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  1. If you're not a great Jason, they're going to run circles around you. Otherwise, you simply lead your shots on your knives so you hit where they run to instead of trying to hit them where they are currently like most people try and fail to do. You burn their stamina by never ending the ring around the rosie, again like most do. Jason has infinite stamina, they don't. They will eventually get low and need to deviate into a more vulnerable area. Then there's shift which is your best option. You simply need to outsmart them. Morph a bit away and enter stalk so they think you left then shift directly at them when it's unexpected. Window hopping? Shift away then directly into the window to grab them as they come back in thinking you morphed. At a certain point it definitely becomes a 50/50 on whether Jason morphed or shifted, and even if he morphed he could morph outside and shift right back into the window from inside. So the counselor needs to play rock, paper, scissors on whether to jump back in the window or not. Eventually once they make the wrong choice, they're dead. Same applies to a car or table, shift into it instead of around it and wait for them to run to you, then come out and kill em when they're next to you. There's numerous ways to deal with ring around the rosie players and they really don't take that long, roughly 1-2 min each. So even if all 7 counselors plus Tommy tried it, you could still kill every single one and still have time left to spare. It's mostly people who aren't good at throwing knives, shifting or strategy that get frustrated with ring around players and find it annoying or frustrating to deal with. Practice makes perfect.
  2. Grab range needs to simply be buffed by a cone on his sides. As it is currently, he has to be directly on top of them and have them DIRECTLY in front of him to grab them. If they're on any angle at all, it whiffs. It's very unrealstic especially considering his grab animation swipes from the sides, not straight forward. So having no side hitbox on the grab is weird and makes him whiff all too often and lets Counselors run circles around him unafraid. The stretch armstrong grab range beong gone is fine. No one enjoyed it. But he does need a little bit of a hitbox cone to his sides. Traps need to be able to overlap tp some extent. Exploit stacking traps where 3 traps are perfectly placed in one spot and kills you if you step in one of them, that was bullshit. But being able to multi-trap an objective is not. With 7 counselors and 1 Jason, Counselors can be at all 3 objectives at once. Jason can only be at one at a time. So he NEEDS a way to be able to control objectives. Because as it is currently, a good group of counselors will consistently get objectives going through brute force and there's no deterrent preventing a group from going for phone while he's trying to stop others at the car. The only people who complained about multi-traps were bad Counselors. Everyone else dealt with them just fine. Good Counselors got through triple trapped phone boxes without issue. But the main thing was, the traps bought Jason time because Counselors needed to get PK's and Med Sprays to eat all of them, and knew it would bring Jason to them so they had to be strategic about when they set them off. They couldn't just eat the trap 2 min into the game after Jason's second morph and have cops called and cars going before Jason even had Stalk like you can now. It balanced things so Counselors could still definitely get shit done but gave Jason a level of control so he had a CHANCE to prevent multiple objectives going all at once and early. He has nothing to prevent that now. So Counselors can steam roll him. Can a good jason still clean house? Of course. But Jason has to work ten times harder than the Counselors now to do it. And in a 1v7 game, why are the 7 the OP ones with the 1 being handicapped? It should be the other way around. -Add a side cone hitbox to Jason's grab within the range of his current front cone. -Revert multi-trapping back in but remove exploit perfect trap stacking. Those 2 changes will go a long way to restoring balance for both sides.
  3. I don't get why some people are still so confused. -Crystal Lake = Part 1 -Packanack = Part 2 -Higgins Haven = Part 3 -Jarvis House = Part 4. Sensing a theme? They had the first 3 films in. Then the next Jason and map was part 4. They're going in order. Now they release a teaser with a blue chevron jason mask which Roy had. They tease a mystery copycat jason killer mode like part 5 was mystery copycat jason killer. And the tagline is "WhoIsV" directly referencing Part 5. It's blatant and clear as day. Paranoia is inspired by part 5. Roy will be added as the new Jason to the normal game. We'll likely get a Pinehurst map as well. And Paranoia has a copycat mystery killer that uses the P8 mask with blue chevrons to make them a unique killer like Roy used the P3 mask with blue chevrons to be his own unique killer. Thus making Paranoia a part 5 inspired mode while still adding Roy himself to the main game. Everything about this is inspired by Part 5 and Roy.
  4. My assumption is: -P5 Roy will be added to Normal mode -The P8 blue Chevron Mask will be the Roy inspired Jason used in this new mode. You play as a random counselor that can change into any counselor at will. When you want to kill, you turn into the P8 Blue Roy inspired Jason to attack. Then go back to random counselor after. This puts Roy in the game, makes the mystery killer thing possible, all while still allowing the Paranoia killer to be unique and "Not Roy" so it makes sense. So Chad can be the killer and have his own unique Jason look that's P8 with blue Chevrons like Roy was P3 with blue Chevrons, while still being an omage to Roy and keep his identity as the killer concealed all at the same time. They just need to turn player names off during the match and not show which counselor each player is playing. Do tgat along with the random counselor morph ability and you have a fairly solid way of keeping the killers identity a secret in an online multiplayer game where everyone will be just waiting to find an identifiable way to shout over the mic who the killer is. Voice and Walkie chat wouldn't affect the mode in this case.
