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  1. They Activated the codes a few days ago, activated my original code and have been enjoying the outfits
  2. So is everyone else's counselor clothing DLC stil not working for them? Cuz mine is still inactive
  3. They said it should have been fixed by yesterday so we could put the codes in but still like you guys I'm having no luck.
  4. I want my fu****g money back. This games BS!

    1. Austin.JM


      Don't know why you feel the need to tell me that because I love the game. I just want my DLC that I paid for 

    2. Voorhees and titties

      Voorhees and titties

      Well I'd prolly like it too if I could play. 

    3. Austin.JM


      Practice makes perfect

  5. Wondering this too they did say two days. I really love the game but I'm getting very frustrated at this situation I just hope everything gets sorted very very soon
  6. Well It's officially past the two day deadline, honestly starting to get beyond frustrated. I love the game but this is just ridiculous
  7. Has anyone counselor clothing pack DLC code worked yet? Mine is still inactive
  8. I defiantly think there should be a reporting system, I just got out of a match where I put the gas and battery in the car and was driving to escape but Jason showed up so I had to abandon the car and hide and when Jason went after someone else I ran back buto somebody else started to drive so I got in as a passenger but he drove all the way to the exit and stopped and waited for Jason who was his friend to show up and kill me. It's ridiculous and gets to the point of frustrating where I don't even want to play because stuff like this keeps happening
  9. They said the savini code was active but the counselor clothing pack wasn't activated yet so that's what we are waiting for now
  10. If anyone could post on here as well when they are live I'd greatly appreciate it!
  11. Hopefully they will announce when the clothing pack is live that way I don't have to keep constantly putting my code in all day to see if it works yet.
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