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  1. Jason Selection Update

    @ShiftySamurai Thanks for the update and making a strong effort to respond to questions and concerns to the best of your ability. Much respect to you for the way you hold yourself against the often very harsh community. Keep up the good work.
  2. I'm cool with it. Obviously as you know, I really prefer playing Adam as he's too cool for school. But I can get behind some alternate counselor picks every so often if everyones doing it. Just don't give me Mitch or LaChappa and i'll be happy. I'll happily play anyone else lol.
  3. It's a bug. Just like when a female steps in a trap, everyone hears that terrible Vanessa "AAAUUUGGGGHHH!!!!!" groan from all the way across the map lol. It sounds so bad. Or Adam reverting to the Kenny scream on death etc. Not sure why they have so many issues with voices. Like how at launch all male counselors except Chad had Kenny's voice for months before they fixed it.
  4. Perk System Update & Legendaries

    RNG doesn't really change that at all. Veterans all have Medic, Thick Skin, Etc, they played enough to roll over 6,000 times to get them How is a newbie joining my lobby and having no/garbage perks while I have Epic Thick Skin and Medic an issue? I really don't know many people who would prefer wasting 50k and getting nothing as opposed to using their cp for guaranteed perks and then using them to level them up like they do their character. That way a newbie can have Thick skin after a match or two if he wants as opposed to wasting his first cp and getting shit like easy listening or potent ranger. Or maybe the newbie wants Preparedness ASAP while he learns the maps. Well fuck him if RNG decides he isn't going to get lucky enough to finally roll it until he hits level 44 and already knows the maps by now.
  5. Perk System Update & Legendaries

    @ShiftySamurai Reposting what I said on Reddit in response to this yesterday: I think it'd be better to do away with the RNG of rolling perks and instead simply use CP to buy perks and then upgrade them. So you buy a level 1 Thick Skin and unlock it, and then have to use it a set amount of time before you can pay more CP to upgrade it to the next level. This adds a lot more depth to the system, keeps CP useful, allows everyone to be on the same page and run whatever skills they want, and simply removes the RNG based aspect that determines if you ever get a certain perk, let alone a good version of it. It's never fun to waste 60,000 cp and literaly get nothing of value from it ON TOP of having wasted your time with all the rolling and selling of that 60k. Or having players who want certain perks but are locked out of being able to use them because RNG refuses to give it to them.
  6. @ShiftySamurai @GunMedia_Ben @wes @Gertz Can you tell us please if weapon swapping changes each Jason's weapon speed and door break speed? Like if I give Part 2, who takes forever to break down a door with his pitchfork, the machete,will his machete animation slow down and take as long as the pitchfork to break down the door since it's P2 using it? Or wil equipping that weapon give that Jason the same animation speed as the original Jason who used it? Aka allow P2 Jason to break down a door as fast as P7 can. This is a game changing (not 'necessarily' breaking) addition if it's the latter. Please let us know. Thanks!
  7. Your very first paragraph already doesn't do anything to negate what I said. Any Jason worth his salt knows how to shift grab, especially in stalk on an unsuspecting counselor who can't even run. So your alert mode will almost never happen. Because any counselor who steps outside would simply be shift grabbed and killed without them even having a chance. The only time your whole setup would come into play would be against bad Jason's. But even they would get some easy kills from this. So now NO ONE is going to go outside because doing so just results in you getting shift grabbed and dying with ZERO counterplay. So they just stay in big cabins behind 3 different doors they can't lock and either hide under beds or stand next to windows ready to jump out the second the door opens, or stand with bats trying to hit him as soon as door opens all to get alert mode going. Then it just becomes normal juke fest '83, because they can't leave to do objectives without losing alert mode and thus going back to getting shift grabbed in stalk. Long story short, almost no one would play the mode as a counselor once they realized they had ZERO options other than to sit in cabins and wait for Jason to show up to get alert mode going and then juke for 20 min. 24/7 Stalk + Shift= Game Breaking This alone breaks your game mode no matter how you try to accomodate it. There's simply zero counterplay AND to top it off, your tranquil mode handicaps counselors even FURTHER to it, literaly giving them zero options to attempt any kind of escape. It would simply be counselors as canon fodder. And for Jason, it's be like playing against offline bots. That's how ridiculously easy it would be to kill everyone. There just wouldn't be ANY fun to be had on the counselor side, because you wouldn't have a chance to be surprised by Jason, you'd just walk around until "Dead" and that's it. Not trying to piss on your idea. Just pointing out the bitter truth that it wouldn't work to have infinite stalk while still retaining Shift.
  8. Oh the irony of you begging and crying for them to give up Savini to you, then telling someone they're crying for telling you why they shouldn't.
  9. First Look: Single Player Challenges

