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  1. Im trying to find people on steam so we can host are own public games. if you want to play add me WARRIC on Steam. if the people in the hacked lobbies join proper games the hacked servers will die. im getting my own friday community on steam so we can have some Games.
  2. Hackers are back I cant get no one in my games when i host the unlimitied hacked server is pulling everyone in that
  4. its Fixed hacked servers sorted new patch out now ive been playing some great games. you now can host your own public games. today 27/10/21
  5. problem solved i had game on external hardrive i copied it to ssd internal then the game Updated
  6. Is there any thing wrong with the Update i play friday on my PS5 and the new Update Wont install a Error message comes up CE-100002-3 Any help would be greatfull
  7. Ive never been able to get a online match at all on the Switch since i bought Friday for it
  8. Im very mad ive just got back into the PC version of the game i went into a game the game had about 20 councillers and 2 jasons i was pissed. How they destroyed my beloved game. I was streaming i have a good mind to send a clip to get these hackers banned. I want to play a honest game of friday the 13th now i cant. because they raised the player count it kept dropping me back in the game. Im mad about this please sort these hacked servers out.
  9. I want to get back in to friday the 13TH On PC on steam and Do alot of Live streams as i Did on PS4 So Im Up for some games on PC Add me on Steam WARRIC
  10. You will Have to start from fresh i have over 150 rank on PS4 And want to transfer it to my PC Account but cant. its a pity
  11. I made my Last Youtube Video on The Game My last Friday the 13th Game video PC Mod Tools Gun media message
  12. I hope so but its not on The PS5 backward Compat list So we may not be able to play it on PS5
  13. it would make this game live for years to come please Gun media Make it cross play Dead by Daylight now has it please make it happen
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