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  1. Blame the Devs. for that, if we have SA server that would not happen...
  2. Nice try fan boy, but there is no excuse for their lies.
  3. Such a shame and lack of interest to bring ppl who buy the game like any other ones from USA, EU, etc.. and keep SA players forced to play in NA with 200ms, witch means a big disadvantage. Oh, also: Really "trusted" Devs.
  4. [Photomanipulations]

    The Scarecrow Vengeance
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    The Cursed Garden
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    Slave of Social Networks.
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    Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf.
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    "The Attic"
  10. The implementation of the ARXAN could be also to protect the upcoming "SINGLE player side" of the game but...
  11. Done, but it's QUOTED anyways. About that REDDIT, there is not direct link to download any games just NFO's, a list of cracked/uncracked games and lot of memes ofc.
  12. With his crack you can play the game online but only with other players who have the same cracked version of the game, in other words playing between pirates. But here there was something else that could mess with profile legit users or something like that. RELOADED is a scene cracking group with a high reputation for their achievements against hard protections ex. ARXAN (there are a lot of groups) but not all of them are very skilled against latests DRM's/ANTI-TAMPERS, take for ex. DENUVO but now we have atleast 3 guys/groups that are cracking DENUVO protected games in matter of days, wich is amazing is you compared it with the first DENUVO game that take months to be cracked. An important point is, scene is all about competition, to see who is more skilled and can broke hardest protections in less time, they take it like a personal challenge.
  13. lol, you think someone like him will get tracked so easy? Also their forum is on a offshore host. If you already have the popcorn, i just let you this here: and Voski is a Hacker/Cracker, he crack the online part of STEAM games most than anything else, he ofc. did it with FT13th: But then he decided to go easy on Devs. and say to them what part of the code need to touch to prevent this, but instead that, the Devs. add ARXAN Anti-Tamper. So now he (and this maybe get attention by RELOADED too since they are experts on crack ARXAN games), will come with all what he could have under his sleeve.
  14. Just for you to have an idea about this guy: SOURCE: http://www.geeksultd.com/2016/08/voski-denuvo-crack-bypass-not-work/ ARXAN is something similar to DENUVO (DENUVO is getting cracked more and more fast and now there are more scene cracking groups that joined to the party), maybe because this, is why the Devs., choose to waste money on ARXAN and not DENUVO, there is one group that crack specifically ARXAN games (like GTA V) cracked by "RELOADED" group a long time ago.