    Your suggestion still doesn't account for the issue at hand. Stalk + Shift = Game breaking if you could stalk 24/7. There would be NOTHING a counselor could do to avoid getting stealth killed unless they literaly sat in a cabin the entire match and locked all the doors and waited for Jason. And Jason without Shift makes keeping up with Counselors near impossible at times. Removing a Counselors ability to run as well just drags matches out and is the equivalent of removing Jason's Shift. Your mode also suggests repairing being the sole objective, but again, you're focusing 100% on theorycraft of what sounds cool in your head as opposed to how it would ACTUALLY play out with real people. If Jason can shift grab you out of no where, no one is going to go outside in the open and no one is gonna go near an objective. Not being able to Shift would make Jason unable to sneak up behind someone due to the 3rd person view which allows you to see around you. So you'd enter "Alert" Mode anytime Jason snuck up on you. So without Shift, Jason's only way of getting a Stealth kill would be to hide around a corner or such and hope a counselor walked into him. But again, with 3rd person view, you can check around corners with your camera before going to them. So again, it destroys that. Again, your ideas sound cool on paper but don't hold up in a multiplayer environment because they would either make the game terribly broken and unfun for Counselors or simply promote a very boring and pointless meta where no one does anything other than hide in a cabin the entire match, or both. No one wants to deal with being killed every match by something they have NO way of countering. In the current game, you know when Jason is nearby or know when he entered stalk. So you can react accordingly and wait inside a cabin for him to make a move or to come out of stalk. You also know when he shifts and can juke it. You have options to counter. Your mode idea has none of those options and thus you make Counselors have zero options to deal with Jason's abilities. That doesn't create a fun game for the Counselors. It just forces them to stay inside a cabin 24/7 because going out in the open is a death trap. Hopefully you can understand the constructive criticism i'm offering and not take it personally. There's a reason Jason's gameplay works the way it does. Because it's the only way to make him work as close to Jason as possible and make him OP without making it impossible for Counselors to survive or have fun. That's why they came up with Paranoia to try and give that sense of stealthiness within the games context. As not knowing who the killer is would allow for some of that without being game breaking and having the killer appear behind you and grab you constantly without warning.
  10. First Look: Single Player Challenges

    Online wouldn't be fun from the Counselors persepective (which is what you play the most) if Jason could sneak up on you at any time. That's why it fits better in single player with Stalk working like it does in multiplayer to balance it out to be fair for the other players. Whether it has replay value or not shouldn't matter overall. Just like a movie you watch only once, it doesn't prevent you from enjoying it. Based on the video though, he does get 250+ xp for the first kill. So it'll likely be a great way to farm xp. But even if it was fairly linear, it's still something fun to do on the side when no one is online to play with, servers are down etc. And it adds personality for all our fav chars to help expand on them lore wise. That's not a bad thing by any means to actually finally get to know our Counselors we spent the last year with. I can already see myself actually playing this from time to time, way more than the boring offline bots just for the personality and flare alone.
  11. Upgrading a Game Engine

    I believe they're upgrading from the older Unreal Engine to the new one. So it shouldn't be as taxing or radical as switching from one completely unique engine to another. But if things go as planned, it should be able to help with a lot of performance issues. Even stuff like Rain killing fps on ps4 should see some improvements and whatnot.
  12. Seriously

    To be fair, look at it this way. If you work in retail you have a store manager, assistant managers, department supervisors and then stuff like HR, Safety Captains etc. So you have your meetings where you discuss all your upcoming events. HR is the one taking notes and in charge of communicating this to the associates. Now Shifty from HR goes and tells all the associates their Bonus' are coming on Thursday. Randy and Wes, the assistant managers know from their meeting that the bonus checks are indeed coming soon and they know Shifty wrote down all the notes of when they're coming. So if Shifty said checks are due Thursday, it must be. Later on after Shifty goes to Book keeping about the checks, he's told by bookeeping that bonus' aren't til monday. So who was at fault? Shifty from HR who made a human mistake. Wes and Randy the assistant mangers simply backed up their HR who had all the notes for the timeline and assumed he knew what he was doing. That's literaly how stuff happens all the time. As someone who has worked in both retail and the corporate office world, muscommunication like this happens ALL the time. People are human. They make mistakes. Unless you can stand up and say you never fucked up like that, it's shitty to be calling others for honest mistakes. Anyone who thinks Wes and Randy purposely fueled hype just for the sake of it to laugh about later is delusional.
  13. That was the entire point. The other topic was just a lot of "YOU GUYS ARE LIARS! FUCK YOU GUYS!" kinda stuff on top of pages upon pages of replies. It's easy for the important parts to be lost and asked in hateful ways that don't beget civil discussion. So that was the point, calmly and maturely present the questions and the reasons for confusion in an easily accessible way to hope for a better shot at reasonable answers.
  14. Well this topic got derailed fast....
  15. This is a case of truly blowing nothing way out of proportion. Shelly didn't have a full name in the movies and all the counselors in the game do, so they used the comics version to give him a proper name. It's not "fan fiction", it's pulled from an official source. Most people call Deborah "Deb" for example. Her full name is still Deborah. So nothing is stopping anyone from calling him Shelly, Sheldon is just the full name. It's honestly not anything worth throwing a fuss over.