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  1. I think one of the biggest things is removing the crazy RNG on perk rolling. No one likes spending 100,000 cp just to get MAYBE one good new perk out of it and rolling tons of useless crap we already have. Yes, your new idea is meant to help that but the main issue is that you're only focusing on rarity and not the perks themselves. It's not any better to spend 100,000 cp and keep rolling Epic and Legendary Quiet Swimmer and Easy Listening over and over. The system should check what you have already and keep that in mind when rolling the perk. So if you already have Legendary Quiet Swimmer, the likelihood of you rolling that again is extremely low or non-existant. Also, the perks themselves really need a full overhaul to focus on making them useful. Right now only maybe 10 at best are even viable and the rest are worthless because they're so ridiculously situational that you may only get a use out of them in 1 out of every 10 matches. There's no reason to use them then over stuff like Thick Skin, Medic etc which are useful in every single match. A better perk idea might be perks that enhance the stats of chars that have lower stats while not providing a bonus to chars with higher stats. Like the Stamina perk should actually give a full point or two boost (aka turning a 2 stamina into 3 or 4) for chars with low stamina stats but not give any additional stats to someone like Buggzy or Vanessa who are already at cap. This makes the perk very useful for players who like lower stamina chars but without making it broken by making already powerful chars like Vanessa even more powerful. Perks that enhance stats or USEFUL mechanics that are used in most matches are the key. The situational perks aren't very useful unless they ALSO provide some other sub benefit that is useful in every match. That's my two cents.
  2. I'll be the first to say I was not a fan of how this all went down and I don't agree with the way it was handled by Gun. I fully understand the call for stopping content wasn't yours to make and I understand the legal red tape involved. I'm simply talking about when you guys found the info out, how you handled it from there, and your comments and reactions to the fan outrage over it. I don't agree with how that was handled. REGARDLESS, I believe in being as fair and as unbiased as possible. And therefore I have to retract my comments about you guys abandoning the game. You guys have shown clear efforts of trying to still support the game and I appreciate that. I never doubted your love and passion for the game. Only disagreed with how you guys handled some of the missteps throughout. And the way you guys balance the game can be mind boggling at times. Regardless, I'm glad you're softening your stance on 'potential' future dlc to at least consider getting out the stuff you already worked on if it becomes possible to do so. Hopefully things do work out and the game finds new life because it really is a fun game. Here's hoping. Thank you for trying to keep us in the loop.
  3. Picking up big items like battery/gas or a weapon, 75% of the time the item becomes invisible in my hand now. So you can see Adam's hand gripping something and can swing your weapon but the actual item is invisible. /facepalm
  4. Oh for f***s sake....what happened to pushing a new player to be Jason if this happened? Sigh......
  5. Are you guys ever going to address the fact Jason is terrible to play currently and his grab is absolute trash? You fixed him and made him fun to play again previously then completely broke him again with the new engine update when you added the new grab animation. The animation is great but the grab mechanics are back to being broken. Counselors can run circles around you to troll you because if you're on even a slight arch to Jason when he makes his lunge, he misses. It's so easy to avoid and makes Jason frustrating for even good Jason's to play. And the boat change is absolutely mind boggling. Do you guys even play your own game? If Jason stops the car, you can still get out and escape. If you get grabbed as you get out, pocket knife or someone hitting him can get you free. You still have a CHANCE. With the boat, if Jason stops the boat, you're dead. You can't use a knife or attack in the water. You can't dodge him like a shift. It's a death trap. So the entire POINT of the boat not alerting Jason on startup was so you COULD potentially get out on it without him noticing. You guys even SAID YOURSELVES it has less parts to get to start it because it's high risk, high reward. If Jason sees it going, you're dead. But if he doesn't, free escape. That's the definition of high risk, high reward. Alerting Jason to the boat startup means anyone attempting the boat escape will die unless the Jason is a low water speed Jason like Savini and they suck. You guys just completely removed a means of escape. I don't get the logic in this at all. And then you guys get perplexed and frustrated at US when we complain about this stuff like we're the problem....
  6. I'm 150 so this doesn't affect me at all. But, I think it should be unlocked at level 50 so that a lot more people can enjoy it. Between hosts quitting in quickplay and most of the playerbase playing in quickplay and also not as dedicated as the hardcore players, getting to 113 for most will likely never happen. For me, I play the game all the time and I play in private lobbies where I typically host. So I don't have lost xp issues. But the majority of players don't do that. So there's a huge chunk of the playerbase who will never get to unlock this feature which will only lead to further hate and resentment on the game. And I'm so tired of everyone hating on it. Level 50 is the fairest way. That was the original level cap so it still forces them to grind and they will have to use Jason with his default weapons for quite some time. But it's an attainable grind for most of the playerbase and something that will reduce the bitching and moaning by a MASSIVE amount.
  7. Glad to see this. Hope it revives hope in the game and fixes a lot of issues we had previously. Sucky part is that Detroit: Become Human, comes out the day after this and I pre-ordered that since last Christmas. So now i have to choose which to play on Friday XD (probably F13 though). But hey, my bdays on Monday, so this is a nice gift like it was when the game launched last year right before my bday as well.
  8. When did I say you needed to devote all your time to the game? I said insulting others as being no life losers for being 150 is worse than the people you were complaining about.
  9. And you calling anyone who is 150 a no lifer living in their mother's basement is somehow better? I work full time and have a life and responsibilities. I also DID NOT play on most of the double xp events and have taken multiple breaks from the game. I still hit 150 about a month ago. If you don't want to invest time in the game, that's fine. But insulting people who do as having no life makes you worse than the people you're bitching about.
  10. @ShiftySamurai @wes Just wanted to make a quick suggestion. I'm 150 so I don't personally have to worry about the unlock level, but I do think you should reduce it to 50. The great majority of players won't get to use it with such a high requirement. I support giving rewards to the long term players who have been playing since launch, but something as important as weapon swapping may be too much to lock behind such a high level wall. I think 50 would be enough to have people play as the default Jason's long enough but not so long that they give up. Also, I think you guys would highly benefit from a NA ps4 sale for like $24.99 as well as a Free to Play weekend. This does wonders for Dead by Daylight and it could seriously revive the playerbase of the game and get tons of new blood into the game as well as net you guys a heavy chunk of cash in sales. Just some suggestions. Thanks for all your hard work and keep it up!
  11. Or..........the new engine simply utilizes better and more realistic lighting and doesn't suffer from the blaring contrast lighting the current one has......?
  12. Thanks for the update. Melissa looks cool. Though i wish you guys would add dlc clothing for the new counselors. We're on the 4th new counselor now and none of them have ANY alternate outfits yet. Could just have a "NEW Counselors DLC Clothing Pack" for $5 that adds on swimsuits, halloween costumes and any future dlc clothing to the current and future new counselors. That way you have a source of income for the creation of those new counselor dlc clothing if that's the isssue. A one time $5 fee that gives you access to dlc clothing for the new counselors in any of the clothing packs you already bought. (So if you didn't buy any dlc clothing packs, the $5 spent here wouldn't give you access to anything until you did). I only suggest this solely because i'm assuming that's the issue. Funding retroactive dlc clothing would be too costly to do each time for free each time a new counselor was announced. So the $5 pack would help pay for those costs.
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