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  1. Unpopular counselors

    Never said every gay guy does. Just that a lot do. I'm gay myself and main Adam, never touch Tiffany and when I do use Kenny as rare as it is, I don't use the pink colors at all. Everyones obviously diff. Was just pointing out Kenny is a fav in the LGBT community as is Tiffany and Deb. Those 3 are the most commonly used by the LGBT community overall.
  2. Unpopular counselors

    Eh, it's no diff than asking why P7 sucks. A lot of people, myself included, love P7 and think he's one of the best Jason's ever. Much like a lot of people love Chris Higgins and thus Jenny by proxy. Chris is a huge fan fav. Unfortunately in the game though, P7 and Jenny kinda suck stat wise which is why they're not played as often and genuinely considered by most as the 'worst' Counselor/Jason in the game. That's all.
  3. Unpopular counselors

    No one said NO ONE plays Jenny/Eric/Kenny. The question was why they were unpopular. People play and main Jenny. But Jenny mains are RARE compared to a Vanessa, Tiffany, AJ, Deb etc main. So saying the topic is cray cray because "you" play Jenny is irrelevant. 'Most' people don't. And the reason is because of her stats. It's definitely possible to do extremely well as Jenny and perks can help her a lot like any counselor. But for example, Eric is basically a much worse version of Deborah, which is one of the reasons he's unpopular as well. Statistically speaking, Deborah has way better pros than cons compaired to Eric. Jenny unfortunately has the least desirable stats in the game because the stuff she's good at isn't as important as the stuff most people like to focus on. Again, perks can help her but those same perks can help another chsr with better stats be even better as well. Long story short is, I think you're taking it personally that because people are pointing out Jenny's unfortunate unpopularity due to her stats, that somehow that's a personal attack on her and you by proxy for liking her. It's not. I main Adam and love him to death but I'm not gonna be offended if someone says he is one of the worst stealth chars in the game because it's true. He is trash tier at stealth. There are Jenny mains and plenty do really well with her. No ones arguing that or saying she "sucks" and is unplayable. All anyone is saying is from a general stat point of view, even with perks, there are a lot of counselors who are more desirable than her who can accomplish team roles a lot better and easier than Jenny can. Don't take it so personally.
  4. @GunMedia_Ben I actually agree with a lot of what you said in this topic. You have extremely valid points. Especially with a group of Counselors with weapons, simply blocking as Jason will deteriorate their weapons fast anf you can pick off stragglers as they scatter weaponless. That's my go to strategy when car is going and I stop it and they're all trying to fight me to get a stun and get back in. I just stand in front of the driver door and block and throw knives until they give up and scatter. Anyway, I did want to stress though that despite agreeing with a lot of what you said, the other side has some validity as well. While it's true there are hundreds of different players with varying playstyles, the current build definitely does favor Counselors. If you're reading data and seeing only 30% fighting Jason as opposed to 70% not fighting Jason that is because you're using biased data. What I mean is, the majority of a playerbase for any game is always going to be the casual player, not the hardcore crowd. The casual player's skill level is on majority low to average at best. Using data of the majority of your casual player base not fighting Jason solely because they lack the knowledge or skill to do so is using biased data to say there isn't a problem and balance is fine. I'm not saying you should balance the game fully to the hardcore crowd. I'm merely pointing out that the hardcore crowd which WON'T be your majority of players actually are your best source of data on how balanced or broken your game is because they actually understand the game and utilize it to it's full advantages unlike the casuals. And amongst the hardcore players, fighting Jason is definitely the meta right now. Counselors definitely can bully Jason and his current attack and grab hit boxes make it very difficult to effectively punish mistakes. Jason doesn't meed strerch armstrong grab range but he doesn't need trex arms either. And more importantly than that, his weapons not connecting 80% of the time just really hurts him. Add in that the majority of matches with good counselors now are Jason laying a trap, Morphing away only to immediately hear the trap go off followed by the same exact thing the second he morphs back. Before the previous patch you had to deal with 3 objectives being pushed at once at times but not nearly as often or as fast as they are now. Jason can quite often be dealing with 3 objectives being pushed at once before he even gets Shift. And Counselors main strategy is just that, tank traps and brute force objectives by gang stunlocking Jason while someone gets objective going and all the while teabag and dance on Jason everytime he falls. I'm not saying it's impossible to win as Jason. A good Jason can still 8/8 the group. The point is that Jason has to actually work 10 times harder than any single counselor to do it, and a good jason can still be made a fool by inability to punish mistakes due to constant whiffing attacks and grabs even when you're directly on top of a limping counselor who uses your whiffs to heal and flee and start window hopping through broken windows again with their thick skin and medic. And trust me, i'm not a Jason main complaining. I actually enjoy playing both Jason and Counselor which is why i have my pref set to no pref. And I do all of the above as a Counselor myself. But as both a Jason and Counselor player since launch I can tell you with certainty it is currently a lot harder on Jason and a lot easier as a counselor. I don't fear Jason anymore, i actively take him on all the time as do near every one of the dozens of people I play with. And when Jason is meant to be OP in a 7 vs 1 scenario, it's not good when the OP char needs to work HARDER than the 7 to win the match. Love the game and all the hard work you guys put into it. Just wanted to point out that I don't think you guys realize how skewed the current balance is. Also i see you guys note p7 having attack issues (although it's every Jason not just him) but don't see you guys acknowledge that P7 is actually really underbalanced and is hands down the worst Jason to play which is universally agreed upon by the community. Playing P7 is like playing "Nightmare" difficulty. Can you kill as him? Sure. But it requires SO much more effort and work than any other Jason and there's still so much room for failure because he just doesn't have the chops to effectively control ANYTHING in a match other than a boat escape. Anyway sorry for the huge long post. Thanks for reading and best regards!
  5. Curious to see your breakdown of Adam next. Good stuff overall.
  6. Can we get a matching Adam to that AJ one? Lol
  7. Unpopular counselors

