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  1. They Activated the codes a few days ago, activated my original code and have been enjoying the outfits
  2. So is everyone else's counselor clothing DLC stil not working for them? Cuz mine is still inactive
  3. They said it should have been fixed by yesterday so we could put the codes in but still like you guys I'm having no luck.
  4. Wondering this too they did say two days. I really love the game but I'm getting very frustrated at this situation I just hope everything gets sorted very very soon
  5. Well It's officially past the two day deadline, honestly starting to get beyond frustrated. I love the game but this is just ridiculous
  6. Has anyone counselor clothing pack DLC code worked yet? Mine is still inactive
  7. I defiantly think there should be a reporting system, I just got out of a match where I put the gas and battery in the car and was driving to escape but Jason showed up so I had to abandon the car and hide and when Jason went after someone else I ran back buto somebody else started to drive so I got in as a passenger but he drove all the way to the exit and stopped and waited for Jason who was his friend to show up and kill me. It's ridiculous and gets to the point of frustrating where I don't even want to play because stuff like this keeps happening
  8. They said the savini code was active but the counselor clothing pack wasn't activated yet so that's what we are waiting for now
  9. If anyone could post on here as well when they are live I'd greatly appreciate it!
  10. Hopefully they will announce when the clothing pack is live that way I don't have to keep constantly putting my code in all day to see if it works yet.
  11. I consider myself a patient person and it's not that I don't think they are not trying but I Can agree it's getting to the point if being frustrating that I still can't use my counselor clothing DLC code and use them in game yet. I really enjoy the game and I'm really appreciative but at this point I just want what I paid for.
  12. I've played several games where ive run past Jason and he did a grab and I've ran a safe distance away from him and suddenly I'm teleported back to Jason in his grip and he kills me, I don't know what is causing this issue if it's an animation lag but it's extremely frustrating to get away from him to be then put into his grip and killed. I've also had this happen to me as Jason a counselor has run past and I've grabbed but missed so I start to try and follow them all of a sudden I'm holding them. Has anyone else had this issue?
  13. I have had this happen to me a few times as well, the first time it happend I thought it was me so I restarted the game a few time but it still didn't work so I tried resetting my wifi but still no luck it fixed itself once but the other two times it's happens to me I just ended up stopping for playing because I couldn't play with my friends.
  14. I'd defiantly like to see something at the end of the match pertaining to the counselors who escaped if any did, And I think there should be some different intros too maybe with another counselor getting the zoomed in shot or something. It's pretty boring to sit through the same exact intro every single time at least if there were a few variants it'd be more interesting for awhile at least. But I mainly want to see something about any surviving counselors at the end of the match
  15. I can kind of agree on the side of stupid little kids yelling into the mic as Jason but I've also been in a round before where the Jason player would speak while having stalk activated or speak while they are like a cabin or two away and it's allowed me to escape so there is that plus side too it but there is a mute option it's really not that hard just to mute somebody. Quick little story, one time I was playing as Jason and there were 2 counselors left alive in the game and They obviously didn't know how the proximity voice chat works or that Jason can hear you when you speak so I was chasing them and they kept saying stuff like, go around the back! Or hide under the bed! And I kept finding exactly where they were because they kept telling each other their locations it was priceless and I was laughing the whole time as they yelled stuff like "HOW DID HE FIND US"
  16. I defiantly think if your counselor is already mid swing grab shouldn't work on them and it would defiantly put a larger emphasis on the combat stance. I have been in so many games where Jason grabs me at the exact moment my weapon would have hit him and it's so frustrating
  17. I haven't been notified on any extra XP I've received from badges, I have a few that are maxed out already and I've recieved nothing, but I do have glitches with my badges. Mainly for glitches I keep getting credit for the "public health" badge every time I heal myself or another counselor and haven't received any progress toward the "first aid training" badge which is specifically for self healing. Has anyone else encountered this glitch or any others wth badges?
  18. I had this happen to me once as well, I was aiming my knives and I got hit with a flare and after I recovered I was stuck in the aiming position unable to do anything so I quit
  19. I understand they are having issues and I love the game but I really want what I paid for
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