  5. So here's some bugs/glitches I noticed during my 4 hour play session last night. -Pamela's sweater is hard to activate with the emote wheel now. Everytime I held down triangle it brang up the emote menu rather than activate the sweater. Pressing triangle did nothing. Sweater only activated after mashing triangle repeatedly and then I got locked in the emote wheel until sweater was done. -Could not see myself on the map as Jason which made knowing where to morph a pain in the ass. Match started fine but halfway through my cursor dissappeared from the map so I had no way to know where I was to morph ahead of a fleeing counselor. -Had numerous issues where Jason grabbed someone, we smacked him dead on his back MULTIPLE TIMES and still would not make him let the counselor go. -Jason's kill count is all messed up and showing stuff like 12/8 kills or no survivors bonus when people clearly escaped etc. -Frame Rate issues on ps4 during Rain that weren't there prior last patch Regarding the change to Jason's grab range: The length is fine, no more stretch armstrong is a good thing. Though I think there should be a larger hitbox conearound his side because unless they're directly in front of you now, you can whiff easy if they pretty much zig or turn even an inch. Regarding the change to traps: Personally, I'm not a fan of this. While I disagree with the extreme knee jerk reactions some are giving, It definitely is way harder for Jason now because thick skin and medic already allowed Counselors to eat multiple traps, which is fine. But when they only need to eat one trap now, they can eat that trap or pocket knife it and get shit repaired way too fast with little to no warning for Jason. This is made worse when you have all 3 of your traps going off at the same time now EVERY match because Counselors are not afraid of them even remotely and know they can easily get an objective going by making it impossible for you to control multiple objectives at once. Multi-stacking traps on the same exact location making you die instantly from triggering one was BS. But laying 3 traps in general on an objective was fine. The only people who complained about multi-traps like that were new players who didn't know how to deal with it. Jason needs to be able to have some measure of control on objectives since counselors can be in 3 places at once and Jason can't. Add onto that, that once you put a trap on the car and the phone and they both trigger, if you put a new one down on each, you still see the triggered icon on your map. So now if they trigger the new one, it's a guessing game of which one they triggered. So you might morph to the car but it was the phone and now you're screwed because phone gets repaired. I was still able to kill almost everyone but it took so much effort to try and control all the objectives going off at once. It shouldn't be that easy for counselors and that hard for Jason. Remove the exploit that allowed traps to be perfectly stacked on top of each other, but allow multi-trapping in general. Popping 5 traps on the phone while you guard the car and watch the map for the boat was a strategy. You could still get any of those going with teamwork by someone triggering the phone trap and fleeing to get Jason off the car to get it repaired while they take off the remaining traps and call cops as soon as he morphs again to the started car. Then boat takes off at the same time. That's Jason's weakness with doing that strategy. But it's his choice. If he wants to 2 trap phone, 2 trap car and 1 trap other car, that's also his perogative. Every Jason is different. But a single trap on an objective is just too easy to counter especially with 3 pocket knives in every match. That means all 3 objective traps can be triggered at once and Jason would never know unless he was staring at his map. That's not well balanced. That's my two cents on the matter. Still entirely possible for a good Jason to clean house but it's just a lot more stress than needed now.
  6. @Gertz Hey, did you guys add the ability to toggle Rain on or off in private in the new patch? I know you said it was an oversight last patch and would be in this one but I still don't see it :/
  7. Forgive the janky editing, it was all made in SHAREFactory. Hope you guys enjoy!
  8. Have mained Adam since day 1. He's the most well rounded char. He's the only char in the game aside from Kenny who can perform every single Team Role (Runner, Fixer, Protector, Fighter, Kiter). But unlike Kenny, Adam can perform all of those roles anywhere from "good" to "Really well". Adam outclasses Kenny in every way. Adam can easily get a fast 3 bar repair everytime by resetting your minigame bar quickly, He can break out of Jason's grab faster than anyone else in the game. When he's not sprinting, Adam's stamina is actually really good and he can last for quite some time. Adam has good speed which lets him get in to attack Jason and out really fast. Adam's strength makes him the second best char for de-masking Jason. He has good composure so he doesn't get scared very easily and his fear goes away fairly fast. Adam's main drawbacks are simply his stealth which makes him make a LOT of noise unless he crouch walks. That and Adam's Stamina burns out really fast when sprinting as opposed to jogging where he has a great stamina pool. But Stealth doesn't matter at all and Stamina management with Adam isn't hard at all as long as you only sprint when absolutely necessary for brief durations. But any good Jason kiter already knows to spend 95% of their time jogging, not sprinting. Equipped with Medic, Thick Skin and Restful though, Adam can be even better at Kiting Jason for ages and wasting his time. Adam is a Jack of all Trades char and that's my playstyle. He's super versatile. No other char is as versatile as he is. Kenny is the only other versatile char in the game but he's average at everything which makes him Adam light unfortunately.