    A LOT of the LGBT folks on the game play Kenny mains ever since the latex pink cop outfit launched. So he's gotten very popular since then as there is actually a fairly large LGBT playerbase on the game. A lot of them played Kenny mains once the swimsuit DLC came out too and he showed the most skin for a guy and was shown to be an otter. He got popular fast. But the latex pink cop outfit skyrocketed his popularity in the LGBT scene. I know a few friends who main Jenny and Eric as well and I do see random Jenny's frequently enough but they certainly are in the minority. Those two and Mitch are likely the three least used Counselors overall but they do have their fans.
  8. Good news. Looking forward to it. Thanks!
  9. Regarding the upcoming patch - 11.27.17

    He was quoting my "The Sexy Guy" tag for him which was a play on "The Edgy Guy", and saying "The Ugly Guy". Not really concerned if someone else thinks Adam is good looking or not. Just thought it was childish to bring up on purpose to take a personal shot at something of mine that was completely irrelevant to the discussion at hand. What does whether I think Adam is atrractive or not have anything to do with what was being discussed?
  10. Regarding the upcoming patch - 11.27.17

    Never denied that. The original point was about a specific glitch that was stated by the poster that it never have been allowed to exist in the first place. I merely pointed out that all the QA in the world isn't gonna find every possible glitch. The glitch in question wasn't one you'd find in a few weeks of playing and it doesn't happen to every player. Thus the point I was making. You simply can't say shit like "Never should have happened in the first place" when it's impossible to foresee every possible problem no matter how hard you try regardless of great or bad QA.
  11. Regarding the upcoming patch - 11.27.17

    All the quality assurance in the world won't prevent your game from having bugs on release. You realize it's next to impossible to "play test" EVERY possible situation the MILLIONS of players might come across? Can you honestly expect to have someone know and think to playtest that pressing L1+R1+L2+R2 and then hitting Triangle followed by Square then Triangle again at the precise moment you pickup the sweater and having the fuse in your inventory and a fire poker equipped would send you flying behind the map? (No that's not actually a glitch in game) Players do crazy shit all the time that you simply can't predict. It's impossible to make a game that you can guarantee is 100% bug and glitch proof even if you have 100 play testers for over a year. Also the personal attack just shows how petty you are, it doesn't actually help your argument but kudos on trying to make yourself feel better with it.
  12. Regarding the upcoming patch - 11.27.17

