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  1. Just happened to me, suuuucked because people were waiting to get in the car and I was the driver. Thankfully Jason killed me and they got out.
  2. PSN DepressedGhost Have a mic, but the social anxiety is real so prefer not to use it. If you add me as a friend, please include F13 in the message so i know what game you're from EST zone, pretty down to play any time (day/eve/night if I'm on) as long as I'm not in another game. Lots of the time(eve/night) I will be playing with my roommate (PSN: werewolfdad) so feel free to add him too, he doesn't use the forum so I'm here to pimp him out.
  3. Definitely this. There's marketing and advertising that needs to get approved from those who own the rights, which sounds straight forward but it's a matter of back and forth with higher-ups for approval and from personal experience, I guarantee they're given notes on changes to make and things to tweak from cover design to the sizing and prominence of the logos. You can't roll out a whole campaign and then have the date change, the cost would be way too high for an Indie game so I imagine they're waiting until they know with 100% certainty that it will be released on the date chosen. On top of that, once they submit everything to ESRB, if they don't jive with the violence and are given an AO rating or something, the devs could make changes to get an M rating instead but the process starts over again. ESRB can also request changes to packaging/marketing/advertising. So, I think the devs just don't want to give a solid date because the process could run longer than they would expect for everything to line up. Unfortunate bureaucratic hoops they have to jump through that can delay a release. So, it sucks to not have a locked down date for us... but it is probably just as frustrating to them behind-the-scenes to not be able to give a definitive answer. It isn't like they'd intentionally try to annoy the people who funded their game.
  4. ^^ that was my only real big issue with watching the gameplay, I don't think you should know where the other counselors are, I like the dynamic of not knowing if you're alone and who has been killed.
  5. Obviously correct me if I'm wrong but I was under the impression that while you're a "team" its ultimately everyone-for-themselves and you don't need to work together to make it out, if somebody chose to they could repair the car alone. Unlike L4D where you're getting constantly swarmed by hordes you're only going against one Jason, I feel like you might have a better chance of survival being alone than in a group where multiple counselors can be picked off at one time. I think I've also read on here that there probably won't be a time limit on rounds until the police are called or something and you have 10 minutes to make it to safety, which, again, wouldn't require teamwork if you can make it to them in time. Even taking the immersion factor out of it, it's a pretty limiting dynamic if voice chat is a necessity for survival because not everyone is going to have or want to be using it, just the same as people will want to use it. I've rarely played a game where more than 3 people in a group are using voice and if you need to have it in order to play, it immediately alienates an entire group of consumers. Ultimately in a game like this there will definitely be different play strategies from everybody whether that's playing as an entire group, a trio, a pair, solo etc. and that dynamic will change within each group you're playing in and none of them are necessarily the 'right' way. How I play and try to survive and how you play, even if we are using the same character could be entirely different. I feel like everybody is making the same point. Some think that voice chat will be the best option for them and help you and the rest of the team coordinate for the best chances of survival and others think that they have a better shot going it alone or don't need to hear the others to achieve their objectives and neither thinks the other should be forced into that style of gameplay which I don't think they will be. Both opinions will exist within the same groups and one side shouldn't fault the other for that. It's the age old slasher movie question, do you split up or stick together? Against some Jason players it may be better to stick together and against others splitting up may be best. That's one of the cool aspects of the game to me, no two Jason players will play the same so as a counselor you always have to adapt your gameplay to try and survive.
  6. As long as there is a mute option I'll be good. I (personally speaking) hate voice chat, there's nothing less appealing to me than hearing people screaming into the headset, talking about stupid shit or people inexplicably playing their music. However, I get that some people do enjoy it and more power to them. For myself I think I'll get more enjoyment from the game and be more immersed in the atmosphere on mute but others love to chat it up. If its a proximity thing, I'd maybe be more inclined to participate but I think at the end of the day people who are going to go solo are going to go solo and those who want a more cooperative experience will be more inclined to use the voice chat and work together. I can see both sides of the coin, on the one hand if you want cooperatively it would be more difficult without but I definitely don't think it's a necessary part of the experience.
  7. My Mom was in her tweens/teens during the Friday glory days(I was born in '90, she was 19) and was a huge horror fan so they were just kind-of always in rotation for as long as I remember. I was 6/7 when she showed my brother and I 'Scream' for the first time and that was our test to see if we were ready for the Friday, Nightmare, Halloween and Hellraiser movies. My brother wasn't really a big fan of them but my Mom and I both loved them so we'd watch them every weekend while I was growing up. Started with the OG and worked our way up.
  8. Sorry for the delay in adding in The Jock, I got my wisdom teeth out yesterday which knocked me on my ass much more than I thought it would. He's been added and the link in the original post has been modified I can't believe the great response it has gotten, you guys are the best!
  9. Thanks all! I'm glad everybody is liking it Oh crap! I even saved the photo, I can definitely do that! It'll be an easy thing to add in, I'll do that this evening.
  10. I had some time yesterday and started casually fooling around with the character concept art which resulted in this lil' group shot of our counselors before the inevitable carnage: http://imageshack.com/a/img923/7254/giH0Wg.png Tweaked AJ, Tiffany and Palomino's faces a bit to look more realistic to match with some of the more detailed ones. Edit: Added in The Jock
  11. Thanks all, feeling the welcoming vibes. @TheFinalGay, Cort was an integral part of my sexual awakening, that crop-top and failed ability to prolong gratification spoke to me on a deep, human level.
  12. Guys, I came up with like 5 horror pun titles and I'm so sorry to say that this was unfortunately the best one.
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