  9. Friday the 13th as a series we all love wouldn't even exist without her. She was the original. Her reveal was groundbreaking at the time as well. Having the frail innocent mother character be the viscious killer in a horror film was mostly unheard of at the time. Jason is also extensively tied to his mother. She's referenced in multiple sequels, even in Freddy vs Jason has her appear(yes i know it's freddy) and bring him back from hell. She's not just a one off, forgotten memory. She's just as much a part of Friday the 13th as Jason is. That's why so many people want her in. The fact she WOULD completely change how the killer plays and thus add a fresh take to the game is also a huge appeal.
  10. When you do a long stretch reveal like this, you really do need to do something clever and interactive to get people into Nancy Drew mode and keep the community engaged and involved. Regardless of how clever the reveal MAY end up being, spending 3 months doing NOTHING but showing random dots gives virtually no way for anyone to actually Nancy Drew the solution so anyones guess is as good as the rest. It's just luck who ends up being right if anyone is. This doesn't engage the community into working together to figure out a puzzle and feel rewarded for figuring it out. It's literaly just people grasping at straws making wild guesses because the puzzle is WAY too vague. It could be a numerical date, it could be representing counselors and Jason with the killer being hidden amongst counselors, it could be about the blue color which could be Roy or Pamela, it could be a passcode for VC2.0 etc etc. It's just way too vague that it could literaly apply to dozens of COMPLETELY different things. It's like releasing a riddle that says "I am dark as night" and that's that. The answer could be among hundreds of answers. It's too vague. There's no substance to make you look back and say OH THE ANSWER WAS THERE ALL ALONG!! On top of that, once you finally reveal what it's about, you're almost guaranteed to get a "Really....THAT'S all that was about?" Reaction of people just not giving a shit. Unless the reveal is literaly game changing, jaw dropping stuff, it's just gonna end up with a lot of bitter people complaining about how half the theories were better than what the dots actually lead to. Teasing is fine but either reveal it already or if you want to draw it out, give the community something to actually work with. Do a viral puzzle with an obtainable solution at the end. Otherwise you're just taking the piss out of it and making people roll their eyes everytime you release a new dot and go "Hehehehe we're up to something! Teehee hee!"
  11. If there's a Halloween update it'll likely be Fox and possibly the Leaked Lingerie clothing since it was on the site update leak along with the Jarvis House. They likely held Fox back on purpose for that reason to have something to give on Halloween. Which is fine, I get it. No real issue with it. I just hope Adam gets a sexy attire for the Lingerie clothing pack and not more BS like the Swimsuit outfit. I'm pretty much expecting friggin boxer shorts and a wife beater at this point instead of shirtless and briefs/bikini briefs like near every edgy guy wore in the movies :/ Meanwhile of course Chad is gonna get some kind of silk thong or some nonsense.....-_-
  12. Ignoring the OP, the real salt is garbage Jason's who throw tantrums and bitch and whine over the mic if you juke them around a table or car or something. You're the last counselor alive and some asshat ran off and died with the keys and fuse who knows where, so you juke to survive and.......Jason whines endlessly about how "cheap" it is and how you should "Accept your death like a man instead of wasting everyones time playing ring around the rosie for 20 min". If they weren't a trash Jason who needed kills handed to them, I wouldn't be able to juke em around a table endlessly for 20 min. So the only one wasting everyones time is the trash Jason.
  13. Pushing works mostly if the other person is standing still. But if they run towards you they can cancel the push. It's SLIGHTLY (but not hugely) tricky because it's kinda like putting two magnets together. They keep wanting to push apart but you can indeed keep pushing them together through force. And thus someone wanting to block you in a bathroom etc can do so by force anytime you try to move them thus kinda defeating the purpose of pushing. I think it would have been a bit better to have an actual push animation and a stumble back for the pushed player. No matter what, it's all exploitable by trolls one way or another. Either they block you in bathrooms or push you into a stumble in front of Jason etc. Trolls gonna Troll unfortunately.
  14. @Gertz Can the "wet look" for Jason and Counselors be applied for when you swim in the water on non-rain maps? Most games allow that where your character gets wet when in water and dries off over a short time after leaving the water. It just drives my OCD crazy to know wet models exist but my counselor is still dry as a desert while swimming and coming out of the water >_>
  15. Love the Composure buff. My Adam now has a CHANCE to escape if he gets grabbed and that's all I ever wanted. Don't expect a guarantee everytime but a "chance" really makes all the difference.