PS4 but not xbox one i Know its black friday so why isent the game the same Price on All platforms?
  13. They arent botherd the backers did there job now were not important now
  14. Yes i cant I cant buy kills for jason 4 even the ones that are free wont unlock for my jason 4 now i keep getting error on unlocking kills
  15. Im getting really fed up now with no host migration you kill the host and he quits. This has to be sorted im really thinking about quiting the game now.
  16. I just hope people in europe we actually get it on friday the 13th. The PSN store in europe only updates on 1 day and thats tuesday the same happened with the spring break DLC we had to wait till the following tuesday.
  17. I cant stand it when you enter a lobby and its full of kids, when they see my savina jason i get freind requests sent to me. they think they are going to get me to game share the savina skin it gets very annoying.
  18. I bet europe PSN will have to wait till tuesday they dont update there stores till tuesday thats what happened with the spring break dlc
  19. Well i hope they are dropping the content on tuesday the 10th, as sony only update the stores on tuesday. people on psn wont get the update till the following week like happened with the New paid dlc.
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