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  1. They fucking killed JASON

    People are mad cause streamers killed Jason? I don't get it...
  2. whip your hair to stun jason confirmed?
  3. We have our own steam account and built our own computers. Doesn't steam have game sharing or something? I don't think this game is local co op though.
  4. my birthday is on the 12th of may.

    Happy early birthday. I hope u have fun!
  5. I like Jenny. I always played her until I unlocked Deborah and Tiffany.
  6. Preparing for F13: The Game

    Upgraded my PC, which was torture. Now I wait....
  7. Dammit I didn't know that. I need to know why. Now!
  8. I recently saw nightmare on elms street. It was aweful I have no idea why it became so popular.
  9. Dead Space

    Yea action games are my one weakness. Couldn't beat it any of them.
  10. Oh yea. I remember his table being too messy. The model looked just like him, so I'm sure they did a good job with the other models.
  11. Lol the counselers beating midget Jason with baseball bats.
  12. Things to do while waiting for release

  13. Those backers weren't messing around
  14. Well the game was $10 less when I pre ordered it