    Please make a video game. Then when ANYTHING goes wrong with it regardless of how well you try to avoid it, I will hit you with the same line that it "Never should have happened in the first place." When you are writing and CHANGING thousands of lines of code between THREE seperate platforms, the chances of bugs, glitches, crashes and UNINTENDED and UNFORSEEN issues is pretty much a guarantee. There is simply NO WAY for ANY developer to guarantee 100% issue free games, apps, software etc. Go look at the app store for most of the big popular giants and I PROMISE you, you'll find dozens of customer reviews complaining about crashes, app not working, bugs etc in EVERY update version to date. And you'll see some of those issues go MONTHS before a fix because that's how long it can take to actually FIND the monkey wrench in the code causing it let alone fix the code without it breaking something else in the process. Go operate ANY computer and tell me during regular use, you never run into crashes, errors, software malfunctions etc. So unless you can open the games code, find the problem yourself and submit the fix to th3 devs, it's rather silly to tell them how an issue should never have happened and how it should have been fixed in X amount of time. I tried to be empathetic to your situation and simply offer you some objective insight to help you understand that despite your valid frustration, lack of a fix doesn't nevessarily mean the devs have been ignoring it and not caring.
  13. Regarding the upcoming patch - 11.27.17

    To the people throwing huge angry posts about the 100% achievement glitch. You have to realize it's not like you simply say "Hey this bug happens" and they go "Oh ok. Fixed". They need to replicate the bug themselves and then try to figure out WHY it's happening and scour their code for the tiny line of code that could be the problem and then trial and error repeatedly to see where the problem is, what fixes it and if there's any NEW bugs that happen due to the change in code to fix the last issue. Long story short, this isn't a short or easy process. If you've ever worked with computers or electronics, electrical, or mechanical engineered stuff etc before, you should know how sometimes shit doesn't work as intended and you can spend HOURS trying to find the source of the problem and fix it by taking the entire thing apart and putting it back together again 50 times until you realize it's this TINY little stupid thing. Now imagine trying to do that with THOUSANDS of lines of code. Trying to scour all of that and figure out where the issue is. It's not a simple fix. It takes time. And to say "I paid for this so i expect it to work", while understandable, is simply not realistic because NOTHING is absolute. You can be the greatest developer of all time and do everything right on paper and still have bugs and unforseen issues that cause you and your customers headaches. So i get it. I'd be super upset if i couldn't play too. But think of it in simple terms. If you order something off amazon and pay for it, screaming and yelling at amazon that you want it right now isn't gonna make it appear in your hands. You have to wait for it to ship. No amount of anger can skip that step and get it to you any faster. Same rules apply here. Cursing their names isn't gonna get it fixed any faster. It's gonna take them as long as necessary to fix it no matter how upset you are. If i spill wine on your brand new rug and it will take 2 hours to get the stain out, no amount of yelling at me that i shouldnt have spilled the wine is gonna make it take less than 2 hours. It's not the answer you want but unfortunately that's life. Things don't always work out how and when you want. Life isn't fair. And unfortunately sometimes all you can do is wait. I feel bad for anyone who can't currently play due to the glitch and would be very frustrated and angry myself if i was in your shoes. But saying "GET THIS FIXED. I PAID FOR THIS GAME. WHY ISN'T IT FIXED!!!!!!" Repeatedlt isn't gonna somehow make the issue resolved faster. Nor is arguing endlessly with anyone who tries to be objective about the situation. They're aware of the bug and working to fix it. Try to be patient. It takes time.
  14. Regarding the upcoming patch - 11.27.17

    Unlike most I'm not gonna bitch about this. Sure I, like everyone else am desperately awaiting new content. But, people can't legitimately expect new content and updates on a timely schedule every time. I do hope we get a patch in December but it is what it is. Thanks for all your hard work guys. Keep it up.
  15. Yes i know. I made note of that myself. o.0